Heavenletters: You Are a Commuter in Life

heaven_logo_largevia Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, February 8, 2016

God said:

There are times when you would rather be alone than in the presence of anyone else. There are times when you feel hampered or held back by the presence of even friends. There are times when others break your train of thought or seem to impose upon your life just by being there.

On the other hand, when you feel all alone and don’t want to be, you may feel forlorn and unloved. You may not even know whose companionship you want and, yet you know you are without it. You are certain that you are supposed to have it. Something is missing from your life that should be here for you. Sometimes you feel like the loneliest person in the world.

Sometimes you may feel that I, God, am a poor substitute for a live person beside you. You may crave My Presence, yet you want Me to take the initiative. You would like Me to loom large favorably in your life and make Myself known. You hesitate. Sometimes I don’t feel real to you. To you, I am far away, other-worldly, perhaps not really here.

What happens in life sometimes is that you want to sulk alone and ponder all the wishes you have all in a row, wishes that are not fulfilled and that you may have decided to keep at bay. And so you want and don’t want at the same time. You push and pull, pull and push. You bemoan the loss of what you push away. You might like to evade heartbreak at any cost.

You want a sure thing, or you don’t want it. You don’t want life scrambled, and so your mind goes back and forth. It seems as if you wrap yourself in some kind of cocoon that you intend to protect you further. What the cocoon does, however, is hold you back. Of course, it is you that holds yourself back when deign to go forward partly.

Beloveds, if someone on Earth is surrounded by heart riches that you would like, then why not you? Love, harmony, peace are available to you. You may think love, harmony and peace are not meant for you. You tighten up, and you would rather quit the job of life than to flunk it.

What you give up on is life and all the vibrancy and opportunities that yearn for you. Perhaps you are too busy trying to forestall life before it can reach you in full-bloom.

You have observed that what life sends you may just not be your cup of tea. Of course, there is also that possibility that you may not yet be aware of what your cup of tea is.

By and large, there really is no way to skirt life and keep it on the outer fringes. One way or another, life will come to you. Life may even bombard you and shake your rafters.

Beloveds, go for life. Give life a run for its money. You can’t really retire from life while you are alive. Life is going to grab you anyway.

You are the perpetrator of your own vision. No longer tiptoe.

Life is going to pan out anyway. Better that you grab life by its lapels. You chose to be alive on Earth, or you would not be here with life looming.

Like a commuter who rides the bus to work, you are a commuter in life. You ride between the thought of getting on the bus or the thought of getting off the bus. Willy-nilly, you ride the Bus of Life so long as you are in the form of a body on Earth. Your destination is assured, just as your arrival on Earth was a sure thing.

You are destined to ride down this seeming curvy road of life which is but a dream. It is your mind that travels, beloveds, in this fertile made-up occasion of your Life on Earth. In the dream, you are the Driver of the Bus as well as the Rider. Thus, you are accountable to Life. Life is not accountable to you.

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