Greg Giles Quits: Strange “Finale” Message

By Stephen Cook


Greg Giles Quits: Strange “Finale” Message

Note from Wes: I don’t know what I could say about this that hasn’t already been said by many people. I’m one who followed Greg from the beginning on the Galactic Free Press, have chatted with him before, and am just as bewildered as anybody else. Either way, as many have said, we need to send Greg our Love rather than the hate that so many memebers of various spiritual forums are sending him on a daily basis.

In a truly strange and distressing day, it appears that Greg Giles, channeller for both the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command, has channelled his final message and has quit his current Lightworker mission.

Either that, or he’s been seriously hacked by others who may have, in some way, compromised both his channellings and his new website in what may be a very cruel and nasty campaign to seriously harm Greg’s reputation. This dark scenario may also be a possibility.

There has also been talk in some forums elsewhere this week that, because Greg had not posted since September 24 – and he usually posts very regularly – he had gone missing…

Whatever is the case, today is a truly strange day in the history of Lightworkers and our hearts and healing must indeed be sent and relayed to Greg in whatever loving doses we can send him today.

According to his own blog, Greg has posted his final message – titled “Message from Those Who Share Their Messages through Me 9/29/12 ‘Finale,” dated September 29, 2012.

Greg’s profile photo on the front page of his Ascension Earth 2012 blog also carries a new (and somewhat odd) message, as of today:

Hello everyone, this message entitled ‘Finale’ is indeed genuine, meaning, this site has not been hacked and this message was sent to me by the same source as each and every previous message. Please join our discussion in the comments section. And yes, this is my real photo and my name is Greg Giles. I am also your friend, all of you.

Meanwhile, this is how the “Finale” message starts:

Many of you have clearly been waiting on your ship to come in to your harbor, but as a few of you, not many of you, but a few of you have begun to discern for yourselves, no ship is coming in and we, of course, are referring to these fictitious debit cards that have never and will never be mailed to you. All of you, and this means every single one of you, including our channel Greg, has been participating in what you may refer to as a research study or a project, or what we refer to as a great program. So what has this program, that is now over for Greg mind you, all about?

Well, we can tell you only what you may need to know, or what you feel you may need to know, to somehow come out of this a little more unscathed than Greg has. Greg is, shall we say, deeply wounded, for he feels he has led many of you astray and in a way he has indeed done this. However, his heart was always in the right place. He has actually been receiving our radio frequency communications that are received solely through the power and the use of his brain. This is the way we have been communicating with him and through him to you, and this is why we feel he has fallen for this, we shall say, scam, if you will, for so long, for you see, when one receives communications in this way they can get a little confused. Such is the case with Greg.

And on it goes… see below.

Tragically, it seems to follow a similar pattern of unusual ramblings which have dotted his posts for the past few months… posts which have been accusatory, fearful, and judgemental; featured language that appeared to be very non-5th dimensional; and, in the past week, have contained threatening messages towards other channellers and Lightworkers.

Photo: Greg, Sierra Michal and brother Glenn Giles

There’s been much talk about Greg’s erratic postings and their content within Lightworker communities around the world.

Many have been concerned. Others have stopped reading Greg’s messages at all.

This particular “Finale” message says that Greg has been ‘duped’… ‘they’ have lied to us about this and lied to us about that.

The entities  he is alleged to be channeling in this “Finale” message actually say they are not members of the Galactic Federation of Light nor the Ashtar Command.

‘They’ say ‘they’ have bodies that are unlike human bodies  – but do not reveal who ‘they’ are.

‘They’ say they do not possess souls, as we would like to think. ‘They’ even deny there are such things as the Cabal, Ascension or any other dimensions beyond the third.

Anthony Morrison, who’s been the 2012 Scenario editor who regularly posted Greg Giles’s messages until recently – when the editors here discussed whether we should continue to post Greg’s messages because of their fearful tone and mixed messages – has been concerned about Greg’s well-being for some time.

“I have felt Greg has not been coping with either the messages coming through or the community reaction. I felt he was even on the verge of a breakdown of sorts. Maybe today is the culmination of all this,” says Anthony. “Something is seriously awry here.”

A poster on another forum wrote three days ago, under the heading Is Greg Giles missing?: “Greg has not posted his ‘daily’ messages since 24 September 2012 without saying anything, which is very unusual for him. It appears that his brother Glen who lives with him also has not posted any comments.”

Another poster, responding to the one above wrote: “I certainly wish no harm to Greg or his brother. However, he had been posting a lot which was offending many of us lightworkers out here. myself, included. I had been following his messages for several months and finally he offended me as well. I didn’t post any negativity about him because I AM a true light worker and my heart is full of all love for everyone and everything in the many universes.

