Marcus Ajose: Why Do We?


By Marcus Ajose, Contributor, The Culture of Awareness, April 14, 2015

Why do we continue in the opposite direction of where we truly feel we are supposed to be? Often times we have felt the tremendous impact of our actions before we have actually committed them.

So why do we choose to act in a way that feels in accordance but then judge ourselves about it. Maybe we choose to be ignorant of what lies inside of us. It is our own karmic cycle spiraling right before our eyes. Actions and thoughts in accordance with one another build momentum.

Momentum harnesses the power of the law of attraction. When we are in accordance with our own inner harmony, we are in touch with our soul. So again, with our God given awareness, why do we consistently choose things that feel disharmonious to us? Perhaps because we feel that to become harmonious we must go through some stage that is not. Perhaps, we just don’t care. Or perhaps we care too much and are selfish.

To be a human being means to be connected with all other beings in your fullest actualized potential. So to be ourselves means to indulge ourselves until we reach a stage of eternal pleasure? Is there a such thing as sternal pleasure in this vast and changing universe? What if we wish to create it in co-creation with the Creator? But, what if we believe that we must create disharmony first in order to truly appreciate the harmony we seek? Perhaps it is not necessary. Perhaps it is inevitable.

I would like to go in the direction of gifts. We have an understanding of gifts as something that is given to us. What if a gift is something that we are supposed to find? We wait, and wait, and wait, for this gift that we know we have. In the context of direction and traveling the universe/planet, where does our gift sit?

The lies that we were told made us fearless. The truth that we know makes us fearful. A wise man once told me that fear brings wisdom. Could fear be God and wisdom a gift? If fear is all around us, perhaps we should honor it. Perhaps we should stare it in the face and understand it.

If we do not examine our fears wholly and thoroughly to find the source of this deep rooted emotion that moves and controls people, it would be as if never opening our present and because of our disgust for what it was wrapped in. If fear is the teacher, then what is the lesson? I wonder if love is wrapped up so tight within the shiny wrapper paper of fear that humanity has become ignorant of the presents that lay hidden in lain sight. I feel not because there are presents opening each day and miracles manifesting each moment.

A great friend of mine brought a gift to me. During a trivial moment in my life he told me, “Let it come. Let it be. Let it go.” This mantra brought a fresh thought and a new mind to my psyche.

Where I was once headed in direction that didn’t feel harmonious, I began to head in a direction of peace. A disoriented mind only need one thought to find itself and aim the intellect into a momentous arrangement with harmony. Being lost is a gift. We just need to open the present.

What is within is more important than any outer circumstance or external perception. I never understood the saying by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “We shall Overcome” until recently. I thought that it had to do with surpassing something like going over a hill or obstacle.

Yet, a person can be overcome with fear and a person can be overcome with righteousness. To overcome means to be filled with. I understand the statement we shall overcome to mean that we shall be filled. This is the promise of opening our gifts to find the preciousness within.


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