The 13 Blessings and Virtues from ‘The Great Awakening’ by Linda Dillon

Great AwakeningWritten by Kathleen W. The Golden Age of Gaia, September 11, 2014 –

In Linda Dillon’s book , The Great Awakening: A Spiritual Primer (1), the Council of Love very simply explains the 13 Blessings and Virtues as an inherent part of our ascension process and one of the foundations upon which Nova Earth is built.

Archangel Gabrielle puts it this way: ”Child you are seeing the illusion of the old paradigms of Earth — the elimination of lack, limitation, control, greed, death, destruction, disease – but what would you have replace this? What is the new foundation upon which Nova Earth is built? It is the 13 Blessings and Virtues.

“This is the core of everything you will value and bring forth in the new reality. This is the foundation of what you create and co-create with us. If the virtues are not an inherent part of your being, how do you then translate it into form as you build the new institutions, systems, communities, and cultures of Nova Earth?” (1a)

October 3-5, Linda Dillon and the Mother extend an invitation to all to the Annual Council of Love Event, which for the first time ever is being put forth as a Livestream (2), expounding on the teachings of the Council of Love. Immediately below is the Council’s explanation of the Blessings and Virtues helping to equip us with qualities to complete our mission of service to others.

1. Prudence

Twin of temperance. The ability to know in all situations when to proceed and when to retreat; when to take action and when to be still; when to offer help and when to keep silent; to know in exact measure what is required whether it is in baking a cake or healing a psychic injury. All things in correct measure. Prudence encompasses the quality of moderation, the genuine knowing and practice of everything in balance. No one person can live in only one area of their being, their life, and truly be representative of the whole. Prudence allows for the complete and total release of addictions. An unusual trait on Earth. The colors are halion and siroun, which are rays of the higher dimensions and explained below (3).

2. Fortitude

Courage in all forms, endurance, the ability to keep going forward when others cease and give up. The virtue of pathfinders. Strength of purpose. Stamina in all senses. Know that patience is a part of fortitude. Fortitude is the encompassing of forbearance, and forbearance is indeed a quality that requires patience, going forward with stamina. The vibration is orange.

3. Hope

The gift of heart-knowing of the presence of God. The ability to understand that very often things on Earth are not as they appear. An ability to pierce the illusion of the veil. The only reason for change. Hope encompasses serenity; total and perfect calm. To be in the world but not of it, to be able to remain centered and still, one with who you are regardless of externals. Hope is the color of deep twilight blue, almost navy. It is the deepest color of blue, the color of our beloved Divine Mother Mary.

4. Purity

Twin of clarity; sister of chastity, not in the sexual sense but in the sense of the ability to remain pure in all aspects of self. To remain centered when there is chaos, temptation or a lack of harmony around you. To see, feel and know clearly what exists, what is illusion and what is necessary for survival in all senses of the word. It is the color of pearlescent white, the color of infants before they ground in their body. It is what all should strive for. It is what you all miss.

5. Beauty

Inner and outer. To be in a state of beauty with all that is, in all realms, physical, emotional and spiritual. The ability to create and maintain beauty. To be in a state of beauty is to be in harmony with all. To become a perfect mirror for all of God’s creations. It is two separate colors, silver and magenta.

6. Joy

To be fully thankful, grateful and one with the gift of life purpose and spirit. To be a reflection of the perfection of the creation of self and all. To live in and remain with the heart for all time. Joy is the color of gold.

7. Compassion

The ability to Love and serve without judgment. To be able to fully understand and heart feel another’s situation without entering or assuming that cloak. The understanding that another has a chosen path and that we can only offer assistance and Love. We cannot complete another’s journey for them for that would be theft. Tenderness. Its colors are green and red.

8. Truth

Truth is clarity. Truth simply is light and Love. It is the wholeness of knowing. It is factual information that can stand and does stand alone, whether people know it or not, truth is. For example, the Divine is a supreme knowing. Whether anyone in this room or on this planet knows this matters not. That truth cannot be altered. Wisdom is the virtue of having the good sense to know and understand that truth. Truth is the color of silver, with tinges of pink and lilac.

