Update on the 21st: Feeling Great, Yet Detached

Well, here we are. We have reached the fabled 21st and personally, I have not yet meditated to feel the bulk effects of this alignment but I am feeling generally detached from 3D Life and almost disillusioned. Any negativity that arises seems to be diminished nearly instantly, and I feel simply calm. Everything simply Is.

I had many more amazing experiences meditating last night that made me think I’ve come back as a Gatekeeper [though I of course, do not feel fifth dimensional per se]. I felt and existed within higher dimensional landscapes during meditation and astral travel, and I can remember being with our guides as well as entire groups of Lightworkers who were all rejoicing at how many of us had consciously taken place in whatever astral meeting we were attending. The landscape was heavenly and harmonious, and fit perfectly what I would expect our fifth dimensional New Earth to look like.

I do feel that I perhaps experienced the most intense of effects yesterday and the day before [early riser?] but again, I have not yet meditated. Today however, I am simply feeling chilled-out. I’m permeated with feelings that everything is ok and despite the posting I’ve done today, I feel the need to simply rest and meditate.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to be taking the next few days off or not [I may] but today, I will be resting. I’ve posted some of the most relevant articles about this date that were posted today, and the majority of previous articles from the past few days discuss this potent date as well. A bit of advice: stay calm and centered, and be ready for any strange feeling or sensation that may come your way. If you feel “nothing” – know that you are integrating and absorbing these energies and that the process of doing so will feel different for all of us.

The Ascended Masters and the Hathors have spoken about this day, as well as a few other subjects. I leave you all with that and this message, as it is getting close to 11-11 am and I must meditate! 🙂

Much Love all,

Wes 🙂

One comment

  1. Thank for sharing your feelings. I had the seem experiences, as to the effects I felt the past couple of days. But I have been feeling quite tired and today I feel worn out! Because of that I cannot meditate, I simple cannot stay focused, I am just to tired. But this morning before I woke up I had a dream that I wanted to stay in bed. So that was a message for today: rest, rest, rest!

    I wish everyone happy ascension.

    Much love and light 🙂


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