Ann Albers ~ Messages From Ann And The Angels ~ 3 November 2012

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Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

It is indeed a time of great movement and change upon your planet earth. This movement can either be terrifying or awe inspiring. It can create miracles in your life or if you resist the movements of your own heart, it can create great chaos. It is no longer possible to attempt to control your lives as tightly as you once did, for the energy of love upon your planet is increasing and the power that loves you, dear ones, is attempting to steer each and every one of you in your individual lives. All of nature works in a glorious dance, and so too, humanity is intended to do the same.

You have witnessed the winds blowing and the waters rising in your recent storm, but if you are paying attention you will also feel the winds of change blowing in your heart, and the tides of emotions rising. What humanity does not acknowledge and express, Mother Nature releases for you. Pent up emotions and whirling chaos in the human hearts give rise to swirling storms. Dear ones this is an act of love. Without such outlets, so many more of you would experience physical illness. Your dear Mother Earth loves you and she responds to you as a body must respond to the cells that comprise its totality.

So how can you embrace peace in times of chaos? Dear ones, peace comes from abiding in the lasting truth that God is in charge and if you choose to align yourselves with that love, your lives will truly be “in the world but not of it.” Pray each morning. Ask God to come into your life, to guide and guard you. A very simply prayer and a few minutes of silent reception can change your life! “Dear God, take charge of my day. Here is what I would like to accomplish, but if you have better plans, make them known to me. I surrender to your love. I open my heart to receive your love.” Then take a few minutes to sit, breathe, and receive our love and the love of your creator. Such a simple exercise will change your lives.

For in truth it is not the storms, nor the economy, the political leaders, or others in your life who are in charge of your happiness or well being. If you align with God, then you can trust that every circumstance around you has meaning, purpose, and value. Your lives will go more smoothly. Your interactions will be more clearly guided. Your economy will be that of God’s economy.

So rather than wasting time in worry, set your intentions to align with God, to receive the love of your angels and the Creator, and to trust that your well being never has depended on external circumstances but rather the degree with which you choose to align with love. Sit, breathe, and receive our love each and every day. Take time to pray. Take time to acknowledge all that is good, true, and beautiful within you. Focus on these simple truths dear ones. Deal with the day at hand – do your work, vote with your conscience, do what you need to do, but leave the rest to the power that coordinates the stars in the heavens. For indeed everything is in right order. You are all learning what you need to learn, but the tougher lessons will pass ever so much more quickly when you embrace them with an abiding love and trust, that you – each and every one of you – are deeply and dearly loved.

God bless you. We love you so very much. –– The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone!!

I haven’t turned the news on in ages, so it was surprising last weekend when the urge hit. Immediately I knew why. I have a fascination with the timing of our storms, and sure enough, there was Super storm Sandy, hitting the east coast, the week before elections. We are stirred up as a country, and it is no wonder that the mass consciousness is being reflected in whirling winds and rising waters.

I called home promptly. My folks, my brother and his family all live in Northern, Virginia, where flooding is rare but winds can do some serious damage. My mom is recovering well from hip surgery and she’s a strong woman, but in my heart of hearts, I knew she didn’t need to deal with one more thing. So I prayed, “Dear God, thank you for keeping their power on and if it must go out, assist them with grace and ease.” My mom wasn’t worried. She told me she had slept deeply listening to what she considered to be the peaceful sounds of wind and pounding rain. Dad had battened down the hatches at their home, but remained unworried. And reflecting their peaceful but prepared attitude, they were among the “lucky” ones for whom power remained on. “Luck” in my book, comes from a sincere faith, humble prayer, and a deep knowing that when trials hit, grace is at work and if you surrender to bringing love into the situation, greater good arises.

To avoid tapping into the chaos and unrest in the world, I have been taking time each morning with God and the angels to sit in silent reception of their love. It works wonders. I feel “in the world but not of it.” I choose gratitude instead of financial fears. I choose to vote and then let it go and pray for whomever gets elected. I choose to let life happen and trust that God loves me. God does love all of us but the real question is, “Do you love yourself enough to take a few minutes a day to sit and breathe and receive love from the creator and the angels?” It takes less than ten minutes and your entire day goes more smoothly. I just sit and pray to be aligned with God’s will. I give God my to do list and ask for help, but I also surrender if my heart changes plans. My days have been flowing with grace and ease as a result. My favorite line when things don’t look as I wish is simple… “God, you know what you’re doing! I know you love me! I can’t wait to see the magic that comes from this!” And then I wait for my miracles with absolute faith.

Living this way, they always come.

Have a beautiful week, and if you are affected by the storm you are in our heart and prayers,

Love, Ann link to original article

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