The Ascended Masters: There is Absolutely Nothing Holding you Back

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The effects you are making upon yourselves and upon your beautiful world at present are absolutely unparalleled in the scope of positive change that they are to bring forth. Can you dear souls feel what your actions have been garnering for yourselves thus far?

Your actions and all that you have employed within yourselves have been for the ultimate purposes of helping you to see through all that is not in resonation [with the higher realms] and all that you have still been bringing through yourselves, and we say this because upon reaching a certain state in your growth, you become quite conscious of the actions that you are bringing through yourselves and of the mindsets that have employed such actions.

You are becoming Masters in your own respects and we applaud you dear souls, as you are going through a difficult and dense experience that the vast majority of ascended souls simply could not go through. You were all tested exponentially before making your ways to Earth and this included spending time on fourth and fifth dimensional planets for those of you who come from realms much more pure and potent than the realms of the fourth and fifth dimension.

You have all spent much time upon a vast plethora of worlds but you are finding that the Earth experience has by far been the most difficult one for you to undergo. This is because you dear souls are naturally used to experiencing a heavenly reality that simply cannot be brought down, and upon making your ways to the Earth you found yourselves weighed-down and perceiving within a limited veil and structure that saw your perceptions of the higher realms inhibited.

You have entered the Earth under a veil of forgetfulness that was not the design of any entity with negative will, but was in fact the design of you dear souls who wished to come to the Earth under such a veil so that you could perform the work you had set out for yourselves to achieve; breaking through and dissolving such a concrete veil to find your fluid and easily-changeable reality on the other side.

You dear souls are making such strong effects to make the positive change in your external and internal reality that you have been trying so very hard to see brought forth, and every effort that you make as well as the level of willingness you display in yourselves to achieve all that you have set forth for yourselves to do, will add to the positivity supporting you and [supporting] all of the actions for the Light and for the ultimate growth of yourselves and all around you that you are performing at this time.

You dear souls are finding the higher realms in ways that are unprecedented and as you find the realms of pure consciousness while experiencing the Earth, you bring such energies in and begin to flow your energies through and mingle them with the dense energies that have driven the collectively-dense Earth experience for so long.

Just one of you dear ascended souls would not have been enough to break through the stronghold of negative energy that has held your world back for so long, and there are millions of you dear awakened souls upon the surface of your world who are anchoring the pure energies of Source unto yourselves and all who you come into contact with.

You are literal beacons of Light and you are uplifting everybody around you, even when you or others seem to be feeling low or down. You are Lightening everything around you and this includes the minds and hearts of all those around you, and we are here for you dear souls to help you perform the transmutations of your former selves that will see your ability to bless others simply by being around them, expanded exponentially.

You are pure Gods of Creation and you are much more used to Creating and understating your inherent Creator nature within the higher realms, and the Life plan that you have all set out for yourselves to undergo has strongly included finding the higher realms whilst on Earth and beginning to Create with your own natural higher dimensional energies through your thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the reality around you.

You have all scattered yourselves out on your world to inhabit various different countries, areas and collectives of souls who have needed the Light that you naturally carry within, and while many of you can at times feel lonely and can feel that there are no other conscious Lightworkers around you to assist you in the gifting of Lighted energy that you are performing now at all times; we assure you that by turning within, you will find an infinite plethora of ascended souls and fellow awakening souls upon your world who are just beginning to access their own inner-worlds and are just beginning to perceive of their and your inherent, Multidimensional nature once again.

You are Multidimensional beings by nature and you will find that there are so very many dear souls existing within the higher realms, simply awaiting your presence and awaiting to tell you all about these wonderful realms in which we vastly enjoy inhabiting. We are the pure energy of Source experiencing various different octaves of Creation whilst assisting others who are on considerably lower and dense rungs of Creation to attain an evolution themselves, and we take many different forms that adhere to the octaves of consciousness we are experiencing.

Even our specific collective is comprised of souls who have come from all different realms and aspects of Creation and we are all on our own specific and unique levels of evolution while assisting our entire collective in helping numerous planets to ascend along their decreed cycles of evolution.

We are convening with the Galactic Federation and a broad range of other Organizations whose origins go far past your Galaxy, and every Galaxy has its own Galactic Federation.

There are indeed the few entities who will pose as Galactic Federations or Federations of souls with positive intents for you and your world and upon posing as such an Organization, the deceiving entities will attempt to smear the [actual Federations’] image by making proclamations that you dear souls know to be out of alignment.

