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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the eleventh issue of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we will absorb some guidance given by SanJAsKa and the Hathors. We will also practice a collective Lighted ritual to aide impoverished peoples, and I will answer a reader’s question on the subject of a gradual ascension.

To begin for this week, SanJAsKa mentions the effects that outside stimulants have had upon our reality.

“In due time, you dear souls will realize the effects that your various stimulants, crutches and generally all that you have used to cope with the Earthly experience have had upon your experience and upon the ways that your reality is manifested through your natural Creation powers.

Life, and especially Life on your world, is wonderful, beautiful and should be celebrated tenfold. As you dear souls are able to exist within a dense and seemingly-limited reality and as well begin to realize the effects that this reality-structure has had on your ways of thinking, you are finding and realizing that the higher realms are everywhere and are able to illuminate all dark corners of your infinite paths back to Source.” -SanJAsKa

We are told of the outside sources we have hooked ourselves onto; for many of us, in an effort to cope with the lower dimensional experience.

“Experiencing the lower dimensions in every form that they had to offer upon your world was a key part of your Earthly experiences and as many of you have indeed been through very dense and difficult situations in your many Lives upon the Earth’s surface, many of you have subconsciously and consciously installed stimulants and habit patters for yourselves to be ‘hooked’ on that have helped many to cope with the Earthly experience and with all that has been garnered and Created for yourselves.

As there has been a veil employed between the lower and higher realms, any manifested densities within one determine the power of this gap and its ability to cut one off temporarily from contact with the higher realms and with the interactions with these realms that you dear souls require and that are healthy for your bodies and spirits.”

So, the densities we employ in our Lives determine how large the veil is that separates us from the higher dimensional experience.


SanJAsKa explains why our processes are discussed so routinely by our channeled sources and expresses the wish of the higher realms to assist us.

“You will find that we discuss these processes you are going through quite routinely as while you are all traveling at your own rates to the higher dimensions, you are reaching collective strides that are seeing all that is not of the higher realms illuminated for you dear souls and this is again, a process that we wish to assist you in.

We wish to help you with your realizations, with your integrations, with your transmutations; and we wish to act in accordance your collective and individual growth processes.”

There will be lessons and guidance we are given as well as general ‘pointers’ about any given issue that our guides will give us through our intuition, but they cannot act in too bold of ways lest they violate our sanctioned freewill.

To finish the communique for this week, SanJAsKa explains that upon garnering a higher perspective, we will realize how needed our transmutations of all that was holding us back were. We are also shown the link between transmuting our own density and transmuting the density of the collective.

“As you dear souls are beginning to find an understanding of the higher realms in your own beautiful and wonderful ways, you will realize that all that has been said within any communication or [within] any advice given to you dear souls is quite easily understandable and acceptable after having garnered a different point of view and perspective.

You dear souls are undergoing the Earthly experience and transmuting the very energies that have driven such an experience as you integrate these energies and transmute them within yourselves and by doing so, you assist tremendously in the collectively-manifested energies that have driven the collective lower dimensional experience, being themselves transmuted.

You are anchoring the higher dimensions unto yourselves and your Earth quite literally, dear souls!”

Thank you to SanJAsKa.


This week, our next source will be the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes. To begin their discussion, the Hathors allude to the specific ways that many sources within the higher realms are helping us to ascend.

“The realms of the higher dimensions are unfolding on your world supremely at this time and the entire ascended collective is assisting in this process, in very specific and individual ways for each individual and collective who is helping you and your world to ascend.

We are all playing key, specific and needed roles for the ascension of your world but you dear souls who have incarnated unto Gaia’s surface are making the biggest and most grand effects upon everything around you.” –The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes

The Hathors then build upon the rhetoric given by SanJAsKa, and remind us that any outside validations of the higher realms are simply unneeded.

“You are much more potent in structure and in the amount of Light you are able to bring through yourselves than you dear souls realize at present. Lower mechanisms within the Self have held back many from understanding their true potential as Lightworkers and souls of the higher realms who can anchor such realms unto the surface of the Earth and as you are beginning to realize and will realize further in the time ahead, any type of outside substance or validation of your unfolding higher dimensional experience is simply unneeded at this time.

You dear souls are able to produce within yourselves, any type of [natural] ‘chemical’ or higher dimensional energy that you wish to. Your brain is a natural receptor for the energies that you bring through, as is your heart and all of your chakras as well. Your physical heart helps to keep your body alive and well, while your heart chakra brings in the omnipotent, Universal energy of Love that sustains the energetic portions of your body whose survival is dependent upon a healthy connection with Source.”


We are told that these final Lives we are undergoing are the culmination of a vast plethora of Lives on this Earth and that we are working to break through long-instilled heart sets in ourselves that have employed our veils.

“You dear souls have all incarnated upon your world to play every single role that needs to be played and as many Lightworkers have taken on some of the most difficult of karmic experiences for the purposes of healing the collective density related to such experiences in preparation for your planetary ascension; you have found such experiences and you have wished, at your very cores, to work past the energies and heart sets that they had naturally garnered within many of you.

We in the higher realms do not joke when we say that you are undergoing the final lessons that you had set out for yourselves in this final Life on your world which is the culmination of thousands and for some, millions of Lives upon the lower dimensional surface of dear Gaia. You dear souls have seen everything and have felt the mindsets, hearts sets and limitations that have been employed within yourselves as a result of your exposure to the lower dimensions.”

Can you imagine some of the many Lives we have spent on this Earth? Experiencing every continent, every culture, every hardship and every joy… it all sounds surreal! We have accumulated a lot of experiences and a lot of resulting beliefs that are a part of the lower dimensions, which we are now transmuting and surpassing.

To finish their communique for this week, the Hathors discuss that since we are to be so busy, it is important for us to utilize this moment of NOW to achieve all that we can within ourselves.

“Do you feel how busy you are all going to be in the time ahead, rebuilding the ways your world has worked and functioned for quite a long time while finding a total collective unity garnered in the process?

You are to be quite busy in the time ahead and this is why your natural transmutations of the former aspects of yourselves that would hold you back forever if allowed, is needed now more than ever. The wonderful news is that you are infinite and Godly souls who are finishing up experiences that you long knew you would be able to handle.

You are handling these experiences wonderfully, and we thank you dear souls with all of the pure Love of the Creator in our hearts. Feel this literal energy transfer taking place, from our hearts to yours. We are with you now and in your hearts at all times.”

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

It is hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. There is more to our Newsletter than the channeled bits and if you are in a decent financial situation and have found that this resonates; all subscriptions are greatly appreciated.



  1. Hi Wes

    Just a note to let you know that although I have been subscribing to your newsletter and made 3 payments I have only been receiving this preview or is this the whole of the newsletter?

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    • Hello Moiya,

      Did you subscribe with the email you have left under this comment? We send each weekly Newsletter to the email attached to the paypal account of each subscriber, and I will be going through our list and looking for your name and email. I sincerely apologize for this unacceptable inconvenience dear friend.

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


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