Steve Beckow: A Return to Eden – Part 1/3

Sacred 15By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, June 9, 2015

One day after wanting to die from loneliness, I found myself returned to Eden, back in my natural state again. Like the previous time, it lasted for hours before I gradually emerged from it, much to my regret.

What a roller-coaster ride!

I’d just had a reading through Linda Dillon and who came in but the Divine Mother. I was deeply honored. While I’ve interviewed her, I’ve never spoken to her in a personal reading.

It was good timing because I was on my last legs by then. Perhaps that’s why she came. In fact I’m certain it is. The financial worries, relationship concerns, and just pure loneliness of a lightworker’s life were doing me in.

What I want to draw attention to here is that, after speaking to the Mother for perhaps fifteen minutes and then Archangel Michael for perhaps forty-five, and leaving the reading in a pretty good but everyday space, within a short time I realized that I was back in my natural state.

So powerful had the reading been and the healing that the Mother had imparted that I arose again as my original self, my true nature. You’d probably have to have been there to see how my interior space was transformed to appreciate the Mother’s ability to alter consciousness, consistent with our ability to “be with” the changes.

The Mother had given me a clue that she’d do this. She said she was going to “lift you up – not to bring you Home, but to bring Home to you.” (1) I think she just did.

Natural, native, normal. The natural state is me with nothing added or taken away. Sosan describes it here:

Returning to your true nature,
spontaneity and essence are found.
This is the space that always exists
and that holds all within. (2)

Here’s how Archangel Michael described that state in the same reading that the Mother came in on:

Steve: The experience yesterday, what happened?  I went up.  I connected a lot of dots about the conscious-awareness space. Every time I connected a dot I seemed to expand or go up and then finally I broke through to my natural state. What was that experience?

Archangel Michael: That was the experience of true expansion of interdimensionality, of coming to touch, embrace and begin to explore the breadth of your soul design.

S: I see. Now those experiences are intended to be just visits, with me, is that correct? (3)

AAM:  They will anchor deeper and deeper until it is simply a state of being.  (4)

That was reassuring. There was so much more to say about it. But I passed most of the time while in that space in conversation with my friend, who came right after the reading to hear about it, and so I couldn’t write down what was happening.

But one thing that remains with me is that being in that state depended on me recognizing it.

I was already in the native state by the time I began to notice its influence and I didn’t realize it. It wasn’t until I began describing how I felt to my friend, as if the natural state was coming on, that I saw that the natural state was already there. I could describe myself feeling as if it were coming on because I was tapping into it as it already existed in that moment.

The minute I became aware of it, any sense of separation or division from it disappeared and I was back consciously in it. It was as if I slid into the driver’s seat of a car that was already idling.

(Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.)


(1) The Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, June 7, 2015.  Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

(2) Sosan, Hsin Hsin Ming (The Book of Nothing). Kansas City: 2002, 48.

(3) Steve: Can you help me make sense of returning to my interdimensionality while not becoming a guru figure.

AAM:  It is very simple. Visit don’t stay.  So what you are doing, you are pulling into the 5th in what you think of as your reality the qualities of mastery [11th Dimension] without setting yourself apart from the masses.   (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, through Linda Dillon, May 6, 2013.)

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, June 7, 2015, ibid.

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