It’s a New Age – Part 4 (Conclusion)


By Wes Annac, Openhearted Rebel

(Continued from part 3)

What Could Have Been

We would’ve evolved more quickly if we’d taken a righteous path, the unnamed “Master” tells us, but we can still create a new age by embracing teachings most people abandoned long ago.

Had mankind accepted and understood the teachings of the Master Jesus, the plan for your earth would have taken a vastly different course and the advance to perfection have been achieved with greater speed.

However, mankind proceeded, unheedingly, upon a materialistic course, largely losing touch with the spiritual life-line of soul communion with the inner presence.

Thus the harvest of their folly is upon them, but with the crumbling of the material edifice that they have built, the dross will be burnt away and the clear light of truth revealed.

This will not be accomplished without suffering, yet, my beloved, much may be accomplished by those amongst you who have perceived the power of spirit, to turn the tide of disaster. (1)

I don’t think you need to be religious or open to Jesus if you want to evolve spiritually, but it isn’t necessarily Jesus the unnamed “Master” refers to in this passage. He refers to the teachings of Jesus, most of which were centered on service to humanity and unconditional love.

The stories tell us that Jesus preached an enlightened way of life that the people at the time had the choice to accept or deny. In the centuries following, the teachings have largely been denied as humanity has become greedier and more reliant on an increasingly artificial reality that goes against the teachings of love.

You can abandon all of this by living in a way that nourishes the spirit and allows you to help others, and you don’t need to be religious to do it. You just need to be a good person and let everything else fall into place.

Increased Urgency and Intensity

The unnamed “Master” explains the sense of urgency and the desire for an outlet so many people are experiencing today. He also tells us that it’s intensifying and seeing through it isn’t always easy.

“As you have perceived, there is, in the minds of men on earth, an inner urgency, seeking outlet. In many, it takes strange forms of violence and perversion, alternating with the noblest intentions and ideals. This condition, you will observe, is greatly on the increase today.

“The perceptions of men are quickened through the outpourings of cosmic power and this power may be used for good or evil. Frequently, both qualities are manifested in the individual, in equal strength.

“Only by courage and understanding may men be helped by those of you who have chosen this work. You must raise yourselves above emotion and hold man’s divine essence up to the clear field of cosmic power.

“It is not enough to direct rays of perfection to earth bodies, for this dense material fog deflects the power and much is lost. Yet divine power is ever invincible.” (2)

Instruments for Cosmic Energy

He also tells us that in this time of transformation, instruments are needed for the increasingly intense cosmic energy permeating the planet.

Instruments are needed now, as never before in the history of your planet.

Indeed, this is a momentous year and marks a beginning and an end of an era of evolution in the cosmic spheres, which will have repercussions, not only on earth, but in many planets and other planes of thought and action far beyond your understanding or imagining.

There has been a vast concentration of energy from the cosmic spheres, which has been brought to a focal point at this time.

A large measure of this energy has been and will be directed to mankind at your stage of evolution, both on your planet and to others in galaxies far removed. This we do not ask you to attempt to understand, for the reasons are beyond your comprehension.

But we do ask that you should direct your thoughts upward in seeking for higher levels of attainment and that you should open your hearts and minds to the divine flow of cosmic energy.

It is thus that the God Consciousness within you will be awakened to a realization of the encompassing love and compassion of the Divine Spirit and self-realization will be attained. (3)

If you believe you came to earth from an incredible spiritual place you don’t fully understand, then you can interpret these words as a call to action. Intensified energy can be difficult to navigate, but the incomprehensible power we carry within can help us maintain equilibrium even when life seems like a constant challenge.

We’re here to be challenged, and regardless of whether you believe you’re a “wanderer” who came to this planet with a purpose, sometimes, life will seem to give you nothing but adversity and you’ll have to be strong and keep moving.

It always helps to remember that Source is with you and you can receive its love and guidance at any time. The next time you struggle, try to be open to its love and see if it brightens your outlook or makes the situation any easier.

I’ll leave you with some inspiring words from the “Master of the Brotherhood of Light”:

“Tread fearlessly on the path for though thousands may fall to the right and to the left of you, if you will but keep your minds single to the truth, no harm shall come nigh you.

“Go forward in confidence, my beloved. Listen to the still small voice within and be guided accordingly.” (4)


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