Heavenletters: Dancing to the Music You Hear

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.

God said:

When all is said and done, it all comes down to you and, of course, down to you and Me. All that you fight outside yourself is a ramification of you. There is something within you that roils you. The itch you scratch is always yours.

How are you? How are you? This is the question you are dealing with. There is no they, beloveds. Whatever gets in your way, it is something within you that gets in your way.

If you are looking for a certain house on Main Street, and someone gives you incorrect directions, it is nevertheless you who looks for the house. It is you who gets lost, or it is you who finds the house.

No matter whose party you go to, it is your party. It is your good time or not. The party can be thrown for you, everything well-prepared for you and the other guests invited, and, yet, the party is up to you.

Whatever music is played, you are the one who dances to it.

This makes life a beautiful opportunity for you, for the life you live is the life you see through your own eyes.

You go to the movies. It may be that your friend loves the movie and you don’t. You see the movie you see. Your friend sees the movie he sees. The movie is a movie.

No one says you have to like the movie. No one says you are at fault not to like the movie, for you can see only as you see.

Your life is a movie. You may despair. Someone else may admire your good fortune. Everyone sees as he sees.

You are responsible for how you live your life and what you make of it.

You may not choose the wood you are sawing, yet you are the one sawing it. What you make of the wood you saw is what you make of it.

Whatever song you sing is the song you are singing. You probably didn’t compose it, yet you are singing it. It is your song as you sing it.

If you are playing poker, it is your hand that you play.

If you play baseball, you come up at bat.

Every artist has a vision, and it is his vision. Everyone has his or her own version of vision.

Everyone who sees beauty, it is his own beauty he sees. And where does that leave you? Right where you are. See differently, and you are somewhere else.

You speak of challenges. It seems that there are those who have more challenges than another. Yet no one knows for a fact what goes on in the heart of another, or where another’s heart is, and what his life is like.

There are those of My children who make the most of everything, and there are those of My children who perhaps wail.

What is your life like? It is up to you. You are going to bake a cake. Here are the ingredients. You are the one who mixes the ingredients, and it is you who puts the cake in the oven, and it is you who takes it out. By chance or by design, this is the cake you bake.

This is your life. Sometimes you want everything to be your choice, and, yet, you may decry your choice when it turns out to be not of your liking. However, life is of your making. Your life is yours. It may rain and snow. There may be tumultuous storms. The storms may or may not be out of your hands. Nevertheless, you are the one who deals with the storms and any obstacles or presentations on your path.

Although you may not have the total say of a situation that befalls, you have the say of how you perceive the situation and how you move in it. Regardless of the situation, what do you make of it, beloveds? What do you do with it? Where do you take yourself? How do you move? This way or that?

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