“It is a likely possibility, that he may have been removed from command due to him offending so many light workers due to his negative remarks being made towards many of the awakening souls that are here. I had read a month or so ago that some of the others in GFL that his channelings had been removed from other sites because he was offending so many humans with his some of his negative remarks that were disheartening and disillusioning many humans like myself and that there had been many here that were trying to get his channelings removed from these sites. These thoughts are only my own so please don’t take them to heart.

“Please continue to do your own search as to what may have happened to him and let me know. In the meantime, I will pray and send love and light to him and his twin brother that they will remain safe and in the light.”

I have also been concerned about Greg’s personal situation for several weeks. I have written to Greg directly, three times over the past few months, asking him if he would like to come on The Light Agenda as a guest – but he has not  answered a single email. Which I found odd, because he always answered people’s emails.

I have again extended this invitation to him in the aftermath of what has happened today, but only if he feels he is comfortable and once he regains his composure. I don’t wish him to place himself under any increased undue pressure – but he may feel he needs to talk and if so I’d like to be there for him.

So, on this very sad day, I suggest we all send Greg our love and light and healing.

And Greg, we’re here for you whenever you need. You know how and where to find us. When and if you’re ready. You are loved.

Much Love and Light and Galactic Magic!


WARNING: Please use discernment. This is a particularly distressing message to read.

You can read today’s message in its entirety here:


  1. Many lightworkers and warriors must protector their energy in this very challenging school be at this time and if you don’t take care of your inner universe first will be many forces that will try to throw you off the ascension path.


  2. Wow…ok. That’s very weird, to say the least I guess. I remember when I first heard of Greg, his name was already being bashed. I thought it disgusting to be honest, we’re lightworkers, we’re supposed to be showing unconditional Love to all! And yet, here are these few talking very nasty about a fellow human. I don’t support his messages, due to the fact that every single one that I have read, or heard, has been a fear porn orgy of “do this, or your gonna die!” “The sea will rise and the skies will fall!” But to talk negative is not acceptable, ever. This is really a trip, I scanned through his last message, and it’s weird to say the least. I don’t know, either way I truly hope that Greg and his brother find what they are looking for. I hope they are alright, and I hope they “snap out of this”. Just my two cents! Thanks for the post. I Love you all, Namaste’!


  3. The finale message was definitely not from GFL through Greg for several reasons:

    1) General tone of the message is not right and it does not contain authority that comes from ascended beings and lacks dignity, compassion, knowledge (GFL always states facts and shed new information that human beings cannot imagine), and sincerity.
    2) GFL never says ‘ladies and gentlemen’.
    3) No subscribers received notice of this new post from Greg,
    4) His latest message was not posted in Ashtar website,
    5) I left a message that this message was not genuine and concerned his safety, my message was deleted, which all of us know Greg never delete a message no matter what!

    In all, my fear for Greg safety becomes more realistic. In the last few messages, GFL warmed the cabal was going to hurt him. I am now convinced that Greg was either taken by the cabal (e.g. bad CIA or similar agency who works for the cabal) to FEMA camp without a charge and for indefinite period time, or been killed by them and they took his computer. They (bad CIA) even tried to assassinate President Obama recently, so to kill a civilian is dead easy for them. If you research on the cabal, you will know they are capable of doing almost anything.

    Lightworkers should know that unless the cabal members are removed from our society, ascension will not happen to us. The ascension delay due to the cabal was announced recently by Sheldan Nidle’s channelled message.

    Greg has been telling us very hard about this fact that the removal of cabal is vital for ascension even though he has been harassed verbally, physically and legally by the cabal and their minions. They tried to wake up many lightworkers who think chanting ‘love’ would solve all our problems including removal of the cabal.

    What we should do now is to find out if he is alive or not. If he is alive, we may be able to save him.
    In the meantime, people should be vigilant that their emails could be hacked by the same people and should delete all information about your identify on it that is linking to Greg’s website.



    • Yessica, I agree! Greg is a sweet man, I’m sure. I too am wondering what the hell is going on. Everything that I have read today, just seems so odd. Everything. I truly hope that he is alright, his brother as well. I will meditate and pray about this whole, ugly thing. I Love you all, Namaste’!


  4. I’ve got similar thoughts to ldejavul. I only took a couple messages seriously before I noticed that reading Greg’s messages consistently made me feel fearful, etc… This message rings true to me.

    I think they intentionally laced their last message with things that are meant as a final exam, so to speak. Throw in the last couple lies that are meant to wake people up to being skeptical of what they read.

