10 Daily Things Everyone Should Do Before 10 AM

From Higher Perspective, May 9, 2015

1. Meditate.

This is an excellent way to begin your day. Meditation decreases your overall stress levels and helps focus your mind to the day’s tasks.

2. Be grateful.

Taking a moment to consider all the things in life that you have is a great way to get off to a happy start to your day. True happiness doesn’t come from wanting and buying new things, but wanting what you already have.

3. Establish your intentions.

Be it a list or saying your plans out loud, establish what it is that you want to accomplish today. It’ll keep you more motivated.

4. Make free time for yourself.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? Take a little free time for yourself every morning before you set to work or school. Even if it means waking up a little earlier, it’s worth it.

5. Drink water.

If you want your mind to be sharp and your body feeling strong, drink water when you rise in the morning. Water helps your body function at its best.

6. Stretch.

Warm up a little bit first. Take a little walk or go for a bike ride then stretch out your muscles.

7. Jam out a little.

Put on some awesome music. Get pumped up for the day. Jam out a little bit. It’ll do your soul some good.

8. Laugh.

Find something funny to have a chuckle at. It’ll put you in a better humor starting first thing.

9. Clean up a bit.

I try to do most of my tidying the night before, but sometimes I’ve had one too many glasses of red wine and just don’t have it in me. That’s fine. Take some time to declutter in the mornings.

10. Take on your hardest task first.

That way it’ll be all easy stuff for the rest of the day. Or at least easier stuff.

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