Jeshua via Judith Coates: Your Robotic Self


Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Jeshua: Your Robotic Self, as channeled by Judith Coates, November 2013, at

Beloved one, I want to speak with you now about the love that you are and the robot self of you that you have been up until a certain awakening point. You come as a small infant with remembrances of other lifetimes, other conditionings, other trainings, other events which seemingly have happened.

And then you pick up from the parents what they think is important and true. And you live for a while in an in-between state of remembering Home and yet seeing that that does not quite fit the picture of the world of what is happening, even if it is a small world as you are just a small one before you have gone to the elementary school.

You become more and more entrenched in generational thinking because that is what you are surrounded by. But then you are thrown into what is called the schooling and you get a wider view of, again, generational teaching and generational thinking, and you unconsciously take on some of those traits. It is not a conscious thing where you say, “Well, I want to know how to hate somebody,” but there may be a bigger bully perhaps in the class who gives you a hard time and you have feelings of power that come up as anger, that come up as hatred of the other one, because you do not like that kind of attention and you want to get away from it, and so you become a bit of the robot reacting to situations and actions seemingly outside of yourself.

And yet everything that comes to your awareness comes by your invitation because you are strong enough and powerful enough to deal with it. It comes in perfect timing to help you remember who you are, to remember the love that you are and have always been and will always be.

Sometimes it helps you break through the robot self that has only been reactive and acting from a point of the generational teaching, so that you find yourself being interested in certain books. You find yourself being interested in certain teachers, certain friends who are asking the same questions that you are asking, and you find yourself in a new grouping perhaps than you were before and you begin to leave behind the robot self of you and you start thinking on your own, “What if? What if that which has been taught to me by my parents and by the peers, what if that isn’t all there is to the story or to the picture of life? What if?”

And as soon as that question arises, doors and windows will open for you to see new vistas, to see new ideas, new ways of being. And then, because of the conditioning of the robot self, sometimes the doors and windows will temporarily close again and you find yourself reacting in the old way, and that is okay.

Human experience is not the easiest experience. I know; I tried it. And I ended up on a cross. You also have come through your crucifixions, sometimes physical, many times emotional, where you felt you had been nailed to the cross and you were suffering and of the situation.

Then you did ascend out of it because, out of desperation, you said, “There must be another way. I don’t like what is happening right now. There must be another way.”

And in that moment you gave permission for a new idea to come to you, a new way of feeling about yourself and about others. It turns everything around. It changes everything, whether you can see it ahead of time—and usually you can not, but looking back on it you can see that, “Yes, that was a turning point for me. That was a crucifixion. When my loved one said that he/she didn’t want to be with me any longer, when the son/daughter said, ‘Well, what you believe is not what I believe,’ and walked out of my life, those were hard times of crucifixion.”

But they brought you to a place of strength within yourself that you could not deny. You said, “This is who I am. This is what I believe. And no matter what another person believes, no matter how close they are to me, no matter what they say or do, it does not change who I am and what I believe and what I am striving to remember of Home and of unconditional love.”

And so you have come through those experiences and you have added unto them new experiences that then have added more “evidence” of your divine Self. One small pebble added to another small pebble added to another small pebble…after a while you get quite a pile of pebbles that you can build with, step by step, pebble by pebble, little change by little change until finally you look back at the changes and you say, “Wow, what I have done in this lifetime, it’s amazing. I would never have thought that I could make such changes, that I could now believe in the love that I am and that I have to give, and I would never have believed that I would know truly deep within myself forgiveness; forgiveness for all of the other lifetimes when I have been so blinded by the robot self; forgiveness for the words I have spoken that truly another one has invited me to say so that they could come to their own awakening; forgiveness for every choice that I later judged, and forgiveness of self for having forgotten, even temporarily, that which I truly am.”

Each and every one, as you see an individual, is living walking love. Each and every individual that you see is here to example divine love and to remember Home. That is truly what they are seeking, as you are seeking, to know that place where you are okay, where you are accepted, where no matter what you do, you will always be loved; no matter what you say, you will always be loved.

You are that love. You have it within you and you express it, and oftentimes, because robot self says to you that it is easier to look outside of yourself, you have been able to give love and to give forgiveness to other ones easier than you could give love or forgiveness to yourself.

Now you are coming to a place of understanding that there is no separation between yourself and the one who sits next to you, the one who sits across the room from you, the one who lives seemingly miles away from you. There is no separation, in truth.

We have spoken other times of the aura, the light energy that is around you which your scientists now can measure; your photographers can make photographic images of the aura around you. You have begun to understand that your aura expands and intermingles with the one sitting next to you and with the one across the room, and with everyone everywhere, even to ones you are not aware of.

