Design Metaphysics: The Hendecagon…11

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The eleven-sided polygon is rarely seen in nature. Its shape signifies an entrance or portal into what could been described as a mystical state of mind. Delusionary in content, eleven is also known to be the first number, i.e. the root, in a sequence of numbers, 22, 33, 44, etc. that exist in an ideal world beyond the constraints of form.

Two single fields creating a symbolic gate (1 1) into another realm of consciousness and characterized by a higher frequency; a greater level of awareness and entrance into a new sphere of experiences. A “bridging” position if you will, a portal into another world created by the energy of the hendecagon. The eleven-sided polygon has been interpreted as the link between the conscious and the unconscious thereby opening the gate to greater possibilities.

Intuitively sensitive, the eleven- fold field of consciousness has the potential to become an active channel for further expansion. Comparable with entering any new situation, expectations are high and ambition colossal. At this point consciousness is traversing two distinctly different realms between gateways leading to all that has yet to be experienced/known.

Introspective in character yet universal in context a greater field presents itself. For the most part little is felt during this transition as a deeply symbolic and mysteriously veiled encoding process appears as a fleeting moment of awareness that protrudes under the radar of general observation. New insights that go beyond the mundane become paramount eventually forcing consciousness to listen and inquire as to the location, meaning and purpose that surround its’ Source. At this juncture in the process design’s prowess is beginning to make a subtle impression.

In reference to humanity, design creates the link between the fields of what is considered to be the conscious and the unconscious and can be described as the subconscious.

The subconscious is the playground of design, the field in which every “form” of quantum energy has the potential to be materialized. It is the virtual field of choice, where the imagination can run rampant until belief systems, introspection and internal templates have their affect. Beyond the subjective realm of the imagination, the subconscious is the most intimate and deeply felt. For humanity the subconscious is the “gateway” where intuitive impression meets an objective world.

The concept of time is now seen in a new and different way. Acting within the constraints of a past knowing, a greater experience, i.e. resonance, is actively pursued beyond the parameters of the current holographic field. Any entrance into greater consciousness will require greater emotion and a greater imagination, which are the vehicles designed to be made capable of incorporating this new understanding of “reality” and state of being.

With greater meaning there must also be greater purpose.

Life reverberates at a more significant intensity and magnitude within the constraints of a new field made manifest between the two pillars of the conscious and the unconscious, i.e. the singularity and the collective. Opportunities abound within the constraints of a more harmonious and magnanimous playing field. The ramifications that surround the concept of design and design thinking become more and more apparent as a collective subconscious begins to symbolically decode the meaning and purpose of Life’s messages. Life experiences are now seen in a different “light”.

With the knowledge that the universe is magnanimous, holographic and a virtual field of contextual awareness, consciousness becomes more collective, inclusive and multi-dimensional. Holograms stemming from the imagination become more encompassing, receptive and devoted to a collective growth in awareness.

Focus surrounding the most appropriate forms that surround, describe and transmit this greater awareness becomes more “objectively” apparent than ever. Every desire becomes intensified in the knowledge that the most “appropriate” choices need to be made in order to attain and/or retain balance.

Dedication, trust and commitment to every designed path is necessary in order to experience a greater expansion of consciousness propagated within the constraints of the collective subconscious. However, if such choices are made manifest without reason, i.e. a collective purpose, every imagined ideal will remain within the playful field of fantasy and whim, to lie dormant without a true appreciation, realization or understanding of the need to strive for balance and harmony between meaning and purpose. The result: a design unfulfilled and never known

Design Consciousness: Design Metaphysics: The Hendecagon


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