Enjoying Our Creativity

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m ready to stop caring how others see my work. We obviously want to present works to the rest of humanity that are ‘good’, but we’ll make ourselves miserable if we waste our time and energy trying to perfect them.

I’m ready to cut loose and start really enjoying my creativity, and regardless of how others see the work that results, I’ll have enjoyed myself. In the end, that’s the only thing that really matters.

Yes, we’re here to selflessly serve humanity by presenting as many pure works of spiritually inspired art as we can, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with thinking about ourselves and our own happiness as we work.

We don’t want to descend into egoism under the guise of enjoying ourselves, but if you think about it, we descend into egoism anyway when we strive to present perfectly polished and flawless works to humanity. This is no way to live, in my opinion, and we have to have heart when we’re creative or our creativity will mean little.

I’ll use music as an example. For a while, I was nearly obsessed with making my singing voice sound good, and I rigidly followed various rules and recommendations. Breathe from the diaphragm; open the throat; never yell; warm up by practicing scales, ‘lip trills’ etc. before actually singing; take it easy on your voice.

Most (if not all) of these suggestions actually are important, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to take up singing keep them in mind. I kept them in mind (and still do) before every singing session, but somewhere along the way, I noticed that they didn’t solely get me where I want to be.

They could only do so much for me, and I’d still hit frustrating brick walls when I tried to make my voice sound ‘good’, ‘smooth’, etc. I was basically obsessed with getting the cleanest, smoothest sound I could attain that had no flaws and that everyone could appreciate, and somewhere along the way, I became unhappy.

Singing (and playing music in general) became no fun. I started to lose interest in it, because it became yet another frustrating creative pursuit I wanted to master but just couldn’t. Then, a suggestion came to me from within: stop caring what it sounds like.

Just play the music, sing the songs, and enjoy yourself.

The best thing a musician can do is relax the mind, enjoy the music and cut loose. I could dance around like a fool while I sang. I could access that animal aspect of my consciousness that isn’t quite ‘enlightened’ but knows how to have a good time within healthy, balanced perimeters.

And, most importantly, I could stop trying so hard to be ‘good’.

No matter how hard we try, we’ll always fall short of some people’s expectations and surpass the expectations of others, so we don’t need to strive so hard to be good. I’m starting to think that the secret to life and anything creative we want to do is to diminish the ego’s influence and simply enjoy ourselves.

It might seem irresponsible, but in terms of our spirituality and our general enjoyment of life, I think it’s the most important and responsible thing we can do. We owe it to ourselves to have fun on this evolving planet, and we can’t have fun if we waste our time and energy worrying how we look, how we sound or how others perceive us.

Even if it makes me look ridiculous, I’m ready to have fun. With everything I do, I want to approach it from a place of heart-centeredness and let any mind-driven worries or concerns fall away. The world would be a much better place if everyone could do this, and spiritually minded people should be the first ones to embrace this kind of mindset.

Haven’t we heard from so many spiritual teachers – on earth and in the higher realms – that the secret to living life is to enjoy it? Haven’t we learned by now that love and upliftment are far more important than being ‘good’, being ‘right’ or being praised by others?

Every aspect of our consciousness is divine and holy, and this includes the animalistic part of us that wants to cut loose and have a good time. Without letting this aspect of our consciousness influence us to the extent that we descend into egoism, I think we should embrace it and its drive to have fun – even if it means society won’t accept us.

We aren’t here to please others, and even though I strive to help as many fellow seekers as I can, I’m not here to fit into a narrowly defined box that’d make me ‘good’ in the eyes of other seekers. I’m here to be me, and if this includes meditatively writing articles that violate certain grammar rules while adhering to others, I’ll just have to accept it.

My articles may not be featured in any prestigious journals or magazines, but I’ll know I had fun writing them. I’ll also know they helped a lot of other seekers (mainly because many of you have told me they help), and that’s what’s important to me.

After practicing something from an enthusiastic, heart-centered space for so long, we’ll naturally get better and better at it.

We don’t do ourselves or our creative pursuits a justice when we strive to sharpen or hone them to the point that they’re ‘good’, and instead, we can continue to faithfully practice them and enjoy ourselves along the way until they’re at a naturally purer or more honed level.

A lot of people who are famous for, say, playing music didn’t get where they are because they strived to be ‘good’. Most of them started playing and really enjoyed it, and regardless of any missing talent, they wholeheartedly pursued it – not necessarily because they wanted to be good at it, but because it uplifted them.

Whether or not we’ve honed any particular skill, nothing stops us from enjoying it. As long as we don’t try to act like we’ve mastered it, there’s no reason we can’t cut loose in the privacy of our own homes and enjoy it as if we had mastered it.

We can live like we’ve already attained what we seek, and we can pursue our creativity from the perspective of someone who’s already perfected it. We’ll never truly perfect our creativity or our growing spirituality since life’s a constant journey, and that alone should motivate us to enjoy ourselves instead of striving for perfection.

The articles you read from me may not be one hundred percent correct in terms of grammar, but I’ll write them anyway because I enjoy expressing myself. I enjoy expressing my thoughts and feelings, and I especially enjoy meditating while I write because of the good vibrations that permeate my consciousness throughout the entire session.

I highly recommend everyone start enjoying the creative routes they’ve chosen to embrace. If we don’t, we might make ourselves miserable as we endlessly strive to perfect them. Perfection isn’t our purpose for being on earth – our purpose is to express a higher consciousness by truly enjoying our existence.

When we realize this, we’ll liberate ourselves from the rigid expectations of the ego, which’ll always want to be ‘perfect’.

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  1. Good on you Wes. You could not have said what you wrote any better than what you did.I enjoy what you write very much,your spiritual view through meditation.I have been reading your channeling site for years now and i look forward to reading it every day. Being a fellow meditater, the writings from The Culture of Awareness certainly do uplift me and i feel very fortunate to have been led to your site.I am 59 years old and even though you are much younger than me i feel like you are my brother, because i relate in my heart pretty much everything you write about.
    Look forward to reading more of your wonderful work.

    Love is sent

    Russell Eyles.


      • Dear Wes,
        Creativity is our Best virtue….Maintenance and destruction of what is not needed….So as being a trinity Master to Create is our first duty….e are so called co creators with God, The Divine….
        Art & culture of any type we can help our society….and when we go deep within then it comes with a Divine touch….and that is more important !!
        Dr. Sohini Shukla.


  2. Good points, Wes! When it comes down to it, one person can’t possibly please everybody. There will always be something for someone else to criticize and, let’s face it, sometimes we’re our own worst critics! All we can do is do our best to convey what we feel is helpful and important…then let the chips fall where they may.

    I always try to remember that there’s a “Higher Plan” in place and trust that the right words will find the right people at just the right time. And if they don’t, that’s OK–since I figure I’ve done the best I can. Who can ask for more than that?

    I say just create what you feel driven to–and enjoy every minute of it! And if you’re truly enjoying it an appreciating the process, then you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to! 🙂



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