Michelle Walling: All About The Universal Law Of Vibrational Attainment

All About The Universal Law Of Vibrational Attainment

By Michelle Walling, CHLC, In5D.com, June 15, 2015

Vibration is the song of life that moves atoms into patterns of form.  Everything is energy, everything is alive in motion, and the planet we live on is a conscious, sentient being vibrating at a certain song. The raising of one’s vibration will change the consciousness or reality that you perceive and the Law of Vibrational Attainment governs the parameters of what you can experience.

What is the Law of Vibrational Attainment?

According to the book Lighting the Light Within by Dick Sutphen, there are 20 Universal Laws available to us. The Law of Vibrational Attainment defines that all matter is energy vibrating at a particular frequency, and this energy cannot die. We are constantly changing our awareness of focus on what we are experiencing. Energy is always in motion, going forward or backward in linear terms.

Cycles of Existence

All of creation has cycles and rounds of existence. This particular round of “Brahma”, or life, has now turned the corner from being the densest, most compact vibration. In linear terms this consciousness experience has outstretched the All About The Universal Law Of Vibrational Attainment | In5D.comfurthest away from the Creator of the experience. As we return towards Creator, the Law of Vibrational Attainment defines that we have to raise our vibration to match the space that is closer to Creator. As Earth moves into a higher vibration that is less dense, there is more “space” between her particles which allow for more light particles to enter into this space. The more light we carry within our bodies, the higher our vibration will be, as creation is composed of light, vibration, and sound.

All planets have consciousness, and planet Earth is fulfilling her role as a place to experience physicality. She has served creation by allowing the densest energies of the solar system and possibly the Universe to be experienced in and on her body. In a way, she is a spaceship flying through the Universe and we are riding her in our own miniature versions of her (our bodies).

Why Vibrational Resonance matters today

In order to stay in physicality on Earth, a human body must match the vibration of the planet he or she chooses to experience. Earth has many spaces to choose from likened to layers of energy connected to each other, or more commonly expressed as dimensions. Just as Earth is multidimensional, so are humans. As Earth moves her consciousness to a higher dimension, she opens the door for humans to follow her. This door to the higher dimensions has been closed for approximately 26,000 years.

Earth fell into lower vibrational density with the fall of Atlantis. . Not only was it “time” for a cycle of darkness astrologically, but some humans chose domination and control over others and they abused power and technologies for service to self applications. Atlanteans relied on a vary large red crystal as a source of energy and for healing the body to allow humans to live for several hundreds of All About The Universal Law Of Vibrational Attainment | In5D.comyears. This crystal was destroyed with the fall and its pieces sank to the bottom of the ocean where the Bermuda Triangle now exists.

As we now move astrologically into a Golden Age or light filled opportunity, humans must show that if their powers return, they will not abuse them. Power is knowledge and with knowledge comes a great responsibility. If humanity is not capable of being responsible, then the remembrance of the power and capability of the human body at the time of Atlantis will not be restored, and humanity will be culled out once again.  We are moving rapidly toward mastering this responsibility this time around.

Those who are attempting to master the principle of vibration realize that we are here to raise our vibrational frequency as the planet raises her frequency. The higher consciousness waves of energy have been showering the planet due to the astrological alignment of Earth in the Universe at this time. This higher consciousness allows parts of the brain to expand which helps us to remember the task at hand. Knowledge of what is happening in our bodies and with our emotions makes the transition in vibration easier to manage.

Creation is infinite and our bodies are a microcosm of our planet as it is made from the same elements of our planet. Our planet is a microcosm of the solar system, and our solar system is a microcosm of our Universe. Earth is changing at the moment by shifting her consciousness to a higher vibrational way of being. When she does this, it raises the base consciousness of the solar system and Universe because everything is connected. Earth and Mars are the last planets to join the solar system in a higher vibrational consciousness.

Humans that are unaware of the change in consciousness may have a very hard time adapting, All About The Universal Law Of Vibrational Attainment | In5D.combecause without conscious focus of intention to raise the body’s vibration, lower vibrational energies scamper around looking for a place to exist. The emotional body is designed to help transmute these lower energies into something else when the body is properly functioning.

Many people on the planet today are existing in improperly functioning bodies due to the plan of those who do not wish for Earth and humans to vibrate out of their attainment. When enough people bring their bodies into proper alignment with healing and activation, the mass inclusion of light in the body will trigger the ascension in those who completed their work.

Those that have not chosen ascension or were not able to awaken in time to complete their work before the ascension energies are triggered will be drawn to continue their experiences in another planet that matches their vibration, due to the Universal Law of Vibrational Attainment. They will then have another opportunity as that planet ascends to have the experience of being inundated with light and ascending with that planet.

The Highest Vibrational Attainment

The highest vibrational attainment in this round of creation is love, and this vibrational frequency can be found in the fifth chakra of the body- the heart. Earth is ascending to a fifth dimensional frequency and in order to join Earth in love we must match the vibration through thoughts and intention of love. By sharing love with others without judgment or conditions, we can as individuals help the whole in attaining a higher vibration if they choose to accept it, since we are all connected.

Eventually all parts of creation will make their way back to love. It may take some people another 26,000 years but in the end it will seem like no time has passed at all. Each soul will have its unique experience due to the Law of Vibrational Attainment as they have the free will to vibrate at whatever frequency they choose.

Stay tuned to In5d for more Universal Law information.

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About the author:
Michelle WallingMichelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for In5D.
All of Michelle Walling’s articles and radio appearances can be found on her database CosmicStarseeds.com. Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website MichelleWalling.com. The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Howtoexitthematrix.com. Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

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