As you go through the next few months of your timing, you are going to be seeing more and more of the robot self of others coming up in actions, and you are going to be having opportunity to love them through it. You have seen already much of unrest in some of your geo-political groupings. Even in this geo-political grouping of what you call this country there is much of divisiveness and much of ones who will be into judgment.

And so in the next few months of your timing you are going to see more of that behavior and you are going to be hearing more and more of words that come from the robot self, the self which is reacting with old thinking, the self which does not understand or want to give understanding to that which is happening.

But the Christ Self will not be denied. And so you are going to be seeing, by the end of this year, a change; a change that you have prayed for, that you have asked for, and it is going to come sometimes in small steps and sometimes there will be a change that is visible.

Right now it feels that the robot self is in charge of many of your “leaders” who truly do not lead and truly do not try to be in touch with the ones they are supposedly representing. Each and every one of your “leaders” who has been elected as a representative has started out sincerely wanting to be of service, and they have found themselves in a robot situation; it as been called the “old boys club” where there are certain rules and you have to abide by old thinking, robot thinking, old thinking of what has been.

But there are ones who are changing that pattern. There are ones who truly want to change the pattern, who see that what is happening is not for the best evolution of the collective consciousness, and there are enough of you who are seeing past the robot decisions so that you are influencing, just by your visioning, the ones who want to make impact and make change for the people they represent.

Right now many do not feel free to do that. They are in a robot situation where…well, it has been called the knee jerk pattern: something happens and immediately then they have to respond in the old way. But that is coming to a place where there is going to be courage to act differently, to make new choice.

It is difficult when you are surrounded by robotic thinking that has been engrained in you, and then you come into a situation where you are surrounded by it and you are only accepted if you agree to those old-thinking rules. So it takes great courage, but you have ones who want to make change, and you are going to see changes happening.

So put on your hard hats, put on your fireproof jackets, and go through the next few months listening to the voice of the world and yet knowing that that voice is old thinking. Put forth your own energy into love and into new visioning as to what truly can serve the brothers and sisters.

Many of the brothers and sisters, you have seen, are taking to the streets to make protest, to make their voices heard, because they know that what is happening is not right and is not beneficial. They are courageous ones. You do not have to be doing the sit-down protests, but in your own way you are putting energy into the new thinking and the beneficial changes you want to see.

You have a division in this geo-political country, a division which is mirrored in many other geo-political countries, of the ones who have the golden coins wanting to hold onto them. And the ones who do not have the golden coins are saying, “This is not really how it can be.” I will not use the word “should”, but this is not how it can be. There can be a more beneficial sharing.

When the collective consciousness changes, you are going to see some changes in the ones who have the golden coins. And you are going to call it a miracle if they want to be benefactors and to change the way they do their business. You will praise it as a miracle.

It is coming, and you can add your energy to it by knowing that it is coming. Old thinking is passing away. Old thinking is passing away because you have decreed that old thinking does not work for everyone.

You have known civilizations and you have been part of civilizations that knew equality and respect one for another. You knew your divinity and you knew that you were playing on holy Mother Earth or on some of the other planets or in some of the other galaxies. You knew in those civilizations that everyone was from the divine Source.

Separated ego has been your servant in this reality many, many times; so much so, that it feels real. And it is real—with a lower case “r”—but it is not Real—with a capital “R”. It is part of a construct that you have made as a servant, as a companion to walk with you and to whisper in your ear. Separated ego is very, very good at asking all of the “old” questions. But that is what you have programmed it to do. That is part of the robot self. When I spoke of civilizations where you have known equality, where you have known divine expression and that everyone comes forth from the one Source, there was a knowing deep inside of you that said, “Oh, I long for that. I know that that is true, and I long for that.” And your longing is going to bring it forth. It is a very strong force within you, the longing to know Home once again and to be free of the robot self that just reacts according to old generational teaching.

Maybe it is not here yet, but your longing is going to bring it forth, because now you are remembering. And once that door starts to open even a little crack of longing and remembering, there is nothing that can stop the Light coming through that crack in the door, and before you know it, the door opens even further.

So I speak to you of hope. I speak to you of love. I speak to you of remembering your divine Isness. I speak to you of Home, and I speak to you of the longing to know the civilizations where you have played without a care of what you were doing or why you were doing it or how the outcome might be, because you knew you were playing as the Light that you are. And you danced upon the firmament of holy Mother Earth and other planets in other galaxies, and you danced because you were so happy. You deserve to remember that. You deserve to live that once again.

Allow the power that you feel rising up within you, the longing, the remembrance of civilizations when you knew yourself to be divine, when you knew only to dance as the Light to be your reality. Remember and bring forth that power and express it as love to one another, and you will bring forth miracles. The robotic self will be no more.

So be it.

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

In expression through Judith

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