Lisa Gawlas: ETs Surrounding Us, Changing Politics, and Loving Adventures!

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lisagawlas2Just… WOW!  Ya ever have a day that is just so incredible, that you want to put some in a bottle and save it for another day too.  It really started its acceleration when my son called me to ask if I could do some dream interpretations for one of his employees.  Excite my heart will ya, god I miss “working” so very much and the intimate connections of spirit within those sessions.  I was shocked at how easy it was to tap into his employee and go beyond the dream interpretation.  If the days weren’t so unpredictable and filled with constant incoming company, I might actually could do a few readings, but I also know, it is not time for that… yet, not until my heart and feet are back in New Mexico.

This precious man is a very vivid dreamer, one in particular that he had this last week was seeing all these “Aliens” in the sky, in their ships.  He said it was like we were being invaded.  Instantly I was able to connect to the “invasion,” which of course, was not an invasion at all, but tremendous assistance in place to help wake up many many people on the verge…  I also realized in that connection, it was not just one particular “race” but a whole bunch of various races from various planets.  They are cloaked, but very much present for us.

This whole connection with him set my soul ablaze and I decided to take another bath, lets see if we can keep the flow, flowing.  Holy flipping cow batman, did it flow, in directions I would have never expected.

For this past year, spirit has been pretty focused on the present moment whether in readings, in my own meditations, pretty much, period.  Not yesterday.

First, I gave thanx to the gentleman named Mike for allowing me such a connection spur of the moment.  Then I thought about my grandson, he was the first to want to tell only me his dreams.  His team said he is a very connected little guy and that connection will only grow stronger as he ages.  They said he will have a position in life very much like a world leader.  I was shocked to hear that and started me asking a series of questions I would have never asked… A world leader??  I cannot image anyone in my immediate family in politics.  His team explained that by the time he is in that position (about age 40) politics as we know it, will not exist.  WE will have completely changed the system, for the better.  There will come a time when we, as a people, will not even say the word “politics” because it will have such a bad connotation around it, becoming almost like a cuss word.

So I asked deeper, is he going to be like a president, they said no, again, politics will not be the same as it is now (hard to imagine such drastic change in under 40 years, my grandson is 3.)  They said he will have a position very similar to mine (mine??)  A spiritual seer (and so much more than that really,) but in a position that is respected and even honored.

So I thought about the current state of politics and suddenly I thought about Chris Christie.  He is being set up to be president in 2016 and WILL be a huge game changer, thanx to his complete inner change when Hurricane Sandy wiped away a lot of his shore-lined state.  From what spirit said, his presidency will start the changes within the political spectrum and the domino’s will continue to fall, until we no longer even recognize the massive division that is our political arena right now.

Geez, 40 years, I will be 90, I better start youthing now!! lol  I want to be here to fully see it all.

Before I get to the next exciting news, I do want to share something to, about my grandson, hoping you will recognize the signs in your own life and how important those promptings are that we get and sometimes, eventually dismiss.

Three years before my grandson came into his mama’s belly, my own heart started yearning for a grandchild.  I kept telling my son, you’re the one that has to bring him or her in, because my girls are not ready to be a parent, yet.  He was so anti-child and wanted no part of being a father.  So when his girlfriend got pregnant, he demanded she did not tell me the news.  He was pushing for an abortion, her parents were pushing for an abortion, yet she wanted the baby so much.  Thank god she didn’t listen to my melting down son and did tell me and we celebrated and danced in joy together.

My grandson started planning his incoming life 3 years before his arrival, even helped to break his daddy’s leg (twice, my son can be stubborn) to get him to slow down and notice life and Steffi (his mama.)  He also knew there was a chance, he would not be born so he had to target my heart and my relationship with steffi (whom I loved and still, very much love) to give her an ally in the biggest decision of her life.  But really, she so wanted the baby, I cannot imagine her making any other choice but to keep him.

With that said, often times, we are prompted and groomed for experiences years down the road, long before they are even a thought.

So as I am getting crazy and exciting information about politics, my grandson and even Chris Christie, my thoughts turned to the ET’s of Mike’s dream.  I have a feeling this is who was doing all the narrating in my bath yesterday, because the voice and energy signature was unfamiliar, but so loving and so vibrant.  They even spoke from above me as if there was an energy funnel that they were using to communicate directly to me.

So I had to ask that million dollar question that has been on so many lips these past two years… when is full disclosure going to happen!!??  Not any time soon.  I was kind bummed until they assured me, they will be revealing themselves, but not to just any ole one, but to individuals and small groups who are open to receive their presence and their wisdom and SO SOMETHING with it.  2014 is going to have a lot of these personal visitations happening.  They are already surrounding us, communicating with us, and assisting us on many many levels.  They are so ready and excited to get personal too!!  There is more to come on this…

In my bath I tried to connect to Jorge or even my fathers soul like I did 2 days ago, it didn’t happen.  I was semi-bummed about that, but only for a moment.  When I connected the other day, I did so with the intention of using an etheric bathtub that a loving soul shared with me on my facebook page:


A bath tub cut out of a large single piece of Quartz crystal

The information that came thru about that was actually quite shocking.  Did you realize (I didn’t) that when you share something with someone, in email, on facebook or twitter, whatever, you are actually giving them that energy in their own energy field and the person, once they read it or look at it, takes on some of that energy?

