Don’t Have PayPal? Subscribe to Our Weekly Newsletter with a Check or Cash

"Sky Leaves" - Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2013
“Sky Leaves” – Photo by PocahontasBrandy, 2013

The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter is a paid weekly newsletter that I offer for $11.11 a month (or $59.99 every sixth months, or $122.22 a year), and it features five weekly segments that are devoted to various spiritual topics.

These segments include “planetary healing” where I talk about enlightenment and healing the world, as well as an “intuitive message” and a “reader’s question”, where I answer subscribers’ questions.

One of the biggest obstacles that’s stopped a lot of people from subscribing is the fact that, until now, the only way to subscribe has been with PayPal. Some people don’t have a PayPal account, and a few readers have expressed that they might consider a subscription if they could send a check or cash instead of trying to deal with PayPal.

Now, you can!

If you’re considering a subscription and would rather send a check, you can make it out to Wesley Lamere (my real name) and mail it to this address:

PO Box 112, East Alton, IL, 62024

IMPORTANT: If you send a check/cash, I’ll need your email address so I can send you the newsletter each week. You can send your email address along with the check/cash, or you can email it to me at

Once we receive your check/cash, you’ll receive the latest issue of the newsletter in your inbox (provided you’ve given your email) with a small “thank you” note that’ll tell you more about it.

I can’t express my appreciation enough to all of you who’ve supported the blog and the newsletter over the years. I intend for this to be a new chapter for the newsletter, and I can only hope more of you will become interested in it as it continues to grow and develop.

Much love!

Wes Annac 🙂

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