Steve Beckow: What Does Oneness Mean to Me?

OnenessWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, December 1, 2014 –

What does “Oneness” mean to me? Here’s my opinion.

I don’t mean the expression of it to be a show stopper. I mean it to be a show starter. If it doesn’t prove to be, then I’ve failed in my intention.

Oneness for me implies a number of things.

It implies a lack of barriers against the well-meaning individuals of this world. Obviously, as long as there are those who wish us harm still operating in our world, a modicum of discernment is sill required.

But leaving that aside, oneness implies the elimination of all barriers to connection, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It implies openness and transparency.

Oneness in this world would also see a generosity arise that’s natural and normal, a free sharing of all resources, and a balance of give and receive, rather than simply all giving or all receiving.

This sharing would go on until equilibrium is reached and that equilibrium would be maintained as a natural and accepted condition and practice.

Oneness for me also means a response to the awakened heart and the heart awakening to everyone, to the plight of all. It means being unable to turn aside from the suffering in the world but to help out in any way we can. It means that attitude being generally shared, understood, and accepted.

Oneness means a recognition of our common parentage – at all levels – whether our common extraterrestrial parentage in such civilizations as the Pleiades and Sirius. Or our common physical parentage in the highest angelic realms. Or our common existential parentage in Father/Mother God, Creator Source.

As an hypothesis and a test, I’m willing to assert and predict that: When the barriers fall and all is freely shared, when compassion flows and we deeply recognize our common nature as children of the One, we’ll reach the state of Oneness, unitive consciousness, as individuals and as a world, gently and naturally.

I have to leave it to others to prove me accurate or inaccurate. As a journalist, I have a role to play and it has its requirements, discipline, and limits.

Archangel Michael told me some time ago that I’m to follow the social wave of Ascension, chronicle it, and interpret it. That means I don’t sink down deeply and ultimately into any one subject. To do that is the work of a lightholder and I’m a lightworker.

I’m also a pillar and so I have a contract to remain till the last. These are all active rather than meditative roles. They define my agreed-upon part in this divine play, the World Game, and mean I play some roles but not others. It’s the same for all of us.

In common, what we as lightworkers have agreed to do is to work for Ascension and and to participate in the building of the New World, before and after Ascension.

Ascension is being handled by the higher realms. We play a part in it but not as much of a part as in the second area.

The second area involves building Nova Earth. It involves cleansing Gaia, eradicating disease, eliminating poverty, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, and addressing all other conditions of global unworkability.

Because this is our planet, because we burdened Gaia in the first place and owe it to her to clean things up, because it will assist other worlds if we’ve learned from this experience and can speak about it, and because we agreed to do this work before we were born, the task falls to us, in concert with the invisibles.

We also support the lightholders who are anchoring the love and light on Gaia and bring enlightenment to those who are open to it. The rest of us will have our meal later. None will go without.

Such is the perfection of the Divine Plan that I predict that we’ll arrive at a global condition of Oneness imperceptibly and naturally in the course of events, varying in individual experience and timing. Ascension will ensure it. But our efforts at building Nova Earth will promote it.

Hindus would call this spiritual path “karma yoga,” “seva” or “selfless service.” It’s a recognized path to God, just as meditation is. And it’s the path that all those who resonate with service have chosen.

Steve will be taking Nov. 30-Dec. 3 off to move his apartment.


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