Knowing Whispers: Judgment

Thanks to The Galactic Free Press.


Judgments of the ego are what perpetuate the pain in our lives.


The mind declares what is right or wrong, according to society, but the truth is hidden within the soul of existence.


How can the mind and ego judge what is right or wrong when they have no control over the events in our lives? Mind and ego do not even understand them.


Suffering is how the mind and ego keep us trapped in false judgment. We want to escape, but are either afraid to, or we cannot emotionally see a way out of our suffering.


The last solution we feel is letting go, but the ego cannot allow that.  Ego must blame someone or something. We are always its first target, so it turns us against ourselves.

It is not possible to deny the pain, or our experiences, but it is possible – necessary — to surrender them to a wisdom within, one that is greater than our mind and ego.

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