Predictable Difficulties That Arise When Taking Up Global Lightwork

Written by Steve Beckow

Collective Compassion Fatigue 4302This is a rich time for me, rich even in the crises that arise and that may almost always arise when one decides to tackle an area of the world’s unworkability by starting a new project of global reach.

The Nova Earth Society is in the formulation stages of its new project: Building Nova Earth. My agreement as a writer in all things is to go through situations like these publicly for what can be gained from the discussion.

Not in a maudlin manner. Not as a complaint. But as a situation from which valuable learning can emerge.

Last night the ringing in my ears – which I regard as the Holy Spirit, Aum, the sound of the cosmic motor, or music of the spheres – enveloped my whole body. I felt like I was going to shake apart. When that happened, all the stress that I was under came to the surface. It was a wild ride and it has disappeared now by morning.

Out of the exploration I did, I think much of value can be related. Here are some of the sources of stress that I’ve identified as probable to occur when one agrees to take on a lightworker project of potentially-global reach.

Formulation Stage

First, projects have stages and the first stage of any new project is often the most stressful. In giving those stages, I should say that I’m borrowing from another’s work but, because I’m not sure I’m giving the material as he stated it, I’ll offer it on my own recognizance. I acknowledge that this analysis is not my own.

The stages are formulation, concentration, momentum, flow, and culmination.

Formulation sees us set our goals, decide our methods, select the sources we’ll use to guide us, and block out all initial statements of these matters.

Concentration sees us apply the source material and our own native intelligence to get the project up and running.

Momentum sees us building up a head of steam and managing the operational aspects of the project maintaining speed and direction as we head towards the goal.

Flow sees us proceeding towards the goal effortlessly, our actions being at this stage masterful and intuitive.

Culmination sees us realizing the objects of the project. Satisfaction comes at this stage, when the job is done.

Formulation is the most stressful stage. We consider all the ways to proceed and, given scarce time, find ourself needing to make a choice and not wanting to make the wrong one and lose valuable time and resources. Sometimes we only have one shot at running the project and so the initial choices become that much more critical.

At this stage, we don’t know if we’ll make the wisest choices and so stress arises as we consider what to do. We’re in the formulation stage of the project of building Nova Earth and so part of my stress arises from that.

Whenever people start a new project, they must drop out of flow and agree to take on the stress of formulation. Efficiency and effectiveness drop. Stress levels rise. By the time they reach flow, they’ve mastered the processes and are again at their most efficient and effective.

“On Our Own”

In the meantime, we lightworkers appear to be “on our own” in this phase of things. I think that’s purposeful. I think it reflects the desire of the Company of Heaven for us to take over as much of the total process of building Nova Earth as possible.

Taking over as much as we can satisfies our karmic burden for having created unworkability in the first place. It leaves us in a better position of having learned from the experience so we can assist other civilizations later. It allows us to gain the maximum benefit from the process, benefit we might not gain if the whole thing was simply handed to us on a platter.

I agree that that learning is a good thing but there are many who feel abandoned. Feeling as if we’re on our own is another possible source of stress.

Moreover, we’re on our own without NESARA having come in, so we’re tackling something huge without the resources we imagined we’d have. This again is another source of stress.

I have a friend who thinks that we’re in a winnowing process. Many will drop by the wayside and those who survive will have been annealed, hardened, battle-tested. Many are called to do the work of building Nova Earth, but it may be that few will be chosen to do it. Those who are will be those who survive all the demands being currently placed on us.

Stepping onto the Global Stage

At the same time, a project like building Nova Earth requires us to to step onto the global stage and the mere act of doing so brings stress. Simply to open to the global public, to agree to consider so many viewpoints, and to encounter the opposition and negative energy that can arise is in itself a stressor.

To move too quickly after having stepped onto the global stage seems like a diver rising too quickly from a deep dive. It can bring on the psychological equivalent of the bends.

As far as I can see, one has to enter onto the world stage slowly, with plenty of rest stops and nourishing interludes. One has to divest oneself of the stress that arises rather than allowing it to accumulate. So the mere act of agreeing to take on a global role, as many lightworkers will, requires a certain amount of wisdom, prudence, and circumspection.

Collective Compassion Fatigue

Opening oneself to a global situation of unworkability can lead to collective compassion fatigue. It may arise because of the need to encounter the misery in the world. In the case of gender persecution, which is the area of the world’s unworkability that I’ve agreed to examine and address, one must agree to encounter, experience and confront that unworkability itself.

Reading about or looking at pictures of women harmed in acid attacks, bride-burnings, honor killings, rapes of all kinds (judicial rape, mass rape, custodial rape, etc.), sold into sexual slavery, married as children, and the list goes on can itself result in secondary traumatization.

I encountered this as a human-rights decision-maker and was sometimes overwhelmed by the cost of doing that job. Sometimes I needed to seek counselling to relieve myself of the trauma that I imbibed. Sometimes I had to lock myself in my office and often wept to release the tension of what I had heard or seen.

One can also encounter hatred and opposition from men who wish the system of privilege, exploitation and oppression to continue. That negativity must also be managed and worked through. If one were opposing strip mining, oil pollution, or corporate embezzlement of the public, the need to manage the negativity could be the same.

One encounters the opposition of readers as well who don’t want to hear about the tremendous damage done to women or the misery that results. Many readers want only upbeat news and aren’t willing to encounter the misery in the world. But walking the road to building Nova Earth may require of us that we encounter, experience and confront the misery around us so as to eliminate the conditions of unworkability on the planet.


Encountering the world’s misery may also trigger our vasanas and these can be a prime source of stress. In my case, in encountering the oppression of women on the planet, I’ve had four vasanas triggered. The first was hearing my mother and father arguing when I was still in the womb and saying to myself “I want to stay in here. I don’t want to go out into a world that contains that much misery.”

The second was being strapped to the crib because I had eczema and my parents didn’t want me to scratch it. (Vasanas are not logical. Why this vasana would arise when I’m encountering this subject is not plain to me. I just have to accept that it did arise.)

The third was hearing my Mom and Dad fight for the first time when I was around five. That raised a feeling of alarm and fear for my survival in me.

The fourth was hearing my Dad strike my Mom and hearing her fall unconscious to the ground when I was around seven. That set me against my Dad and raised in me the determination to fight to protect my Mom which later became a determination to fight to protect women in general.

All of these vasanas went off last night in concert. I had the kind help of colleagues today doing every kind of intervention with me, but mostly just listening. With their help, I’ve been able to pass through these vasanas as well.

I owe it to one of my colleagues in Europe who helped me identify that vasanas were part of what was happening for me. I was so immersed in stress that I hadn’t even begun the work of sorting out all that was happening.

So this is an example of all that can arise for us the minute we agree as lightworkers to transform a circumstance of the world’s unworkability to workability as a contribution to building Nova Earth.

We need to approach and move forward in our work with awareness and caution, prudence and compassion for ourselves if we’re to make a contribution that has a hope of having an impact on the world scene.


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