Valerie Donner: A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council

valeriedonnerphotoA Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council (now on the Earth Council)

Through Valerie Donner – January 7, 2013

Greetings, I am Mira.

We are present with you and the Earth as we guide you through to the higher energies. You are rising above the typical 3rd dimensional awareness. It can appear in the past almost beyond reach. The old will become even more remote as you continue your journey with us.

We monitor your progress and your skies, we attune to the activities of the Inner Earth and the frequencies of human consciousness. From our vantage point there is little question of the shift. We see a breaking away of the foundation for the third dimension and what has been familiar. The planet is in upheaval. Most of humanity is still in denial about this fact.

As Ground Crew you will be aware of us around you and in the sky. We are close and present. There are many details to be worked out with Prime Source and the Earth. Negotiations are in process. The stronghold of the darkness is weakening and the planet is at a tipping point.

This means that the collective consciousness of Light is stronger than the dark. We ask you to continue your spiritual work with meditation and prayer to assist the process. It won’t take a major force of energy to reach the critical mass. The energies of life itself are conducive to this and your consciousness affects these energies too.

Stay grounded. Embrace the new. What you have been waiting for is coming to you and will bring you far greater joy, peace and love than you could have imagined.

I am Mira in love and service to you and the Earth.


  1. As I mentioned in a prev post, my hearing is less than normal now, the ringing, the audio frequency is accentuated, I’m feeling it physically, like getting off on hallucinogenics, yet my physical existence is ata precipice, I know I need to let go, to trust, focus on the positive, stay in alignment and this I find easy regardless of my apparent situation. Yet it would be so nice to have income, to be able to pay rent, enjoy this physical world that I’m in! Love and Light! Anyone else?


  2. Response to Robert,

    What they call tinitus ( ringing in ears) is the sound of higher spiritual frequencies, more connection to spirit. Mine has gotten so loud I couldn’t hear people talking to me clearly, but usually it is softer, and I am used to it, having heard it it most of my life. But now days it can get really loud at times. It can be annoying, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

    As far as money, I told my guides years ago my present situation was not acceptable, and
    I needed much change financially and in every other way in my life. Then I went on about my daily life “knowing” it was going to occur, and gradually, it did. I now make really good money, and have my dream house, small but nice, I think its on a ley line as the energy is very positive. and life is good. My health problems have diminished, and
    I have love in my life. I see how much more tolerant I am now, of everything around me, and
    notice how each little act or kind thought brings me closer to realizing my dreams.

    I hope that helps you. Work with your guides. They may seem stand offish to us at times, so just say what you feel. Write a letter to your Angels, and explain how you are affected by things, and
    you need a miracle NOW, ASAP. Please. If you are really frustrated go outside and scream. Then show your gratitude and love. That always works for me. I was in a bad place financially, physically, and emotionally for years, but I broke free, and I see it will never be like that again, but only better and better as time goes on.




    • Thanks for caring to reply, the ringing never bothered me, i do feel it as a guiding frequency! it’s very pronounced now, but there is a pressure that isn’t balancing in my inner ear, this is not healthy, but it dosent bother me, I am without money, illegally now, in the south of Mexico. I have been spiritually oriented all my life. One thing I believe is that when someone is in an “apparently” difficult situation, it never feels better when you tell them how great your life is going. I know you mean well. Thank you! All I can think is that something really good must be heading my way! Doing all I can to be in positive mind and good emotion. This is my site, Love, Robert


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