Now think beyond the wonderful nuggets of crystal bathtubs… there are some unpleasant things that get shared on my wall, shared with good intentions, but still…  I do not subscribe to anything that creates an “anti” anything.  Especially anti-GMO writings.  I thought about this in my meditation, the GMO industry and you will be amazed (I was) how important this industry is.

If you can think about cockroaches for a moment, they instantly develop an immunity to any of the poisons that we try to wipe them out with.  They use what they have within their body to grow and evolve and have been on this earth well, forever.  We too have that ability within us, but we humans are too busy being afraid of what is different and therefore make things more toxic for us than they have to be.

It was also shared that we must remember, we, the human race, are GMO’s ourselves.  The humans tend to perfect their craft by learning what not to do first (yup, that would be my way.)  Gene splicing is going to provide very valuable tools in our coming years and decades that will be so life enhancing we will have forgotten about how we felt about the change in our food that was once a bad mistake that led to great things.

Remember, we are creators creating.  Remembering how to do all the things we can do in spirit, here in the world of matter.  Every advancement will lead to a better advancement and more scientific discoveries.  That said, I really do miss the taste of the original foods, I hope that comes back soon!!

Now, back to the wall of facebook or anything.  Be very mindful of what you share out with someone, you are actually giving them a direct dose of that energy. If someone is already on the edge of bad mood and you share lets say a story about something negative, you may have unintentionally pushed them directly over the edge into a full-blown bad mood.  All things have karma coins in return (both positive and negative coins.) For myself, if the sharing isn’t filled with love, hope and beauty (or good raunchy comedy) please, don’t share it with me.   Thanx in advance!!

Last, but ohhh so far from least, my Daddy.  I can tell by the sheer amount of direction coming into me about the Soul Gym and the things that I need to do once I get back to New Mexico, that my arrival back is near.  My fathers veil is thinning and my god, it is allowing our time together to be… well, beyond amazing.  He has become so tender, so loving, so open to talking about spirit without his usual argumentative side kicking in.  He has said several times the last few days, his time is drawing near,  That is when the door to talk about what will happen as he crosses gets exciting.  We talked about how he can travel at the speed of thought, so he can go visit my home in New Mexico.,.,.. he got all excited about that idea.  I told him when he gets out-of-body, to have the intention of seeing our past lives together and really feeling what is in our hearts and it will be all presented to him (thanx to Erik for that fabulous information) and he said, I hope I remember all this when the time comes.  I assured him, every word ever spoke to him will be remembered.

I must once again state, we do not have to wait til someone is transitioning from this side of the veil to the other to have this profound effect on another.

What is so funny, my bath yesterday was an hour and a half long, my dad and sister got worried about me being in there so long and started calling for me.  When I came down stairs, I told my father of what I was doing (talking to his soul, my grandsons soul, the ETs that surround us) and he laughingly said something that just made my heart sing and every moment so precious and worth it… he said (to my sister” “she may send good vibes all the time, but she is crazy.”  If that wasn’t a huge gift in and of itself, when my step mother came home from work and I was sharing with her the conversations I am having with dad, she said that the night before, just as I went upstairs to go to sleep, he told her “I think I really needed her here.”

There is not an ounce of gold on earth more valuable than that.

On that note, it is time to go hang with my Dad and see where we are going today!!

I love you all so incredible much.  Thank you for sending so much love to this little place in Pennsylvania that you totally changed the vibration to pure and amazing LOVE.  What a team, what a team!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wild adventures and ET communications to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am offering my pre-recorded 25+ hour class on learning how to read.  For a $25 donation, I will send you the link to download all 10 files of the class.  I also uploaded to that area on my dropbox account the two course materials needed: The layout of the feet as well as the complete interpretation of the physical body.   All the information and to make a donation is on my main page at / link to original article

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  1. Sorry Lisa Gawlas but you are uninformed about what the GMO industry is doing to our health, food supply and environment. No one is asking you to be anti-anything but please go and do your own research before you speak about this. There is tons of information out there and the detrimental effects are far worse than the benefits. Don’t take my advise or opinion just go do your own research. Perhaps you will say that you are getting your information from spirit but there are many very well respected channeled being out there like Matthew Ward, Salusa, Montague Keen etc that are saying just the opposite. Perhaps you had some wires crossed this day or something. Although you are entitled to your opinion, please at least acknowledge that you have not done any research on the topic to back what you are saying. If you have I would very much like to see it. I have done extensive research and most of the information I can find supporting it is paid for and written by Monsanto or someone in the food industry that can benefit. None of this information seems to be based on true research and cannot be substantiated. If you don’t want to do your own research then go back through the archives of this site with information that has been researched. Wes Annac seems to have put some time into his research and has some well written info you could look at. I am not trying to discredit you but refusing to support, look at or recognize anything “anti” is not the definition of LOVE. It is the definition of someone putting their head in the sand. If we are afraid of receiving negative energy from anything “anti” then we are living in fear, not reality. If we love ourselves we need to stand up for what is wrong in this world. If we don’t we will never change the world we live in. Being informed and standing up for what is wrong in this world is very important right now so I would differ with you and encourage others to stand tall. I can love you without agreeing with you, and I have to say that is the case.



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