Gradual vs. Sudden Views of Ascension – Part 4 – Archangel Michael

Written by Steve Beckow


Archangel Michael described the dislocation we would feel immediately after our shift to Fifth Dimensionality.

“There will also be in that period, which can be moments or a few hours, [a sensation] of feeling disassociated, that even if you were to open your eyes, even if you were to look at a floor, you would see that it is simply made of particles, subatomic particles, quantum particles, that it is not solid. So you have begun immediately to have the real sensation or vision of how things can be seen, and how they are seen, maybe, from this side.

“So there is a sense of unreality. Now, if you wish to make things solid, you will just simply say that you want that, and it will appear. But the knowing that that is simply a construct that you are creating already is there in full consciousness. When you decide to open your eyes, how you see the colors, the textures, the richness, the air, will be very different. What you think of as your senses will be heightened, oh, at least a thousand-fold.

“So, there is a little adjustment. And we are with you, and we obviously take care of that, because this is completely a joyous situation to be in. Think of it as being spiritually orgasmic. It is the union of all.

“Then, you will settle into this knowing, and of course that choice of physicality. But also know that if you choose to keep physicality, immediately what you have noted as, what we would call human aches and pains are gone.” (9)

And how will Fifth Dimensionality strike us upon first arrival? AAM says what will strike us right away as a “place of love. It will be all of a sudden that the decisions, the actions, the existence, the form is love, and is from love, and is of love.” (10)

However, he adds, “the biggest shift is you no longer live or exist — you can visit, … but you do not live — within the third dimension.” (11)

The next point to establish is where we end up – whether we go to the Fourth Dimension or the Fifth or higher. Archangel Michael says we go to the Fifth and higher, depending on our state of evolution (Starseeds, for instance, will go higher).

In describing the upwards-seeming flight of Ascension, he called it “the elevator to the Fifth. And further, there will be some who simply choose to keep going [to dimensions higher than the Fifth]. But as a collective, that is the plan.” (12)

When I asked him on An Hour with an Angel, Sept. 3, 2012, he said: “Yes, the shift is into the fifth, and will continue — no, probably not in your lifetime — through to the seventh. (13)

What will those find who go to the Fifth? Will it be a blank slate? AAM replies:

“It is not to say that you arrive in the fifth and it is a completely blank slate. There will be what you need there. But what you desire, or need, or believe you need, you will create. And the feeling, the belief that density and structure is the foundation of existence will not be part of that belief system, that reality.” (14)

The next question that concerns people is whether the Earth will remain in Third Dimension as a home to those who refuse to ascend or whether it will cease to exist. I asked Archangel Michael if any people would find themselves remaining on a Third-Dimensional Earth and he responded:

AAM: They will find themselves elsewhere.

S: And will they find themselves elsewhere as babies, or as they are now?

AAM: They will return home. They will return out of body.

S: To the astral planes?

AAM: Yes. And they will be counseled and then reassigned as they choose.

S: And there will be no one on this Earth? Or will this Earth exist?

AAM: Oh, no [that is, not in 3D], it will exist [in 5D]. (15)

So, no, the Earth will not exist in Third Dimensionality, but it will exist in Fifth Dimensionality.

When will all this happen?

In An Hour with an Angel, AAM said: “So are there dimensional shifts already underway? … Does this culminate at the end of your year? Yes.” He also said: “I will not be pinned down to an actual date and time” and he said that for two reasons. First he did not want us to postpone our preparations for it towards that time, he said.

”When you are talking about a specific date, the reason that I am avoiding it is because too many people in your collective become fixated on a date and time. So we say this is not particularly…. Is this a moment in time that is highly significant in terms of the shift? Yes. Do I suggest that you wait until December 19th to get ready? No. Do I suggest that if you arrive on December 22nd that you have missed the boat? No.” (16)

A second reason is that there are also opportunities for early Ascension and he did not want people to associate Ascension with only one date. He gave alternate dates for what I call “early risers” who are, in his words, “free to fly” or “take early exit” (17) through Celia Fenn and in interview with me in 2011. (18)

“[They] will also have the ability to travel back and forth and communicate with those still stuck in the Third. No, not in physical form, well, not in physical as you think of it. But their reality will be completely different. …

“ It is like when you see many of your star brothers and sisters, … they are visible, but they’re not completely present.” (19)

In my reading with him on Aug 17, 2012, he suggested that Ascension could be earlier than Dec. 21, 2012. (20) On Aug. 1, 2011, he asked me:

“Do we want you to be wedded to a date? No. Do we say that the dates that have been given are accurate and significant? Yes. If you were paralyzed, and let us suggest that in many ways the collective has been paralyzed, if you were paralyzed, and you were praying and praying and doing your sacred practice, and meditating for healing, and you were given the date of December 2012, would you be upset, dear friend, if it arrived in September? I think not.

“So look to your dates, but at the same time we are asking deeply of you, keep an open mind to early arrival.” (21)

AAM agrees with Matthew Ward that the spiritual journey back to the Creator goes on long after this coming Ascension: “As spiritual growth is ongoing, continual and a sacred journey and path, all will continue, long after they have completed planetary ascension.” (22)

He encourages us not to think of it as having an end at all, but as an ongoing process: “As you have probably heard before, ascension is an ever-evolving, continuous, on-going evolutionary process and not a destination.” (23)

He gives us an idea of just how long the journey back to the Creator is.

“There are many levels and stages of ascension: personal earthly ascension, whereby you gradually balance and harmonize your chakra centers which in turn triggers the process of clearing your physical vessel and your auric field of discordant energies. …

“Ultimately, we will experience the universal ascension process together. This phase of ascension will take place in the far-distant future; however, we in the higher realms of existence have had glimpses of this prodigious cosmic event and, we assure you, it is so magnificently complex and awe-inspiring that it is beyond your present comprehension.” (24)

He reminds Starseeds that “you have experienced different phases of the ascension process many times before in a multitude of locations and realities.” (25)

So Archangel Michael does say that a major Ascension will take place on Dec. 21, 2012, but he also refuses to pin himself down to just one date. Ascensions for some individuals – early risers or those who are free to fly and take early exit and for those who become ready after that date – exist prior to Dec. 21 and after. Ascension is not a fixed phenomena or an all-or-nothing affair but will accommodate both those who are fit to ascend before and those who become fit to ascend after.

He does say that we will ascend to the Fifth Dimension but he also adds that many will ascend to the Fifth, Sixth. Seventh, etc., and that those who ascend to the Fifth will be able to return and visit the Third.

And he does say that the moment of Ascension is sudden although the preparation is gradual.


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One comment

  1. Thank you Steve for working to convey a greater understanding of what is happening!

    There still seems to be an area of confusion for me because it is stated that 3D Earth will not exist at the point of Ascension. Then that those who move to 5D can still return and visit the 3rd dimension.

    I am still not clear since it is said that there is not one moment in which all ascend at what point 3D Earth becomes non-existent.


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