The Way of the Wayshower

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

The wayshower seeks to impart the Love and knowledge they’ve gained unto as many fellow seekers as possible. The wayshower humbly makes their way through Life, constantly seeking and sharing what they’ve learned.

They’ve gained a perspective that they strongly feel every person should be able to enjoy, and they aptly go about their work in obscurity or fame.

The wayshower who’s reached a certain stage in their growth doesn’t want to be seen as a guru, an authority or a figure to be put up on a pedestal. The wayshower acknowledges the enormity of what they’re doing, but seeks only to show the way and motivate everybody to understand the reality of our existence as spiritual beings.

The wayshower has gained knowledge that’s been hidden deep within, but they’re in no way better than another because of what they’ve discovered.

Imagine billions of conscious individuals building a new paradigm that outdates our current way of Living and being. The ultimate goal of the wayshower is to help bring this about, and they work away at whatever they’ve found themselves best able to do for the evolution of the planet.

The wayshower recognizes that their unique ability can propel them into helping the planet in big ways, and the motivated wayshower works away in every moment they can to help free the public from the shackles of self-instated limitation.

The wayshower understands that their power and ability is deeply rooted in the spiritual realms, and is able to tap into and continually express the pure energy being delivered to our planet en masse.

Having felt some pretty deep states of consciousness myself thanks to meditation, I can say that the desire is in the wayshower to help everybody reach a higher state of consciousness and be able to feel the bliss that results.

The perspective I’m beginning to have is that breeding oneness and understanding spirit are two of the most important things our collective is meant to do, and the wayshower feels successful when able to assist others in doing just that.

In the spirit of turning away from mind-based labels, I should say that everybody can be a wayshower and it only takes the decision to use your unique ability for humanity’s betterment to become one.

If I haven’t expressed this enough already, to be a wayshower doesn’t put you in any special position or make you “better” than anyone else.

If you decide to be a wayshower and put your special ability to use, you’ll have “officially” become one (if you want to look at it that way). To me, being a wayshower entails imparting what I’ve learned onto you, the readers.

Personal satisfaction is bred when the wayshower can know they’ve contributed positively to humanity’s evolution, because that’s their true goal in being here at this time. I can say from my own experience that what humanity has perceived as heaven is much greater than we could imagine, and is making its descent unto our perception right now.

As waves of people begin to feel and understand the in-flowing vibrations being gleefully delivered from heaven by our Universal Family, the number of conscious wayshowers will grow to new heights and nothing less than a revolution of consciousness will be bred amongst the populace.

Every revolution has started with a few individuals acting upon the inspiration they felt within, and the growing coalition of conscious wayshowers bringing our planet out of the darkness seeks to help pioneer a model of Living and being that’ll soon become commonplace.

I’m ready to see a new world based in the will of the people come about. Are you willing to help show the way?

Wes Annac – Contributing to a blossoming movement with many willing wayshowers.


— —

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and channeled messages from our Universal Family. Come check us out!

Also see Wes Annac’s Personal Blog and The Golden Age of Gaia.


  1. Hello, Wes; It’s taken me exactly this long to find your page. I read your site as often as I can, but there is oly one query I have; I’ve had it for decades, and yet, still don’t have
    my “marching orders.” And, to be frank, and abhorrently blunt, I still have no clue what my ability is.

    How can I help folks find their peace, if I can’t find my own way?
    Where do I start? With who or whom, can I speak to find this Gift?
    I have two paths, both which I feel are “Do-able” within my sphere of remit,
    one more passionate, one more academic/professional.
    I trust I will find an answer, but somebody please take pity on an old duffer and point me
    in the direction I need to start?

    Many Thanks,


    • In my experience, seeking clarification on just what it is you’re meant to do can result in it being provided in the right time, with your effort of course.

      I’d recommend following your heart and letting it have a say in every matter, and I’d recommend embracing whichever of the two paths feels the rightest for you. Our present and our future is very unique, and for all we know you could end up merging the two paths and really doing a lot. Though I couldn’t tell you what you’re meant to do, we can both make further requests for it to become clearer for you and for everyone else who’s unsure.

      I trust that your path will become clear for you, and it’s been said that even remaining seemingly inactive in this moment can be necessary and can still help in its own way.

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


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