‘Not Just a Blonde’: How Often Are You in the Presence of Love?

Written by Ann, Not Just a Blonde.

How often are you truly present with another? Eyes locked, listening, focusing on the words said without consideration of what you want to say in response?

How often do you sit attentively with another? How often do you gaze upon another’s visage, studying their features and facial expressions? How often do you choose to be silent and without words being said take note of another’s posturing and body laguage?

How often are you… present… here, now? How often do you ignore all distractions or create an atmosphere of intimacy? How often do you focus on another living breathing human being when it is convenient for them, even if not for you?

This type of active attention is a loving meditation.

This is the practice of love.

This is the action of love.

This is where love is found, and where God smiles at Her Creation.

This is when God is with you.

God is this Love.

❤️Ann ‘Not Just A Blonde’



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