Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: No Two Ways about Oneness

Heavenletters: No Two Ways about Oneness. Received by Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, May 14, 2015

God said:

Of thee I sing. My children, I call you to Me, and you come to Me, each fitting within the other, until there is One Totality Who sings in answer to My calling you. You populate My thoughts. You shadow Me until you know that We become One, and One Alone Is. Oneness reigns. You are encapsulated within Me until any perceived distinctions are no longer, and, then, there is Oneness alone, yet Oneness is never alone.

There is no sovereign, for One does not rule nor is One ruled. Oneness loves. Love is a reverberation. It is a high note, in truth, as all notes sung are high. There is no low. There is no differentiation. There is no affectation. There is only Oneness, the innocence of Oneness which makes no comparisons. There is nothing to compare when Oneness is known and you have entered its gateway and passed the gate.

So, Who are You, and Who am I when there is no difference? If I am you, are you not I? When one heart beats, what can distract? And who can be distracted? Where lies the rub when Oneness is All? Whose hand holds Mine when there is no hand but Mine to hold? What interruption can there be in Oneness? What loss? What favor or disfavor? Love is love, and there are no two ways about Oneness.

Do not for one minute think that I speak of something unless it is so. Space and time do not exist. Therefore, distance doesn’t exist. Sequence doesn’t exist. Being exists, One Beingness of Love so full that nothing can enter the fullness that already is. There is no space and, therefore, no room for anything more or for anything less. Fullness doesn’t take up space. Does music take up space?

Music is heard and kept, and tempo doesn’t cease. Music stays in tune. In tune with what when hearts play music and music is all that there is? Notes are played. Who plays them? Someone understands what? Who is there to understand or to even think he understands or to even think he doesn’t?

There are no questions to ask and no questions to answer. Question and answer are as much One as you and I exist as One. Who can be on a quest when Oneness Is? Nor can Oneness be described. Oneness can only be, and it cannot be counted. Oneness is spinning Our One Heart right now during this Infinite moment of non-time. How connected Oneness is with Oneness even as Oneness IS and cannot be connected, for what is there for Oneness to connect to when Oneness Is All?

Long ago, a roar was heard, and the roar still goes on. It is Energy girding Itself. It is rollicking energy repeating the Name of Love. Love is overdue says a clock that does not tick, yet love is always and cannot be early or late or anywhere or anything else. Love hugs itself and hums I Sing of Thee, even as there is no thee, for you are as much I as I AM.

Whose ears hear the singing that reverberates within? A song sings itself. There is love, no other voice but the Voice of Love that echoes through the chambers of the One Heart. There is love demonstrated because love alone is, yet no one demonstrates love, for Oneness lives its love, and love is sweet. The music of love runs through you and never leaves. It emanates from the shared Oneness, and, yet, Oneness Is One. Two or three or four or more do not exist nor is there less than One. One Is All, and All Is One. There is no you yet you are One with Me. We already are One. We were never anything else but One Oneness Supreme.

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