Multidimensional Ocean

ImageThank u so much for patience, love, support and understanding
I have 4 more weeks of class and exams, then 2 more minor exams mid or end December.
Rhythm now is a bit unreal: we are expected to produce 2 to 6 assignments per week, after reading hundreds of pages every week. Just in German so far we had to read 3 books (in German of course!), do weekly marked translations, and read and study economy and politics news in German and comment on it in German! and I have 4 other modules… not to mention all the 4 hours drive per day a few times a week, which is zapping all the remaining of my energy…
I am guided to relax and go within in order to resource my energies.
My treats are shopping, cooking, doing the washing up and Indy play time.

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