Steve Beckow: Eradicating Gender Prejudices – Part 2/5

Bias 2Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, September 11, 2014 –

(Continued from Part 1.)

The guides continued with their advice on how to heal an apparent split I have in the area of gender relations.

“We would specifically and as clearly as we may, advise that there be an honest look taken at why there is a difference in the value, quality, and meaning of relations for Steve in terms of gender.

“We’re not suggesting that the polarity inherent in male-female interaction doesn’t hold some specialized and highly important differences. They do and this is an important feature of life in this realm.

“Instead, we speak of the higher road of mission, and how there are some limitations put in here coming from deeply unconscious places. This is so on a collective level as well, and has been spoken quite clearly about by the Company of Heaven.”

They then asked me to take an inventory of my beliefs.

“The question we would ask Steve is how is this limiting his work going forward? How is this limiting those who are in relation to him, both male and female? Only he will know the details of this, and only when he takes a look and takes inventory of what frames his beliefs and forms the foundation of his past, current and future relations with people of all gender formats.

“There is more here, but this is enough at this time. …

“Steve is welcome to return later for another conversation. We love him and attend him in the same fashion we attend you [i.e., Andrea], with utter devotion and great appreciation.”

Well, you can imagine how non-plussed I was. Readings are not usually as challenging as this and I found myself wanting to have some of the statements explained in more depth. And so I asked Andrea if I could submit some supplementary questions and she agreed.

We’ll look at the answers to those in the next part of this remarkable reading.

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