‘Not Just a Blonde’: A Sin For Me Is Not (Necessarily) A Sin For You

Written by Ann, Not Just a Blonde, July 2, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

When I was a teen I was not sure I was willing to give my life to God because of all I feared God would ask me to give up! The sins listed in the Bible (particularly in Leviticus, and in the New Testament by Paul) seemed impossible to avoid… and sometimes the “sins” as interpreted by those in the church seemed too much to even consider giving up!

No dancing? What?!
No “secular” music? Boring!
No Rated-R movies? Whatever!

The church I attended at the time transformed the Bible into an impossible rule book of do’s and don’ts! Depending in what you DID you were either IN or OUT. Saved or Backsliding. Good or Bad. Right or Wrong.

Seriously, a sin was a sin was a sin… and a sin for one was a sin for ALL.

I felt constantly felt guilty and anxious, worrying about what “sin” I might commit on any given day! I even stopped wearing mini-skirts, lest I tempt boy into lusting me. It didn’t matter that it was the late 1980′s and high-waisted above the knee minis were the rage. If I wore one… BAM! Sinner.

I have since that time woken up! Sin has now taken it’s rightful place in my walk of Faith. No longer do I believe sin can be categorized, contained or defined. Our actions are secondary to our beliefs and our focus on God.

When we align ourselves with God and are faithful to His voice we will automatically step away from sin. With each action, each thought and each moment it is best not to ask : How am I to try and stop sinning? But instead: How am I to best start following my God, loving my neighbor, and forgiving my enemies?

I have come to realize avoiding certain behaviors isn’t about following religious rules but is about being true to myself and what brings me closer to God.

My list of temptations and sins will likely be much different than yours! What I struggle with may not lead you into temptation… yet it may be all wrong for me! Yet, what is wrong for me may indeed be just fine for you! What you do or don’t do and what you consider a sin or not is totally between you and the Big Guy.

Judge not people! Seriously. Just because you cannot have a beer or two with dinner without overindulging doesn’t mean they can’t. If someone is behaving in a way that doesn’t hurt them or another and they are siblings in Christ… let it go!

The behaviors of unbelievers should be even less of our concern… especially if nobody is being hurt. Unbelievers aren’t inspired nor saved through condemnation… but through compassion and through love!

Seriously, why do we Christians think we have the right to judge and dictate how everyone lives their lives? God has got them ALL in His hands and doesn’t need our help convicting others in the error of their ways!

Yet, sin is real and is often a problem we need to face! And face it we must, but after we realize what sin IS and what it is NOT.

First off, sin is any behavior, thought or belief that separates us from God and from the life He has called us to live. He has planted in each of us the seed of our souls greatest potential! When we choose anything other than His perfect plan we are sinning. Sin is individual and personal… just like our relationship with God.

Instead of worrying about sin and fretting over what we should or shouldn’t do we need to focus on God and on our relationship with Him and the people in our lives. Let’s stop worrying if what we are doing is wrong according to others and start listening to God as He speaks to our heart.

Yes, the Bible offers us insights into how we can connect with God and live the life we are destined to live. Many “sins” of Biblical times no longer complicate our spiritual walk like it may have back then. We have new stumbling blocks of sin in these modern times however that we struggle with… distraction with technology, materialism, greed, pornography, exploitation of children, and gluttony, just to name a few!

God wants what is best for us! He encourages each of us to let go of those things.. those “sins” that are keeling us away from Him and our best life. He wants us to live a life in peace and filled with love!

By placing our eyes on God and intentionally walking on the path He has laid out for us we will draw closer to Him and the sins that we struggle with will fade away. Letting go of our sins and seeking God isn’t about giving something up… it is about gaining a life more wonderful than we could ever dream!

❤️Ann ‘Not Just A Blonde’




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