Steve Beckow: A Walk in My Original State

Ham and Cheese

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, June 18, 2015

I’m experimenting with walking in the natural space, my original state.  I notice the pace is much, much slower than my normal pace.

My normal pace raises thoughts in my mind related to taking care, going over the worry de jour, etc. I’m not relaxed when I walk at my normal pace.

At this slower pace, again, as I’ve said before, there’s nothing added and nothing taken away. But it’s confronting because it’s almost regal.  Nonetheless, if I didn’t confront my fears, I’d have to abandon this space.

I now understand what Archangel Michael meant by stressing balance. Balance is this very thing: Having nothing added and nothing taken away.

It’s not leaning to the left or right. It doesn’t define what choices are made. It simply eliminates attachment from the response – except to God.

By definition, it’s an open space. It lacks all the worried thoughts that arise and impel a person to fretful action. It lacks agendas and to-do lists. In fact it lacks the same pushes that people experience throughout their day.

In this place of balance, bliss arises. It’s the only place it can arise. Bliss is an event in conscious awareness. It arises in a perfectly-peaceful space – like the natural state.

If our bodies are tense from worry and concern, we tend to tighten our musculature, creating bands of tension and muscular blocks that impede our awareness. Where there is an impediment in awareness, bliss does not arise.

That places a premium on relaxation techniques, hatha yoga, inspiring music, all of which reduce tension and thereby free up our awareness.

Here I am at this moment in the natural state and it could be described by so many terms: equilibrium, balance point, perfect calm, no desires, equanimity, detachment, plain, bare awareness, etc.

Nothing weighs on me and nothing pushes me to action.  If I do act, I’ll be following a naturally-arising need or desire, without urgency or concern for the outcome and without the mind’s voiceover, chitter-chatter, or constant comment.

For lunch I grabbed a ham-and-cheese sandwich at Starbuck’s. I could have had sweet ‘n sour at a nearby Chinese restaurant, pho (soup) at a Vietnamese restaurant, or something that would have been delectable and enticing to me. Instead I grabbed the first thing I saw. In this space, all need for flattering the tastebuds leaves.

This is the space that advertisers are constantly representing consumers as being in. Strange that the space is accurately represented. Its use to sell a product or the claim that the product causes the space is invalid. But all the smiling and loving gestures – I have no probem with that. Advertisers may not realize how much they’ve contributed to the shift in consciousness!!!

Bliss is the taste, the flavor of this space. Bliss contributes the same pleasure that would be had by running every magic moment and peak experience we’ve ever had together in one endless film clip, dropping everything else. A constant peak moment.  Not orgasmic but definitely the afterglow.

Again, if this is what we have to look forward to, as Andrea says, bring it on, baby!

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