24 Seasons

A poem by Nigel David Richey (Contributor for the Culture of Awareness)

Comparing emotions to weather I’ve had 24 seasons, held loosely together by petty heart strings and reason. I’m teasing, misleading facts often chosen to be believed in, closes the door to choices and far more that people need received than, open booked lies the eyes can perceive and closed off ears that won’t heed or listen.

Hoping and wishing, caught sleeping while fishing, without a hook just a line the material boat is sinking, mislead by thinking, often brought by drinking, tears left from wasted years overcome by conversation. The topic at hand is divine evelation.

The rock in the sand isn’t bothered by hesitation. Instead, we wed with reality incarceration, often feeling dead due to matrix software program stations.

The tombstone placed above our heads when we’ve lost the energy for breathing, leaving inscriptions deceiving “While it was easy for his mind to pretend it was feeding, his soul was found starving, seeking another reason to live then” ~

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