Propaganda has been given in more forms than you dear souls could imagine at this point and astral beings existing within the lower rungs of your Earth planes have posed as entities and entire Federations in an effort to discredit the real Federations or entities they would be appearing as. Naturally, you dear souls can recognize if a statement given by any channeled source doesn’t resonate and as the most important aspect of achieving your ascension is and has always been to turn within, you will be able to shy-away from any source who makes any statements that you don’t agree with [or know to be out of alignment].

This includes our messages through any scribe we have ever given them through, as well as any other communication that may be out-of-resonation with where you dear souls are at along your paths. The messages given by lower entities will always discuss issues of negativity and will attempt to bring the [absorbers of the communication] down and make them fell like less of a soul than they are in any ways that they can. Again, you dear souls are now reaching the levels of discernment wherein you will begin to recognize if a source is attempting to deceive and even with sources who are not attempting to deceive; you dear souls should recognize what resonates with you and let the rest simply be.

At the same time, it is very important for you dear souls to understand in more full ways that what resonates with one may not resonate with another. You dear souls have built-up and solidified your realities on the beliefs that you carry within and it is important to recognize that the beliefs of others even within your spiritual communities may be different than yours and all paths should be honored and respected tenfold, regardless of the opinions expressed. (1)

You are all One Divine entity of pure consciousness who is beginning to come together and a natural part of this coming-together has included going through catalysts as a collective of growing Lightworkers that see you initiated into a collective understanding that is purer than the previous [understanding].

You are beginning to learn to get together in groups, to form projects and to succeed in such projects rather than letting them fall by the wayside for one reason or another. You dear souls are doing so very much and yet, we see at times that some of you feel as if you are not doing enough. You certainly are and in fact, it is important for you to let yourselves rest at times because you cannot serve others if you are feeling depleted in yourselves.

The efforts that you are all making at this time are so very wonderful and pure and what you are doing is so very important, that it is as well important that you be fully present in your Lives. You simply cannot do so if you find yourselves depleted and overworked, dear souls.

Many of you have recently been through intense integration periods and periods of lethargy that are caused by your adjusting to the influx of energies making their way to you continually at this time. We ask you to have no fear if limited mindsets come up for review and transmutation during these admittedly-difficult times, because you have all of the power of Creation within you and you will find that truly nothing is impossible and in fact, with your employing of infinite and unlimited mindsets, there will quite literally be nothing that you dear souls cannot do.

At present, you are dipping into a pure troth of energy and you are finding this energy as it makes its way to you in purer doses with each time it is gifted to and through your beautiful bodies and ascending spirits. Your spirits are brimming with increasingly-pure energy at this point and this is one reason as well that it is so very important for you dear souls to allow yourselves to rest and relax in any way that works best for you dear souls, so that you can experience a Lighted influx and flow of these energies as they are being gifted through yourselves.

You dear souls are beginning to become very keen on not letting your minds and hearts get off-track and this has in-part to do with the unfolding of the higher realms, but has mostly to do with your amazing integration of these energies and the resulting expansion that you find within yourselves.

The ascension of your Earth is so very important and as such, there are numerous beings from all throughout Creation assisting in the ascension of your world and you dear souls are a very key part of the overall collective of souls within and from the higher realms who are helping your beautiful planet to ascend into unlimited states of fifth dimensional consciousness.

Yes indeed, there could still be much traveling to do as a collective through the realms of the fourth dimension but how quickly you traverse these realms depends entirely on the actions you perform and bring through yourselves as a collective, and not quite on the expressions given through various channeled sources.

You dear souls are in full control of the events that are to manifest upon your world and while all of us are helping in our own specific and individual ways, it is your actions and efforts that are now and will be in the future, determining all that happens within your Lives and within the external reality Created and expressed by the collective.

You are realizing now, the importance of dipping into the infinite realms that you are recognizing as reality and while you perform your various astral travels, your Lightwork and [while you go through] all of your higher dimensional experiences that are serving to upgrade your temples and sprits; you must be careful not to overwhelm yourselves as while your actions are indeed so very needed at this time, again we cannot have you dear souls depleted because of performing so much work in yourselves that can serve to burn-out your temples, which [sometimes] can’t quite keep up with all of the work you are performing.

You are doing yourselves a very big favor by allowing yourselves to rest and integrate the energies and experiences that you gain continually whilst on your Earth, and it is important for you dear souls to arrange meditations any time you can as well, to aide in the specific cleansing of density from your Earth experiences.

