Adjusting to Collective Compassion Fatigue

Written by Steve Beckow

compassion fatigueI suspected, that, when NESARA came in, we as lightworkers would need to turn our attention to areas of the world that weren’t working. We discussed quite some time ago the probable work that would need to be done at that time to ensure that as many people as possible would be rested and revived and equipped to take advantage of Ascension.

Around that time, I made some initial incursions into the area of global reform work and found myself in a space of exhaustion.  I asked Archangel Michael what was causing it and he said that it occurs to lightworkers when they connect with what he called “collective compassion.” He went on to discuss what collective compassion is:

”Collective compassion is the expression of collective love, collective understanding for the situation that you find not only each other in but as a collective. You find yourself in a situation right now for example of massive change.

“And what that calls forth beyond the consciousness is the compassion, the understanding that you are in this process together and that you are not judging it, that you are understanding it, that you are supporting each other in various ways but that you are doing so not to fix it for somebody else but to support them in their journey of addressing whatever it is.

“So the entire collective has need to address this wonderful possibility of ascending together but that requires the collective coming together compassionately – in compassion, in love. Not just for this group or that group or this understanding or that understanding but for the totality.”  (1)

I then asked him:

Steve: So how should we work [with collective compassion] so that we don’t become drained?

AAM: How you work with collective compassion is very much the way you work with individual compassion only on a much larger scale obviously. And it is to not assume the burdens, the issues, the journey of the collective.

Now we have talked about this. Let me give you a very concrete example. If we were having this conversation about the collective, say, oh, a decade ago, I would say to you, dear heart, clear your own issues, your own burdens, your own debris, your own vasanas, but do not assume that you are clearing for the collective for it was not time to do that.

In the past three to four years, there has been a great deal of joint, or conjoint collective clearing. And you have seen this as you have seen issues emerge at the same time all over your planet, such as the demand for freedom or financial equality. And those issues have come to the forefront for clearing and many of the collective have been clearing together.

But when you are in collective compassion you do not go and start assuming any of the burdens. We want to bring that to a close. You may look at some of the issues or what is occurring with compassion. But do not assume it is yours to take on. (2)

Now we as lightworkers are turning to address the needs of the world, and we’re doing this before NESARA arrives, which makes the work that much more difficult. And we’re doing it without visible support from the galactics or other unseens, which means that we have to search our own consciousnesses and meager fund of experience for how to proceed.

I personally am feeling a huge drain of energy from even contemplating the idea of taking on such a large task and I guess I just need to share that.

The drain that occurs when one steps up to the global plate, so to speak, is unfamiliar ground. It isn’t something I factored into things. It isn’t something that I’m aware has been discussed in a literature known to me, except when AAM referred to it.

I assume it’s a passing phase, and I’ll be orienting towards it as if it is. At this point, I just notice it and make a resolve to slow down a bit and allow for it.

It doesn’t change matters. It just makes it necessary to progress at a slower speed than one would do if one was taking on a project that was simply personal or local in scope.

Stress is an interesting circumstance. When our stress goes up, our awareness goes down. Right at the very time when we could used increased awareness, we find ourselves bereft of it.

And it doesn’t announce that awareness has gone down. We just seem less able to know things. We have to take an inventory to see that our awareness has actually gone down.

I remember once being stressed because a fire broke out in an auditorium (my Mother died in a housefire so fires can trigger a vasana in me).  Though a man was speaking to me from only a short distance away, my stress level was so high that I could not hear him. At the very moment when having a heightened awareness would have served me, stress robbed me of the awareness I needed.

So I have a healthy respect for stress.

I notice that just sharing about this has brought my stress level down a notch.

So I’ve laid out some elements of an approach to building Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone. I’ve called for a global conversation. I’ve suggested that, in my opinion, the most pressing condition of unworkability that we need to turn our collective attention to, as we turn to each circumstance of unworkability in turn, is discrimination and persecution directed against women. And that includes violence against women, barriers to career, education, marriage by choice, and freedom of dress, and on and on the list could go.

The barriers presented to women and the ill treatment of women robs society of the joyful and able participation of at least half of Earth’s population, depending on the severity of it in any one locale.

And even though it sounds strange to say this, having got this far, I now need to rest and allow the stress of having said this much to work its way through me and out of the body. At least in these initial stages, I can’t press on at a constant rate. I need to make some gains and pause and then make some gains again.

That may mean for me turning my attention to spiritual topics perhaps, just to provide a degree of relaxation and enjoyment.

It may require stream of consciousness writing to clear any vasanas that have been triggered and nurse myself back to health. But it doesn’t betoken a lack of commitment or a cavalier attitude. In  fact I’m fully committed. Instead it indicates, as far as I can see being the one affected, a sense of needing to take into account the exigencies of suddenly taking on a global issue or walking onto a global stage. It takes into account the impact and unfamiliarity of collective compassion.

It’s a breathing spell, so to speak, a time out. It’s a recognition that collective compassion takes a toll, that collective compassion fatigue is much greater than simple compassion fatigue, and that the human body has its limits beyond which it stops functioning well and people go downhill.

The work we’re doing is much too important to me and too dear to my heart to do it carelessly and not reach the finish line.


(1) Reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2012.

(2) Loc. cit.


One comment

  1. I’m with you there. There have been several times in the last month where I’ve been guided to this great feeling of compassion for others. At one point it happened while exploring a metropolis I was in at the time. I simply understood deeply what the people in the country I was in were going through that it overwhelmed me.

    I felt a little awkward crying as I wandered around town, but made it back to privacy without much difficulty. Honestly, the emotion was so pure that it felt very clearing.

    Also, I’m much more fragile than I used to be. Whether that is due to so many of my egoic barriers having come down or a great additional stress that is ‘under the radar’ I’m not sure. Likely both.


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