Citizens of the World

Written by Steve Beckow

Citizens of the world 8382It’s time to break free from our conceptual shackles and see ourselves as citizens of the world.

I don’t just mean believe, but experience for ourselves the reality of that statement down to our bones, down to our cells.

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time is come and the realization of our citizenship in Nova Earth, Nova Terra, Nova Gaia is an idea whose time has come.

We Nova Earthians, Nova Terrans, or Nova Gaians respect the laws of the lands we live in but we center our being and act from the state of being citizens of the world.

We cannot escape our circumstances any more than the souls could who said the Sun was the center of the local system, the Earth was round or that gravity kept the stars in place.

We must labor, we must eat, we must sleep. But we labor, eat and sleep as world citizens, as citizens of Nova Earth.

But further than that, we are all brothers and sisters, globally. Some of our brothers and even more of our sisters are being mistreated in areas of the world. While we must obey the legitimate laws of the land we live in, we don’t need to obey – and shouldn’t – the illegitimate laws, dictates and customs that make children’s lives miserable, women suffer in a hundred ways, and nations endure poverty, want, and slavery.

Citizens of the world 839There’s one word that rings louder than an atom bomb and that word is “no.”  There is one word that’s sweeter than the sweetest angel’s voice and that word is “yes.” But now we need to learn how to use and when to speak both.

All that lowers our awareness, dries up our love and confuses our wisdom now must hear our “no.” All that raises our awareness, moistens our love, and releases our wisdom now must hear our “yes.” The matter is no more complicated than that.

I am a citizen of the world and by the power vested in me by God, as a child of God and a sovereign being, I declare that all my brothers and sisters are free, all deserve the necessaries of life equally, and all merit the acceptance of the world without exception.

A world that works for everyone is a world that won’t tolerate turning aside from poverty, want, hunger, homelessness, inequality, illness, or disability. It doesn’t have to waste its energy doing thaCitizens of the world 8272t which it cannot do. It does need to increase its own energy by seeing things as clearly as it can and leaving behind the limiting beliefs that a growing elite, or shrinking elite, depending on your point of view, foisted upon us when we had not the power, ability or will to resist it.

We are citizens of the world, gathered together in communication every day, in touch with each other and agreed on creating a world that works.

We are citizens of the world, speaking with one voice to have the world work according to the divine qualities, right conduct, a new paradigm that raises all bars to eliminate inequality, want, and servitude.

We are citizens of the world and there’s no going back to the way it was. Our global citizenship is not the crystal ceiling; it’s the golden floor. It’s not the project’s conclusion; it’s only the invitation. It’s not the destination of our journey; it’s just the first step on a road we cannot see or know but can only sense and feel.


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