Taming our Polarized Nature

45By Tiara Kumara, Golden Age of Gaia, February 8, 2016

The carbon lock that blocks us from entering into still point is the polarized human perception. This includes the highly charged emotions and belief systems that we use to navigate life. While much of this deep conditioning is unrecognized, it causes core internal conflict and keeps us always tipping to one side of the polarity spectrum.


The idea of polarity is a huge topic. We are addressing it in this program of MORPHOGENESIS to bring light to some of the chaotic nodes of separation within us. Then, we may more easily transform any obstacles that pull us out of the remembrance that all is one.

We get into trouble when we settle into a polarized perspective that is weighted more to one side. The idea is to bring our perceptions, our feelings, and all of our self to the middle; to the central balancing point. We want to remove the conflict that causes confusion and contradictions within us. Most importantly, we want to learn how to recognize our hidden fears and then to neutralize this polarization.

The expansive force of love, as a cohesive energy, manifests internally through the condition of being unified., from within. When we are making decisions from pure love, there is no internal contradiction or opposition.

There is a force within us, however that encourages division. Some people call this the alter ego. As humans, we have been programmed to operate from a divisive state and to qualify things as either good or bad, or, from ‘us’ and ‘them’ scenarios. This polarized programming is constantly being reinforced through our society, so much, that it is easy to get confused.

It all boils down to this; we are in conflict with our true divine nature, which is oneness. This unified field is not polarized. Oneness is pure love and is a cohesive, neutral, constant, balanced, benevolent state that is constantly giving without judgement. It is not for or against anything. This divine love seemingly comes out of nowhere. It is existence itself arising out of the void of now.

This is the key point. If we can become so vulnerable, so surrendered to our own space of nothingness, a highly transforming chasm can be experienced. This interrupts the continuity of our ‘usual’ patterns. We start breaking apart our human fear continuum, which results in a major override of our programmed polarized response.


This is an excerpt from the MORPHOGENESIS: Opening the Crystalline Seals into Avatar Consciousness.
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presented by Tiara Kumara
Spiritual Teacher and Morphogenesis Creatress
Founding Producer, I AM Avatar Education
Founder, Children of the Sun Foundation

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