Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: Live God’s Dreams for You

Heavenletters: Live God’s Dreams for You, Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, October 7, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/l89aovj

God said:

Like breathing, life inhales and exhales. Whatever you are involved in, you are involved in life. If you are in a cave, you are involved in life. If you are in a crowded restaurant on top of the Empire State Building, you are involved in life. Wherever you are, whoever you may think you are, you are involved in life.

Life is the chair you sit on. It is the road you walk on. Life is the sky you look up at. You are not only the Light of the World, you are also the Life of the World.

We can say that you are a petal of each flower. Rose or dandelion, it doesn’t matter.

If We say that life is a bicycle, you pedal it. If life is a car, you drive it. If life is an airplane, you fly it. You are the sun in the morning, and the moon at night. You are the stars when seen or unseen. You are the Universe in all its glory.

You are Everything to Me. You are My reason for Creation. You and Creation go together. You are no more separated from Life than you and I are separated. Oneness is. There is richer meaning to Oneness than you may have considered. Oneness is far more than a cozy expression. It is the Ultimate Expression.

Life is Infinite while the world is temporary. Or is the world temporary? Many layers of life go on all at once. You can be two places at one time. Although there is no time really, and no place really, you can be ten places at one time, something like the way notes combine in music. All is Infinite. There are no endings and, therefore, no conclusions. Oneness is simple, yet it is multi-dimensioned. Oneness does not mean only one striation.

Infinite are colors, and Infinite are you. You are Infinity stirring life on Earth.

Now We come to the thought that Infinity, Eternity, life on Earth, are kind of like a divine stew, a slumgullion stew made of All That Is. Life may look to you like a stew made from leftovers, yet it is a divine stew just the same. Common and divine. Ordinary yet remarkable. A new stew every moment.

How happy you would be if you could embrace all that comes before you. There are many delicious flavors. Enjoy them. You don’t want to be too picky. Be inclusive, not exclusive, for exclusive is restrictive.

My children are more than three musketeers. You are more like three skillion musketeers, infinite musketeers, all for one and one for all. This is life whether you want it to be this way or you don’t.

You are here on Earth for expansion. Even a dot on the horizon is an opportunity for expansion. Life in the world has to be bigger than you have thought. You may work at home in a small space, yet, nevertheless, you are not isolated. You march in the Parade of Life. Within all the dimensions, you are also dimensionless.

You are in the process of finding out. You are here on Earth to explore. So explore. Unbind yourself. Even if you are confined to bed, you can unbind yourself. You are far more than your body. You are far more than your present body. You can go anywhere. You can see anywhere. You are a seer.

My dreams are not idle dreams, and I dreamed of you. I combined elements. I tossed you on the potter’s wheel, and I knew what I was doing. You are not an accident. You are not a mistake. You are not to contract yourself. You are to expand your horizons.

You are coming to love. This is what all of life is for. Expansion of love and light and life.

Celebrate life. Dream your dreams. Live your dreams. Live My dreams for you.


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