Steve Beckow: What Each Contributes

Trees 44Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia,

I’m not sure that I thanked readers adequately for their support of the team in this last leg of the journey before the financial shift. Please let me do that here.

Your support has enabled the team to stay together under difficult conditions.  It has inspired us and given us the wherewithal to make a swift start from the starting gate when financial conditions change.

We all have a contribution we make to learning, Ascension, and Nova Earth. That contribution can be unique to us, or not, but is ultimately designed to serve the collective. It can be repatterning, leading, resolving conflict. It can be inspiring, healing, opening a new door.

I had occasion last night to listen to the first reading I had with Linda Dillon, who channeled my twin flame, Annastara. One of the things my twin said to me was that I shine the light on dark concerns of my interior reality and according to her that is a contribution to the unfoldment of our knowledge of ourselves.

Others may choose to explore the outer reaches of space or the depths of the sea. My attention is turned toward the interior universe, the internal world, the world in which thoughts and feelings arise, moods pass through, patterns are seen, etc.

It’s as if I’m getting to know and accept myself, even falling in love with myself. And this has been a gradual and lifelong unfolding of the Self that I am. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to savor a wave of bliss that arises from within. Where some would walk a grassy park or plan a trip to the stars, I stand at the door of the Self and experience the parade of blissful, happy, and sometimes painful experiences that arise, persist and pass away.

And just as a hostess stands at the door and greets the guests and hears how each one is, so also I stand at the door of the soul and greet its guests and find out how each one is. I listen to them for a while, savor how I feel in response to them, and then allow them to pass beyond me and fade into space.

And what for me represents my growth is the refinement of my sensibility towards these guests, the softness of my acceptance, the depth of my understanding of them. At some times I see individual patterns and then at later times I see an intricate web of connections and how it runs my life overall, what it’s designed to accomplish, and how well it works. All the while I try to simply observe and accept the army of impressions and moods that passes by.

I don’t erect buildings. I don’t fly airplanes. I don’t design software. That isn’t what I do. I watch the movements of the Self and report on them. And this to me is my passion, my adventure, and my bliss. And it is enough. I have no desire to fly to the stars. I want to explore the inner universe.

And, as I look outwards, I see that everyone is doing something along some line as a contribution to Nova Earth. This one is restoring agriculture to its pristine practices, that one is finding a new, non-polluting energy source, and this one is funding shelters for the homeless.

And I stand at the door of the soul and love the variety of my inner responses and discover how the soul works that is ensconced in a body and yearns for Home.

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