RC: I Just Got Back


AcceptanceI just got back.

Yes I’m writing to you of my ascension a few minutes ago ( at least I think that’s what just occurred). Currently I’m lying in a bed covered in the softest white blankets and snuggling to a most perfect pillow. My body is twitching to the point that all I can do is lay there basking in the new energies. All I can do is lay there smiling like a baby and pulse my love.

Sorry for my terrible grammar and spelling but my 3d/4d brain and fingers are barely working. I can still feel myself lying in that bed, breathing in the most clean and refreshing air, yet trying to convey through this keyboard what just happened and is still happening.

I was in my 10:10 meditation. Today is the 20th Dec, when I started feeling an upward movement, a lifting and a glowing. Higher and higher I was being pulled, yet I had no weight. Up and up through the clouds, and higher and higher. All I could do was yell “WWHHHWEEEEEEE”….

I don’t know how long this took place, because there was only movement until I found myself in a place of other beings and realized, Boy am I tired, only to see two beings with wings holding me up on either side of me, under my arms sort-of.

They laid me on a bed, covered me in a white blanket and there I still lay even now. I tried to move by getting up, reaching for something (don’t know what) but my arms and legs only twitched spastic-like, being electrocuted but no pain. So I laid back down and snuggled the pillow smiling, happy thinking – this is what birth should always be.

I just closed my eyes and found myself back, twitching in bed with every one smiling. Now I’m back again.

I just wanted you all to know what it was or is like for me. Going back now to twitch some more. The air is so clean here, and the birds are singing.

Just say “yes” my brothers and sisters, just say “yes”.

Love you all.

Be in Peace and Love always Your brother RC

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