Wisdom With Wes: Spiritual Authority Figures

Snapshot_20140731_2I don’t know about anyone else who contributes to the ascension movement, but personally, I have no desire to be seen as an exalted spiritual figure, a master or a perfect spiritual being who’s flaws are all resolved.

I don’t want to be seen as a teacher – simply a contributor.

If you look up to anyone in such a way, you might be disappointed when you learn that they, like everyone else, have come to this world with a lot of flaws to work on and a lot of things that clearly display that they aren’t incarnate masters or spiritual authority figures.

I’m riddled with sexual and emotional issues/vasanas that I try my best not to let negatively influence me every day, which I sometimes fail at. I’ve done things that aren’t considered ‘enlightened’ by any means, and like anyone else, I’m prone to getting angry or descending into egoism if things don’t go the way I intend.

If you look up to me – or anyone else – as an exalted, spiritual authority, prepare for some disappointment.

Even though we’re learning to become spiritual masters, we’re still prone to making mistakes along the ascension path – mistakes that could easily discredit someone who wants to appear as a master or authority figure.

I seek only to be myself, with all of my flaws and setbacks, and you’re welcomed not to read my material if you expect me to set a perfect example while I’m still growing, learning and making plenty of mistakes.

I’m happy to set an example when I can, and I’ll continue to encourage all of us to be examples of divinely inspired change because we can’t change this world if we don’t change ourselves, but we’re all growing and learning and we can’t expect to perfect the ascension path or the examples we intend to set overnight.

How do you intend to see your fellow ascension contributors today?

Stay aware!

Wes Annac ❤

2014, http://cultureofawareness.com



  1. Wes,

    I have no idea what brought this out, criticism or a simple timely urge…but, DON’T UNDERESTIMATE YOUR SELF.

    What makes you think that incarnate masters are not flawed, still human in the conventional sense? at this point in time, at least. Maybe always. I can’t explain this, so I’ll say something that sounds contradictory, but which I think holds the truth: maybe the flaws are part of the perfection, all necessary in the overall picture.

    I’m not meaning we should go full tilt boogie into consciously indulging our own tendencies toward what we perceive as un-evolved behavior. I am saying we should not be thrown into dismay when such tendencies come to the fore, seeming out of control, surprising us…there is a reason. Our fundamental intent IS: good for all and truth. We need to have faith in that.

    Nowhere have I, to date, found a more open and honest writer than yourself.

    With satisfaction, I note that you are too pristine to have apologized for being yourself… but since you are never going to break your own arm patting yourself on the back, I feel that at least one of us should pat you on the back…. for endeavors beyond the courage of most incarnates of any type, galactic, celestial with memories intact, those who perceive themselves as indigenous to earth. (I think we are all, all of these, another seeming contradiction.)

    As to “masters” who have never experienced Earth life…I don’t think they exist. I think it is necessary to pass through this, or be missing some important components of life and understanding. It’s just an opinion.

    Please keep doing as you do. If you occasionally have a snit or experience real deep confusion now and then, enjoy it as best you can when you can take a breath and weigh it…no doubt, good will come of it.


    • Thanks so much for this comment, Ivone. I agree wholeheartedly that true mastery entails having flaws and experiencing dips in our consciousness. Everything about this lower-dimensional reality is necessary for our growth and advancement, and we should perhaps embrace those aspects of ourselves we’d be more comfortable hiding away.

      Thanks again!

      Much love 🙂


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