Cosmic Smoothie Power


By Terry Andrews (Contributor for the Culture of Awareness), New Earth Experiences

There’s so much going on all at once it’s hard to even describe. Sometimes it feels like we are in the midst of being made into a cosmic smoothie.

We are being tweaked and upgraded and restructured like crazy, all so that we can part the seas of polarity and they can come back together as unity. It’s daunting, what we’re doing. It’s also incredibly exciting.

One recent day I woke up hearing this: In the process of transformation and transmutation we are becoming superhuman.

Think of it: we are being given the ability to do amazing things. Minutes later I checked my phone and up popped my Scrabble app with the name Klark Kent! That’s not my profile name but it was definitely a funny, surprising affirmation of that morning message.

It remains to be seen what our superpowers are, but as we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we begin to embrace our full power and learn more about it. With every passing day we are getting more information.

In a recent dream I was given some specific instruction, that we are entering a new stage where we are integrating new higher-frequency energies and once we integrate these, what we talk about from our new integrated self creates change in others, simply through our new energy.

So first we create the change in ourselves via clearing and raising our frequency, and then we create change in others by giving them new messages about what is possible. The integration first happens in us, and then as we begin to live it and speak it, it happens in others.

We’ve been clearing our past programming by being open and willing to do it. We can rewrite our history so that it supports who we’ve become. This means we give ourselves new messages about who we are.

For instance, we are capable, we are loved, we are supported, and we are being directed by our own guidance system to do what we need to do. None of these messages focus on anything being wrong with us, because there isn’t anything wrong. We’re clearing the cultural messages that anything was ever wrong. We are moving into our light.

We choose sovereignty and honor ourselves as autonomous, at which point others begin to honor us, and then we begin to more fully embody our power. And then, by embodying and integrating our power, we are able to move into creating what we think about and what we speak because we ARE that. It takes shape around us. This is how we become creators, creating a new world.

We are leaving behind the human who suffered and often struggled to create what she wanted to create, who felt like he didn’t fit into the culture, as we move into this new human who is cosmically connected, who can resolve problems easily, and who is a powerful creator. We will look back on this time as being an absolute game changer. We are seeing an incredible evolutionary shift right before our eyes.

In this new energy, when we need to know something, we receive the information. We don’t get it ahead of time, not until we need it or ask for it. It is interesting to see it show up right when we need it. And to discover we can trust this will happen. This is new.

We have known how to use information that we know, but now we are accessing information we didn’t know we knew. The design of this is brilliant, very different from how we had to learn and memorize stuff in school. What we need to know just comes to us.IMG_1988

We are developing a new kind of intelligence that comes from our integrated new brain and heart center. We are growing in capacity to act from all our bodies–mental, emotional, physical and spiritual–as we move into our cosmic self.

We are moving into a new stage of evolution where we begin to experience greater effectiveness, more impact, an ability to synthesize and resolve problems, to see what is needed and create it, and to live without conflict.

Our new frequency then creates change in others. This has never happened before. And we are just on the cusp. There is so much more to come.

I had an unusual new experience today. I was driving on the highway to a nearby town, going exactly the speed limit, 45 mph. I suddenly became aware of myself going very fast, seemingly in a sleek spaceship, surrounded by gold light. The cars around me parted to make way, and they seemed to drive slowly.

For the next hour or so as I did errands, I was in that energy field, where a pathway appeared in front of me and everything was cleared out of my way and everything was effortless.

There was one little part of my mind wondering if this was possible, yet obviously it was. This photo I took of the sunset captures the essence–a ball of gold light moving through the familiar world. We are all becoming these balls of gold light in physical form.

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