Children of the Sun: Opening the Portals of Light over Mega Factory Farms

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Let’s Stay Focused, Everyone! The Factory Farm Sector is Next.

Morphogenesis Sacred Activism

Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions
Transmitting Divine Coherence to Mega Factory Farms

Solstice, June 21
8pm across all time zones

If You Haven’t Registered, Please Join us!
Free Transmission Registration

We are coming together again in mass group intention to catalyze positive consciousness shifts in three of the most influential food conglomerates on Earth: TYSON FOODS, NESTLE and SMITHFIELD FOODS.

These types of  large scale farming operations are reported to cause major imbalances in the surrounding ecosystems, including enormous amounts of water, air and land pollution. Numerous sources also indicate the grave mistreatment of animals in many factor farm sites.

While both Tyson Foods and Nestlé have made efforts to abolish animal cruelty in their facilities, we are taking bold action to open the portals of light while calling in the divine intervening support to ensure all unfolds in right divine order.

Through this group act of remote energy transference, we are serving as a bridge of coherence to radiate our work in MORPHOGENESIS out to Humanity to effect maximum planetary transformation. This is our highest priority and service to the evolving race.

Our sacred activism coordinates with the personal program of
Morphogenesis, a consciousness accelerating program.
If you have not signed up, you can do it here.

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We are Calling for Sustainable Solutions to Factory Farming

Get on Board and Lets Open the Portals of Light

Together with Divine Intervention, we are activating a transforming morphogenetic field around corporations such as the massive food tycoon, Nestlé, purposed to purge discordance and incoherent energy from the corporate consciousness.

nestleAs the energy fields are cleared, we then open the portals of light to bring in the power of Love’s transforming grace, creating a bridge of coherence to the higher dimensions.

Our invocation work calls for sustainable solutions to the controversial business practices used in factory farms, inspiring the collective mind of Humanity to co-exist in total harmony with the intelligence of nature.

To conclude our planetary service, we will continue seeding the Unity Grid with the impeccable vision of divine coherence.

This is our chance to catalyze lasting impact.
Please join us in sharing the light of morphogenesis with the world!

Factory Farm Defined

A “factory farm” is a large-scale industrial operation that houses thousands of animals raised for food-such as chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs-and treats them with hormones and antibiotics to prevent disease and maximize their growth and food output. Confining so many animals in one place produces much more waste than the surrounding land can handle. As a result, factory farms are associated with various environmental hazards, such as water, land and air pollution.

What is a Portal of Light?

portalIn this activity, these portals can be seen as energetic overlays that connect into and receive energetic feeds of light from higher dimensional fields of unity consciousness.

Our ‘unified human consciousness’ serves as a bridging mechanism for the effectual energy transference to come through to this matter dimension.

As a giant, interconnected forcefield of divine intent, we are the grounding rods to hold the portals in place as they are opened and stabilized.

Our group body will act as a channel to radiate the light of love and understanding to our chosen entity, restoring harmony, balance and divine coherence within the corporate consciousness.
This is our highest priority during this series of transmissions as Divine Intervention knows exactly what needs to be done to activate the most impacting shifts in the current reflection of incoherence.

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Important Transmission Details

Opening Portals of Light at 6 Mega Corporations

Free Transmission Registration

Transmission Line Up

Please read our preparatory information on the Media Download page.  

You do not need to register again if you have already done so. Please use the same audio and invocation for all of these transmissions.

June 21st ~ Solstice
Factory Farm Transmission – Tyson Foods, Nestlé, Smithfield Foods

July 2nd ~ Full Moon
Deforestation Transmission – Cargill Inc, Wilmar International, Brasil Foods

It is takes a lot of us to have a significant impact… please invite your networks! 

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gmoThank you to the mighty team of transmitters who helped open the portals of light over MONSANTO, BAYER and SYNGENTA on the June 2nd Full Moon.

Already the momentum for change is building as a class action law suit was recently filed against Monsanto in Los Angeles County, USA, for false product labeling.

This is why our work in Sacred Activism is SO pivotal. Through Divine Intervention, we can assist in bringing forth the best possible outcomes in important cases like this.

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© Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. You have permission to share our free public information through any medium as long as it is offered at no cost, it is not altered, and the proper credit is given to the Foundation.

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