Heavenletters via Gloria Wendroff: The Art of Worry

Heavenletters: The Art of Worry, Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, September 10, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/k592njs

God said:

Listen to Me. There is nothing to worry about. You can stop worrying right now. Half the time, you don’t even know what you are worrying about. You feel something unidentifiable hanging over you, and you worry about a vagueness. Worry assails you. And if you did not worry, you might worry about not worrying. What is worry all about anyway?
Worry has been such a hanger-on with you. You don’t know how to deal with its consultations and the anxiety it stirs within you. Be done with anxiety. What would you have to worry about then?
Worry with a focus also preoccupies you, as though worry is a safety measure that will offer you dispensation from cause for worry, and so you worry without cause. You can always scrimmage around for a worry.
Let’s face it. You have become expert at worry. You have become a professional worrier. Be less practiced in the art of worry. Be a novice. Better yet, don’t worry at all.
Worry holds you back. You teeter and totter with worry. You abuse yourself with worry. Worry brings you more and more and better worries. I ask you to desist from worry. You don’t need worry to pass the time. Get out of the worry mode.
If cause for worry befalls, it befalls. You don’t have to nourish it along. You are not here on Earth for the sake of worrying. Rather, you are here for a purpose that goes far beyond the reach of worry.
You have some settling down to do. Learn the art of being worry-free. Worry is a diversion. Worry takes you away from living. It keeps you on the verge of danger. Worry itself is a dangerous hobby. Worry is up to no good. It doesn’t let you sleep at night. Worry squeezes you tight. Be done with worry. No longer be seduced into it. It takes no skill, unless you consider being captive to worry a skill. Worry gnaws at you the way a mouse might gnaw at a string.
Oh, now, are you going to worry about mice in your house? What is there that you cannot worry about? Endless are your worries with new ones cropping up. Let there be an end to worrying. Be done with it.

Abscond from your attachment to worry. Abscond from worry, and live life on another plane of existence. It is time now to desist from worry. Unprong worry from you as you would fingers that grab you. Worries are not real things. Worrying is counter-productive. Worries do not help you at all. Worries crowd you. They jostle you.
The only thing good about worry is when you recognize that they are needless. Then you are relieved. The absence of worry is comforting. Get rid of worry ahead of time. There is no advantage to worry. It is no help to you. Worry aggrandizes itself. Just as you take your boots off before you walk into your house, leave those pesky worries at the door as well. Keep them out. Don’t let them into the living-room of your mind. Why would you?
Worries are barbarians. They are scoundrels. They steal peace of mind from you. They stir up trouble. You have been so afraid of worry that you have let worries barge into your peace and quiet. There is no reason for you to be hospitable to them. Worries are intruders. They crash into your life. You do not have to let them in. Do not throw parties for them. Worries are thieves in the night. Put out a No Entry sign. Get out from under the weight of worries. Be free from them.

Honor yourself and your life, and honor Me. Let Me in. Off with worries, in with God. Substitute Me for worries, and watch your life soar. We will go far together, and We will stay close together. Worries are a trifling thing. No longer be swayed by them. Welcome Me into your mind instead.

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