Karen Dover: God Message – September 9, 2014

Karen Dover

God message for 9th Sept. 2014, Channeled through Karen Dover, September 9, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/muhd95a

Beloved ones I am the energies that are referenced to you as GOD and I am here with you as you now move and shift into full fluidity. For many of you this may seem like chaos has unleashed itself in your life experience and yet this is but a smokescreen, in order to move into full fluidity it is necessary to unfreeze that which has been “frozen”,  

The human race within the old 3D earth created construct was taught to FREEZE the emotions of Grief, Abandonment and Betrayal and it is these emotions and concepts that now come up for complete release within, around and through your human vehicle.

As water flows so must the emotions that you are here to experience in this your human form and the fluidity will begin to emerge from within the heart space in TRUTH. For many of you this may seem like an ocean is before you and you may believe that in order to cross the ocean you must navigate deep water and possibly drown in the process but this is not TRUTH and your SOUL is now showing you TRUTH in relation to this process.

To understand the process you must ALLOW the process to unfold around you, through you and within you, to allow SELF to release the tears and to understand that the release is MULTI and INTER dimensional in nature for you have lived lifetime upon lifetime upon the frozen wasteland of these emotions.

Now the SUN comes to release the pressure, to turn the ice to water and allow the flow of ALL, through, around and within you.  At this time I send the following coding:

111 222 333


I place the GOLD ANKH of life within the SOLAR PLEXUS and I place the SEAL of SOLOMON within the HEART space. BREATHE and BE for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

All is not as it appears to your naked human eyes, the tears will give way to the sunshine which is the very essence of your BEing in TRUTH.  ALL stand in celebration of the human race as they now lift their eyes to heaven and understand that ALL JUST IS in TRUTH.  Miracles unfold at the pace set by your SOUL at this time, understand that ALL ARE ONE and ALL support ALL at this time and beyond.

(c) Karen Dover, all rights reserved


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