    I guess it’s testament to how far I’ve come to say that more than anything I’m grateful and happy to read this message. Namasté Greg, his channelers, and you all 🙂


  5. i started feeling a little stressed a couple days ago re Greg his messages are nothing like they were a year ago, if u go over them u will see how they’ve changed.In January he wrote being harassed by dark entities and he wrote his space family was going to take him off our planet, this is very serious maybe someone should call police report missing persons. This is not good David Wilcock was threatened they said they were going to torture him!! Thia has to stop!!


  6. obviously a cabal attempt to confuse, radio frequency messages ya right, this account has been hacked & you can bet greg will be back, ………..stay focused.


  7. There are some great points here. It most certainly is actions of the dark. And I do hope that Greg and his brother are alright. Everything will work out as it should, and I’m sure that they are protected from the dark so that no harm will befall them. We just need to stay focused as stated above, and most of all stay positive! Namaste’


  8. It is like I can see these ones laughing for some reason I get the feeling he was used to see how far he could go to splitting up groups of light workers by putting what I would call a virus into the works. It has not worked and they I feel had run out of ways to manipulate and greg may have begun to realise he was being used as a puppet. Just a thought no hurt intended to anyone, sending lots of love and healing light to all.


  9. How can the light workers rid the world of the cabal if we only give them love and pity?? They will laugh in our face and slam us in camps. Probably like poor Greg and his brother. I followed his channelings and know for a fact he did not post these last two messages as of today because some of the message is pure lies. The simple fact of the denial of universal energy devices proves it… If it is him, he is being forced by something…


  10. I must admit – this fits exactly with how I have felt about Greg’s messages since he began. I never had a totally good feeling, but would always come away with at least a small knot in my stomach. There were often things that contradicted what I had come to understand and expect from Light Beings.

    So, I for one am greatly relieved that my discernment has been proven out and that Greg’s messages WERE in fact not coming from Light Beings.

    I don’t plan to try to read more into Greg’s final message. I believe he has always been compromised and he has now bravely and correctly realized it.

    And I paid zero attention to the final follow up message he posted from his source. That struck me as just trying to get a last bit of propaganda in on their part.


  11. A message from Greg on Facebook:
    Hello everyone, thank you for your kind hearted and warm sentiments. I am just fine. These messages shared through me have not been messages from the GFL or the Ashtar Command. Not even since the beginning. The reason I believe this is because if the cabal suddenly ‘tapped’ into my line to the GFL, don’t you think the GFL would repair this problem? Its really obvious to me that all these messages have been coming from someplace else. This makes me question whether any of this GFL or ascension talk is real. One of the reasons I believed all this is because I was receiving messages myself. I now doubt all channels. I really think they are receiving messages from this same source, or they are just making this stuff up as they go. We shall see right? One channel has talked about prosperity funds going back forever now. Has anyone seen a dime? Does anyone really believe they ever will? Mass arrests? Its obvious that is not true either. We would have seen something transpiring, but we have not. If 2012 ends with no ascension for anyone, will you still believe? I am sorry if the messages shared through me got your hopes up, but I was only sharing what I definitely heard in my mind, which leads us to mind control/mind influence. This has been a great wakeup call for all of us. It was done with simple radio waves. That’s all. Not too difficult really. Lets stick together here. We have all made very good friends. Lets see how this plays out, because I certainly do not know. And yes, this is Greg. No one has kidnapped me or anything like that. I hope you all are doing okay through this. I know it is a very difficult time for us all. This has been quite an ordeal. And listen, stick to your convictions if that is what you wish to do. I will honor and respect all of your views, and I am interested to hear them. Peace, love and light to you all! Your friend, Greg


  12. Jesus…things are starting to get really crazy.. Does the cabal really think that we can’t make a difference between a genuine channel and a fake one? And I don’t know about other places, but where I live I started to see everyday LOTS of chamtrails.


  13. Ha ha ha ha that has put a Fox among the Fluffy Bunny New Agers OH boy was that so funny. What an amazing sense of hummer his friends have.Ha ha ha er LOL LOL LOL


  14. I send my Love and Light to all who have felt negative energies from that strange message. We must remember to use our own discernment when it comes to any channelled message, especially now. The Dark Ones are doing whatever they can to spread fear and uncertainty, for they know their time is up!

    I feel Greg did his best and was brave to share with us that strange message, which has been taken down from his blog. He should be updating us with what happened and we can use our discernment to feel if it is true or not. I feel we must remain strong in our FAITH that all is well!

    For those who didn’t resonate with some of his messages, just remember that what you focus on is what you attract in your life. Also, maybe it’s a reflection of what you yourself do not like within yourself. Everything is a Mirror! Focus on the POSITIVE side of things and let go of the NEGATIVE! But most importantly, WE ARE ALL ONE!

    Open your Hearts and send Love, especially to those who you may feel hurt you. Forgive and do not judge one another.

    Peace & Aloha~


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