Will Harader: Money Isn’t The Problem, Greed Is

By Will Harader, Galactic Free Press, June 12, 2015

There’s a lot of conflict over this, is it wrong to desire money? Can I make a lot of money and still be a good person? There’s even been a kind of spiritualization of money recently where you’re supposed to get more of it the more in alignment with God or your Higher Self that you are. It’s a rather emotionally charged subject, one with a lot of guilt surrounding it, and it’s something that really needs to be looked at more deeply.

Money has become so integrated into our lives that it seems like it’s a normal part of the human experience. It seems like our society needs money to run properly, yet money, at least as we understand it today, is a rather recent invention. It’s not really an essential part of our experience, and there’s perfectly healthy ways of living that don’t involve money at all.

There’s this idea that money is simply energy, and while that’s true, the energy we’re talking about here is really your belief in its value. Without that belief, money would mostly just be paper and numbers in computers. Understand that the energy of money comes from humanity collectively giving it their energy.

So who controls this energy that is money? In a fair system, everyone would, but that’s not how it works, is it? In reality, it’s just a tiny portion of the population that controls the vast majority of the money, and because most people’s lives are so money-focused, this allows a wealthy elite to control billions of people’s lives through money. So money has become a tool for control, which is why so many people view money itself as something evil. Of course, it’s not the tool itself that’s “evil”, it’s how you use it.

So money is being manipulated to create what is, in essence, a system of slavery. This is why it’s so incredibly naïve that there’s these spiritual teachers out there selling this belief that the Universe will reward you with money for being a good person. If this were true, then the wealthiest in society must also be the most honest and pure people. You’d need to have your head stuck way up where the sun don’t shine to believe that. In reality, lying, cheating and stealing are some of the most effective ways of making money. Starting wars, destroying Nature, and poisoning people are all proven methods of making huge sums of money within our incredibly dysfunctional system.

It’s an ancient idea that God rewards the “worthy” with power and success, though it’s also being repackaged and sold as new age spirituality. It’s a dangerous idea, and one used to justify a system of inequality and oppression. We live in a system that has little to do with God, even the word “god” has become empty in many people’s minds, and our views of power and success are very materialistic. Your Being is very powerful, yet you’ve been tricked into giving your inherent power away, and money is one of the major tools through which this deception has occurred.

Collectively, people believe they need money to get what they want, and a world has been created where this is the case, at least in appearance. Something most everyone wants, positive political change seems to depend upon money. The problem is that the majority of people don’t have the kind of money needed to influence politicians, so almost immediately a major roadblock is hit. You need money to create a fair and equal system, yet you need a fair and equal system in the first place to get that kind of money. It’s a trap, and one that only exists within your mind.

Power isn’t contained within money, power is contained within the people. People give power to money. Conceptually, I get the impression most people understand this, but there seems to be much difficulty in putting it into practice. Especially through the power of the Internet, people can communicate and organize on a mass scale quite easily. Enormous, sweeping changes are possible, but these possibilities don’t seem to even register to the majority of people who are struggling simply to make ends meet. The people who have the most to gain from change are mostly caught up in another world, one they serve even though it goes against their best interests.

People have bought the lies of capitalism, and they’ve also accepted this kind of bipolar madness where they believe the only other option is a system that has an even worse potential for oppression, socialism. Capitalists seem to believe that money will somehow magically balance everything out and somehow create a fair and just system on its own. In practice, we’ve thoroughly demonstrated that is not how it really works, yet we now live in a world that’s the result of capitalism gone wild, a world run almost entirely by greed.

Money is just a tool, one that can be used in many ways, and it’s greed that’s the real problem. Greed is how people allow themselves to be controlled through money. It’s a thirst that’s never quenched, people drink until the well runs dry. It’s one of an almost infinite number of problems that stems from the only real problem there is, the illusion of separation from the Divine. You have a God-sized hole within you, and all the money and possessions in the world can’t fill it, though that doesn’t stop people from trying.

Love is what fills the emptiness created by illusion. Love is the only thing with true value, Love is the only real wealth. Chasing after money provides no nourishment for the Soul, though that doesn’t mean there’s anything holy about poverty either. Both poverty and extreme wealth are the results of an imbalanced and sick system.

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