Heavenletters: Blessed Are You

Channeled through Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org, July 2, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

God said:

Unto yourself, you are born as your own child. You are raising yourself, beloved. It is you who educates you. It is you who shows you the way to go. Who is responsible for you? You are.

You may consider that you were born in a wilderness, in a wilderness perhaps where the people you lived with did not speak your language, perhaps didn’t seem to try to hear what you were trying to say and were, perhaps, unable to understand you or even consider that you were a person entitled to be understood.

All along you have been trying to be your own counsel. Yes, of course, your success is dependent upon you. There are no rag-tail ends to pin anything on. It is you who issue forth from yourself and your life that seems to turn on a dime. It is you who decides to turn left or to turn left. Right now, it is your turn. You precede yourself. No one else precedes you in your life. You are your own discovery, and it is you who takes your own first steps. It is you who goes around in circles. Going around in circles isn’t all bad, for, in this way, you may discover the Land of the Free.

Each country is a symbol of a quality, just as you, in your individuality are a symbol of yourself. You, the physical body, can only be a symbol of what you imagine yourself to be and may seem  like. The Truth is that you live on Holy Ground. It can only be this. What could I have created except Holy Ground?

Ultimately, each one of My children is the Holy Light that I am. In Truth, you are holy. Holy, holy, art thou who sings My song no matter how well he sings or how well he does not. The Truth is that you accompany yourself regardless of wherever road We turn down.

Somehow everyone finds himself taking the right turn, stumbling on the right turn as if by magic even as he does not yet know where it is. You are walking on and rising to your true heights no matter how humbled you may be.

The same sky shines upon all. And on every day, a holy child is born. On one of those days, the holy child born was you. Somehow the meaning of your birth was kept a secret. Most of all, it was a secret kept from you. But not forever, for now you are awaking to the fact, the established fact, that you are a Holy Child, and you are a Holy Child of Mine. You are the One I have been waiting for. And, yes, of course, you are reborn. You are reborn every day.

Beloveds, it is incumbent upon you to note yourself and welcome yourself. A child was born, and, and on this date, the child born to Creation is you. Created by My thought, created by My heart, you have rung the bells on Earth. I hear them. Now hear Me.

You are far more than a recollection of Mine. You are certainly not a reconstruction. You are a blessing to this Earth. I blessed the Earth with you. I invited you here for love. I set love before you, and love stayed, no matter how trammeled the love may have seemed. You are the renewer of love, the refresher of it, the reviver of it, the institutor of it, the one who serves love up to the Universe, for you are the DNA carrier of love who brings love out like stars at night and sun by day. Of course, I am speaking of you, My Blessed One.


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