Steve Beckow: Sharing is the Social Expression of Loving

Cannon Beach 10
Steve, Josie, Sandy, and Michele, at Cannon Beach

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, October 26, 2014 –

One of the themes that Kathleen in particular has been developing as we move around the country down here (we’re in Cannon Beach today) is the importance right now of sharing. Sharing, sharing, sharing.

We watched the homeless in Portland. Kathleen became so sad at the situation that she remained depressed for about as long as an angel can remain depressed.

We spent a goodly portion of our walk through the streets simply observing homelessness. That’s been a large part of Kathleen’s ongoing financial work: planning how to relieve homelessness.

We’ve looked at buildings made out of railway container cars. We’ve heard of Ikea pods for the homeless, portable shelters, and so on.

Everywhere we looked in Portland, someone was sleeping in a doorway, walking the streets with a blanket over themselves, and so on.

It isn’t a comment on Portland. The situation exists in all major cities. It’s a comment on where all of us are at right now. 

We’re all of us not sharing as much as we might. Yes, there are individuals who are so please don’t flood me with emails. There are a great number of very generous individuals. But as a society we’re not.

And, yes, it reflects the many decades that we’ve been beaten down by the elite, the 1%. But whatever the cause, we as a society are left to deal with the result.

Sharing is to a society what loving is to an individual. Sharing is the expression of loving.  Our loving hasn’t yet reached the stage where we’re sharing adequately as a society. We’re not there yet, as witness on any downtown city street of a major city.

I’m going to get in a moment to our needs for your sharing with us. But before I do I’d like to spend a minute more, with your kind permission, on the general area, of which our request is an element.

We spent two hours speaking to Matthew Ward through Suzy Ward and we’ll be referring to that as the days and weeks go on – as appropriate. Never mind the fact that we spent two wonderful days with Suzy. Discussing matters with Matthew was an honor. He’s so grounded, balanced and wise.

Kathleen and Steve 33
Kathleen and Steve

But Matthew reinforced the need for us all to be sharing. I reminded myself that he wrote many years ago on this period and how it might be necessary to share, to barter, to find all kinds of new arrangements if we wanted to leverage our ability to serve the grand plan for Ascension that the highest universal council formulated – to state the matter in the way Matthew puts it.

That time of sharing is upon us. Until the money flows, it really is up to us to do the building we want to do, leveraging our own resources and bending our own energies to it.

Now to come to us personally. By “us” I mean the Nova Earth team, which includes this blog, the Hope Chest, InLight Radio and other groups that will take up their mission when the money flows. We are one team serving the Mother’s Plan of building Nova Earth. John McHaffie’s Operation Compassion is as well. Zap’s Team. There are others who are also serving it.

All of us need donations if we’re to carry on our work. And that’s only one aspect of sharing, by the way.

The way in which we’ve sought donations from you is twofold. On the one hand we’ve asked all readers who are willing to go to the Hope Chest voluntarily and make at least a $1.11 monthly donation to the Hope Chest, using the “site/team” option. If all readers did that, we’d have enough in donations to see to the needs of those team members who do not work (for instance, I do not work; I do this. Without your donations, I would need to go to work).

But seeing every reader go to the Hope Chest and make such an ongoing donation may not happen for a while, and so we still need the once-only donations of a more substantial nature until the other kicks in. So we’re making a kind of mixed appeal, again at the time of month when rents are due.

We are a donations-driven organization. I would not have chosen it but the Company of Heaven wants it. They want us to be appealing each month because it gets us talking about the more general subject of sharing and begins lightworkers along the road to mutuality and community.The-Hope-Chest-3<img class=”alignleft” src=”” alt=”” width=”74″ height=”21″ />

But I hear the guests arriving upstairs. We’re in Cannon Beach and we’re about to address a women’s group. There are two types of organizations we’re speaking to….. But that’s a future share.

In the meantime, please go to the Hope Chest “donation” page, if you would, and take out a $1.11 a month donation. If you haven’t the resources, not to worry. It’s us who should be helping you. And if you have more, well, that would get us through yet another month until we arrive at an ongoing arrangement that works.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Feb. 14, 2010

For “Site and Team Donations,” click on the “Donate” button above left or head to the Hope Chest logo in the right-hand margin of the site. Be sure to make monthly donations to the “Make Monthly Donation” area. Unless you intend to make a one-time donation, which is fine,

For “General Donations” to the Hope Chest for lightworkers, click on the “Donate” button above left or head to the Hope Chest logo in the right-hand margin of the site. Either area here is fine.


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