Karen Dover: Moving Into Full Fluidity

Written by Karen Dover, Truth Codes, October 3, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/m7dtw5e

As many of you may have heard me talk about on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show this week the layers of frequency that no longer serve are coming up for full release at a human conscious waking mind level. This will see the full release of ALL that has held the human race in chains at a cellular frequency level.

As I have talked about often these teachings/frequencies sit at an unconscious level within your human vehicle, it has until this moment been therefore challenging to find these frequencies, a bit like seeing something out of the corner of your eye, as you turn round to look it disappears.

The situations that you find yourself within at a human conscious waking mind level at this time are seeking to highlight these hidden teachings/frequencies.  

Some of you may be faced with situations that are at a logical level completely insane, trying to “reason” with SELF may further tie you in knots as those around you may still be running said frequencies and cannot accept what you are trying to release.  This is part of the holding pattern that has seen the entire human race kept within a frequency bandwidth that no longer exists anywhere except at a cellular level within said human race.

Logic has NO place in the transition into the New Earth frequency realities, it works against you and will try to confuse you to the point of querying your sanity, this it the holding pen that was created FOR the human race.

The “self policing” that is done by those around you would have at one time been enough for you to abandon who YOU ARE in TRUTH and revert to the constraints presented to you, this would have seen you contract your energy signature in order to “fit in” and be “accepted”.  This is no longer an option at a human conscious waking mind level, simply put it means that once you have opened your eyes and seen the magick tricks you can no longer ignore them.

It is simply not possible to just close your eyes and go back to sleep once more. Many of you may feel that this is precisely what you would wish to do but can find no way to “back track”. This is deliberate, remember your life experience is by DESIGN, it was DESIGNED by you at SOURCE in order to find your way HOME in TRUTH.

This “HOME in TRUTH” is not a country, a world or a planet or even a universe it is SOURCE and this is your point of ORIGIN OF CREATION. You were created from SOURCE, from this ALL else flows. Many of you will have heard me on the radio programme explain why the SOUL is a construct, a very clever construct but a construct nonetheless. Many of you may now be questioning the SOUL and finding there is little if any information that does anything other than support the construct.

This is to be seen in context, you incarnated INTO A CONSTRUCT therefore all information that is presented to you BY SAID CONSTRUCT will seek at all times to confirm it to you.  This is why you need to reach out and connect with SOURCE as SOURCE is found OUT WITH the construct into which you have incarnated.

Simply put it is akin to living in a house, a house you were born into and were taught is the only house that exists.  Kept within this house (in this example) you will not seek to find anything outside of this construct, indeed you will be taught that to leave the construct will see the end of you and you may believe this until you question it.

The questioning part comes from the heart space as this is the only part of you that is connected to SOURCE.  It is the first organ that grows when you are created into a human form and was the first part of you that was taught to close down in order to protect the CONSTRUCT from being other than you have been taught that it is.

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

TRUTH JUST IS, many people ask me about TRUTH and why something can be one thing for someone and something else for another. TRUTH itself JUST IS, the human perception of what it is CAN and DOES change as you align with SOURCE, as the layers of distortion are stripped away all that remains IS TRUTH.

At this time you may be holding on to a teaching believing the teaching when it seeks to teach that without it you will cease to exist. YOU ARE NOT your job, your role, your age, your gender or your ethnic origin, YOU ARE YOU in TRUTH,  in order to find and align with YOU then you must allow the release of ALL at this time. ALL that IS TRUTH will remain, ALL that is not will dissolve.

Do not assume that anything is as its presented to you, always FEEL for TRUTH no matter what you are presented with, the energy signature of an energy cannot be changed, it JUST IS, it is this that gives it away. This is why again the heart space was closed down, your human eyes can and will lie to you, you only have to look at what is termed optical illusions to see how the human eyes can be fooled.

TRUTH is found only within the heart space. Always follow your heart for it will show you the way to SOURCE and HOME in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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