Navigating a Strange World

Paradise 11By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, February 8, 2016

Three times in the past few days, I’ve popped into transformative love and bliss.

At first it was embarrassing because it happened in a public place in the company of another person. I’m not used to being in bliss in public and carrying on with someone.  I’ve usually been in my apt.

Three days later, I’m getting more and more comfortable. I noticed at lunch that my voice was probably louder than most people might like.  But my other mannerisms have adjusted.

I was musing to myself and called the state I’m in “working bliss.” I can work, be among others, and, as long as I’m allowed to be in my space, manage it. I’m in a library now, for instance, and the “distance” silence creates allows me to manage social proximity.

Otherwise I abandon bliss and come back to everyday reality.  That’s OK. I do it all the time. But bliss is … well, it’s increasingly calling me. Let’s put it that way.

At the same time, I’ve had real-life issues come up that can’t be ignored and that I’ve had to deal with. And they become issues because of the extreme busy-ness that I’m involved in, which I can’t see escaping and which will probably only get worse.

“Busy-ness” only half captures it. The weight or gravity of matters is a factor as well.

So I’m grumpier, gripier, narrower, and in every way more of a jerk the busier I get. I seem to have a fatal flaw, a core issue in the area of saying “no” to work. That’s one unconscious command I’ll have to countermand.

I also call this “working bliss” because I’m not so carried away that I can’t see the reality of the situation before me.

No, I see it. And no, all my cares have not somehow vanished, as when I’m wafted aloft. What remains unchanged is that I feel enough bliss that I’m happy as I tackle the problems.

And then, a few hours from now, I’ll be out of bliss and back in ordinary reality – or at least that’s the pattern until now.

Then, outside bliss, a new set of problems faces me, especially if I’m unable to make good on the promises I made while in bliss.

Navigating this new territory is tricky. We’re straddling the new Third and Fourth and Fifth Dimensions. And higher, really. Remember: Most lightworkers are angels and angels are beyond the dimensions; they’re transcendental.

We’re not strangers to bliss, by our multidimensional inheritance.

But here we are, still behind the blindfold, not simply in the Fourth or Fifth Dimensions, but working with people in the new Third. Some of us are serving as gatekeepers getting them through the portal of Ascension or as pillars waiting at the rear and pushing the last ones through.

We’re here for Gaia’s Ascension and the reconstruction that follows it.  We’re therefore at work among people who not only may not be in bliss, but can at times be bogged down in the incessant strategizing that goes on in the old and new Thirds. How I loved strategizing back then. And now it feels hard to listen to.

I can look at people or listen to them and I get this mental image of a frequency band that shows our conditioning. I see people acting strategically and tactically, people preening, people managing their images, selling their lines, plying their rackets.

That’s how a lot of it was, especially in the “modern” office of the old Third. In my mental image, it’s clearly a lower density, almost like an ooze, compared to a life lived free of strategizing.

And now, all of a sudden, here we are in these new states of being. They don’t come with a user’s manuals or a “help” screen.

Nevertheless, a kind of compensation goes on. Let me see if I can capture it.

In the old Third, we strategized and got what we wanted. We may even have succeeded in the world. Nonetheless, we had little idea of what was out there (bliss) and so what to ask for.

In bliss, we never think of strategizing. Therefore, we may forfeit our ability to make a go of things working among people who do.

But the loss of probable worldly success is compensated for by the increase in feelings of well-being, security, satisfaction, fulfilment, peace, happiness. There’s no contest between the two. All we want money, sex and power for anyways is to be happy. Why not save ourselves a lifetime of struggle and regret and just choose bliss … and its accompanying happiness?

When a person is in bliss or after a person has tasted bliss, it creates a divine appetite and a divine discontent. One hungers after bliss ever after.

So we’re in an evolutionary process. The loss of bliss but gain in worldly success yields to a loss of worldly success but a gain in bliss. And few people in bliss are heard to complain, even if they go hungry.

Nonetheless I could not last for five minutes in bliss if I was asked to act strategically. So my goose is effectively cooked for involvement in business under the old paradigm (not under the new).

It’s all interesting. And it’s all seen for the first time. I’ve never consciously been this way before.

I can’t open to all fields. I have to specialize. Nonetheless, I love opening to the new in the fields I specialize in.

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