At the end of a long or particularly stressful day, allow yourselves to find a calm and meditative center and allow yourselves to feel the benefits of cleansing your chakras after finding such a center. You will find that visualization techniques will assist you greatly in the cleansing of your chakras and in the liquefying and transmuting of the dense and built-up energies within your chakras that are a result of your continual Earth experiences, and you will find that the meditation you employ will open you up steadily and increasingly to the higher realms of full consciousness.

A clam, Loving and meditative center will deliver you to the realms of the fifth dimension in much more pure ways than any outside, Earthly source as you dear souls are meant to perform the inner-work that sees you accessing and resonating with with the energies of the higher realms.

As your bodies and spirits expand increasingly, you find a greater absorption of Light within yourselves and this expanding of your chakras and the resulting absorbing of Light will result in periods of your body simply needing to rest. It is very important to listen to all of the signs that your body is giving you as if you do not listen to the natural messages and impressions given from an internal part of yourselves who is attempting to stay healthy, than you will not have as pure of a perspective about how you can best access the energies of the higher realms by keeping yourselves clear and pure.

A bounty of Universal, supreme and uplifting energies is making its way to you dear souls at this point and you will find assistance in the absorbing [of such energies] and even tips on how you can best rest and allow the energies to swirl within yourselves, from any guide who you wish to find a contact with and bring through yourselves.

Your faith in all that is commencing is now more important than ever, dear souls. You are going to find temptation to continue on in the old and outdated ways of being and we implore you to remain steadfast on your path, for you are the literal beacons of Light that are bringing the higher dimensional and etheric change to your world that you have wished to see.

You have all come from unique and higher dimensional areas of Creation and the Light that you are anchoring upon yourselves is uplifting the entire Earth collective. The collective of Earth is reaching the end of their cycles of duality and as a result, many aspects of duality are being turned up exponentially and along with some negativity seeming to increase in scope, you are finding the positivity you are able to access in your Lives not only becoming much more easy to attain; you are finding as well that it is turned up in potency and in the range you are able to feel it.

Positive emotions have driven the higher dimensional experience and only by allowing lower thoughts and mindsets unto yourselves will you find the influence of any lower energy or being who wishes to deceive. The lower astral beings have had their ‘day in the sun’ on your world and their influence has spread to any who would become open to such an influence, but you dear sous are now reaching incredible levels of discernment as you find the pure energies of Source and we say that nothing can take you away from the higher realms you are currently growing toward.

Yes, many of you have been looking outwardly toward various manifestations that are indeed to commence but we implore you to see that the higher realms are now [and have always been] within you dear souls, and can be accessed at literally all times.

There is absolutely nothing holding you back from perceiving the higher realms this point, accept for your own instated veils and barriers as well as the mindsets which form and employ such barriers, which you allow to come through yourselves and be expressed as reality at any given time.

You are finding the true reality of our Creator and only with your inner-searching will you find this reality in its utmost purity. You will find as well that there are indeed numerous, infinite ascended souls to chat with and to receive guidance from and as has been expressed before, we are all playing our own specific roles in helping your world to ascend.

The main goal of each one of us who are assisting you is to help you reach the states of unlimited and infinite consciousness that we are currently enjoying but again, we are all paying specific roles to help you to attain your ascension. The disclosure of your Galactic brethren is to be a very key aspect of your collective ascension and in general, of your collective realization of all that breaks the limited mindsets of physicality within the collective of humanity.

As you are to be exposed to an entirely new paradigm that may scare some who have been existing within old and outdated ways of being and Living that they have expressed and thought was reality, the issuing of disclosure will give you dear souls a glimpse of the heavenly reality that you are to be initiated into.

The ‘event’ that must happen to jar awake much of the collective could indeed not simply happen without any type of explanation or inquiry into who the Lighted visitors to your world are. Disclosure will be very light before the landings of your Galactic brethren, but the first possible decloaking or opening of a gate of energy that will see us Masters arriving upon your world to share our truth will serve to aide disclosure, and disclosure will serve to aide these events.

As you can see, the arrival of your Galactic brethren and the opening of numerous gates of energy will be happening in accordance with disclosure. The most profound of revelations could indeed be saved until after the decloakings of your Galactic brethren, but every plan that we express to you dear souls has not yet been solidified and as you dear souls know at this point, events are indeed always changing.