9. Wisdom

Brother of Truth. Understanding the Divine plan, the unfoldment and each thing/being’s place within that plan. Ultimate respect for all because all is a reflection of the One, and we are One. The ability to comprehend the difference between believing, thinking and knowing. Knowing comes from the deepest core of your being, it is that part of you intimately connected with your higher self, your guides and God. It is the beauty of the elders, of those who have gone through the planes of twelve existences, those who have arrived at the end of the path and are ready for a new time. Wisdom is the dark color of claret.

10. Awe

Ability to feel and experience always and fully the wonders of creation, the Divine. The knowing that there is always more, more to learn, to experience, and to understand. To know that our understanding and experience of God is limited but the promise of further growth holds true. It is the innocence of the small child within, the sense of awe, the sense of wonder. It is the sense of understanding the magnificence of the universal plan, the unfoldment. It is the thrill, the expectation and joy at being, simply being, and enjoying the new miracles that unfold, always waiting for the next one. It is the relation of purity. It is the color of golden saffron.

11. Charity

The genuine ability to share all things, material, spiritual and emotional. Based in the true understanding that there is always enough for all to thrive and we are all richer in the joint expression of sharing. A heart-felt need to be generous. Knowing knowledge and gifts are never intended solely for one person. The vibration is green.

12. Humility

Twin of piety. Ability to be truly grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon each and all. Knowledge that alone we are rather incompetent but united with One we are All. Necessary for all works and sharing of service. Its color is red.

13. Grace

Your final virtue and blessing, grace is the quality of being a true and exact expression of Divine spirit and will. This is a state of beauty, of wholeness, of oneness. It is the final blessing and virtue, encompassing service and action. It is the color of pink.

Linda explains a little more:

“The thirteen Blessings and Virtues are not simply “feel good” gifts, something to make us feel whole and pure, although they certainly accomplish that as well. They are the foundation upon which we build and conduct our daily lives.

“Years ago I had a student, Will, whom I only saw every year and then sporadically. He was deeply committed to his spiritual path and much to my delight every time I saw him his light shone brighter and brighter. Then I didn’t see him for a long time which was good news because he no longer needed me to be the go-between for guidance. But as luck would have it, one day we had a chance to connect on the phone.

“In discussing his journey and how things were going he shared with me that his practice had been to take one blessing and virtue per month and to really consciously work with it, day in and day out. He’d been doing it for years – and it had worked miracles for him. It had enriched his marriage, deepened his compassion for himself and others, and generally brightened up and expanded his world.”

Linda says, ”There are periods when I completely blank on the Blessings and Virtues, and then something happens to bring them front and centre again, reminding me of the profound nature of this gift.

“If you establish a pattern where you take one of the blessings for a day, a week or a month and truly incorporate your behaviour and actions accordingly you will be amazed at the shift.”

In closing, Linda, the Mother and the Council welcome us to participate in this year’s COL Annual Gathering held at Lake Tahoe by signing up for the Livestream (2) of this incredible 3-day event.


(1) The Great Awakening: A Spiritual Primer, by Linda Dillon 2012 available here

(1a) page 87, The Great Awakening: A Spiritual Primer, Linda Dillon 2012

(2) Information regarding the Annual COL Gathering, held this year in Lake Tahoe, and now available as a Livestream here

(3) Halion is one of the thirteen rays. It is one of the new rainbow rays and is a combination of blue, pink, mauve, some turquoise and violet shot through with mint green. As a chakra it sits at the base of your rib cage and is used as a portal to connect with your star brothers and sisters, as well as to come to know your own star self.

Halion was also a planet millions of years ago which evolved to sheer energy. Form was released and the energies of the planet and the collective assumed a new or expanded soul purpose. This energy is known as the halion engineers, constructers – architects – builders of new pure realities be it a building, society or institution. The Council tells us that many of the halion engineers will be assisting us with the building of Nova Earth.

Siroun is the colour and ray of peach – soft oranges, pinks, gold; the skin of a peach and the color of a magnificent sunset. As a chakra the siroun sits at the high heart or thymus and is the center for peace, harmony and gentle Love.


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