Mayan Messages: Body, Mind and Spirit

via Theresa Crabtree, Mayan Messages, February 7, 2016

Consider your physical human body as one point of a triangle, the conscious part of your mind as the second point of a triangle, while the third point is the part of your essence self that is still in spirit form, commonly called the “Higher Self.” These three work in a symbiotic fashion to allow for the experience within the realm of humanity on planet earth.

Your physical body is similar to a computer, having the capability of storing tremendous amounts of information. Humans store emotions and memories in various parts of the body. Events that cause emotional and mental trauma can be as much a cause of dis-ease as physical traumas. Even thoughts of trauma or the fear of being traumatized can be stored in the body and cause reactions similar to having experienced an event.

There are many cases of “miracles” in which people’s tumors spontaneously dissolved, bones healed rapidly, heart diseases cured overnight, etc. Many times these miracle cures came as a result of fervent prayer. This is one clue that “loving” thoughts can “undo” the damage caused by fear-based thoughts.

The mind is the center where “thoughts” generate. It is also the mastermind that operates all bodily systems. When you have “fear” or “love” thoughts, your mind automatically categorizes and stores this information. Specific thoughts are stored in specific areas of the body. Your mind is very literal. It does not judge, it operates more like a computer, “garbage in, garbage out,” simply storing the information it receives.

When you continuously think and say things such as, “I am sick and tired of this or that,” you are actually programming your mind and body into being sick and tired! This truth reveals your power as a creator of your reality!  How much more powerful you are when you consciously monitor your thoughts, words and actions, then power them with your e-motions (energy in motion). You are truly a “spirit having a human experience.”

You have a direct link to your Higher Self. That link continues all the way back to the Source of All. In addition, you did not come to earth alone. There are many spirit beings on the “Other Side” who are available at any time for advice and support. However, you must ask for our assistance for we cannot  lawfully impose our will upon the will of another.

How many of you hold all of the same beliefs you had as a child? It is your experiences that caused you to change ideas about your self and others. As your ability to discern matures, so will your life choices. We encourage you to take time to go within each day and take time to focus on your current belief programs and discover those that are still running that no longer serve you. It is similar to running a scan on your computer to discover and eradicate viruses. Know that you are loved beyond what you can possibly imagine. Selamet!  Akbal 3

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Many blessings, Theresa Crabtree

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