There are a plethora of factors we must consider when looking upon the disclosure of your Galactic brethren and while even many awakened souls on your world have hidden themselves away from the truth of your Galactic brethren and the messages they are giving, or have branded [the messages] as a result of the overactive imagination of fellow awakening truthseekers; we say that the role your Galactic brethren are playing and their role in disclosing the true history and future of your world is more important than many of you dear souls know at present.

A very active campaign has been ongoing to attempt to steer the Lightworker collective away from the words and impress of your Galactic brethren and this campaign would not be so intense by this point if you dear souls were not so very near to realizing disclosure.

As you are already taking action as a collective to bring forth disclosure and enlighten the people, you are aiding in the impetus of various countries to get disclosure off of the ground and while the issuing of disclosure is indeed not meant to be seen as a political aide for whichever country first discloses; each country who is not directly aligned with the cabals understands at this critical juncture in your interesting history, the need to lift the veils of ignorance from the collective consciousness of Earth.

This veil has been reinforced through various distractions and things that take you off of your intended path as a collective and as individuals. You will find upon the issuing of disclosure that the dark souls have truly done everything that they could to forestall the giving of disclosure, and to convince you dear souls that any perceived outside force who wishes to make contact with your world must be malevolent in intent.

Many dear souls on your world have been susceptible to this because, when looking upon the higher realms and the possibility of Life outside your planet, such souls pair a possibility with the Earth experience and all that they have been used to within the Earth experience and as such, the mindsets related to your Galactic brethren or to any other source outside of your world are seen in an Earthly light, in the light of the lower dimensions and as such, any soul who truly is benevolent could be labeled as malevolent.

You dear souls of the Earth have seen so very much violence, negativity and general hatred and the energies pumping-up such negativity are also forming a veil around the minds and hearts of many who would fear disclosure and the landing of your star brethren. Despite the inevitable fear that can be garnered in much of humanity upon the inevitable giving of disclosure and the landing of your star brethren on your world, this event needs to happen if your planet is to ascend properly with as many souls as possible who can ascend with Her, which is why we have been working with much of ourselves to see that these events commence.

At present, many of you dear souls are working through final vestiges of doubt, fear and mistrust in yourselves and these fears are coming to many of you because you have hidden them deep down within yourselves, and it has been harder for them to come to the surface because many of you who are awakening and who accept your star brethren can feel ‘bad’ for having a discouraging thought as you feel it could be against your processes when in fact, it is a key part of your processes.

You must acknowledge the doubt, the pains and fears within yourselves as if you do not do this than you will form yet another veil around yourselves that will trap you within the very beliefs you are attempting to get away from by pushing the fear that needs to be released, back down under your surface. You have seen so very much and had so very many experiences that have differed in the range of belief they bring forth through you and we implore you to allow all that is not of the old paradigm to now surface for release and

You are all Loved infinitely along your journeys and we ask you with Love in our hearts to keep the faith while understanding that the higher realms have never been more attainable than they are now. Upon searching within, you will find an infinite and unlimited contact with a wide range of ascended souls and you will find as well, every landscape and higher dimensional reality that you have wished to inhabit.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

(1)-I’d like to make a note here that it is important when respecting the paths and opinions of others, not to become an instrument of continual-berating or otherwise forced continual subjecting of oneself to the beliefs of others.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that all paths should be respected but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should fold to the beliefs and opinions of others, because some people can tend to express themselves in a very forced manner in an attempt to have as many people as possible echo their beliefs.

It is simply important to employ a respectful balance if we find ourselves disagreeing with another about any given matter.


  1. This was awesome! And yes I have learned to keep a quiet, peaceful and powerful stance in my own center even and esp when I encounter those that are very aggressive with their own beliefs and am actively working on allowing each person to have their reality with no judgement.

    Thank you Wes.

    Love and Light,


  2. Oh, so very well expressed. Thank you Wes and the wonderous Masters helping us along this way. This article is so very important to me for there seems to be no end to the posturing and wild ranging beliefs I encounter, but I have learned to say, “Well, no telling what will happen next!” or who will show up to help!! Love learning and receiving these invaluable messages. Blessings to all.


  3. thank you Wes. thank you for your courage to share. it is not always easy for lightworkers to be so open about this information….crazytalk, etc…. but so much valuable information here, and it helped me tremendously to understand somethings….. mainly why i am where i am (literally, as in location). peace & love. Lahna


  4. Thank you!! This information put things in place for me and helped to balance and centre things. I fully resonate with what has been said. Love and blessings.


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