Gradual vs. Sudden Views of Ascension – Part 3 – Archangel Michael

Written by Steve Beckow

(Continued from Part 2)

Now let’s look at the views of Archangel Michael expressed through Linda Dillon, Ronna Herman, Celia Fenn and Michelle Coutant. Archangel Michael puts out a “sudden” view of Ascension but cautions us that there are multiple dates on which people may ascend, Dec. 21, 2012 being one of them and the most important.

I think what’s stirred among lightworkers when they see apparently-different messages from respected sources is the fear that Ascension will not happen. Archangel Michael did not see a problem with multiple interpretations. In An Hour with an Angel on Sept. 3, 2012, he said:

“Do you not think the heart of One can hold several perspectives at once? Of course it can. But is there only one unfoldment and plan? Yes.

“Can there be many interpretations of how that plan will come to be? Yes, because it is influenced and in the hands of the human collective in tandem, not solely, but in tandem with your star brothers and sisters, in tandem with the Ascended Ones, in tandem with this Council and in tandem with All.

“So it is not a matter of one view being accurate.” (1)

In a personal reading I had with him through Linda Dillon on Aug. 17, 2012, I asked him if there was any chance that the Plan for Ascension would be delayed and he replied: “This is the Mother’s Plan … [and] there is no plan for postponement or delay.” (3)

On two occasions, he addressed the fear that lightworkers have that Ascension will not happen. One was in the personal reading just mentioned. He asked me to:

“Talk about this concern and fear that many are feeling about the ‘what if’ around Ascension. Because … it is lurking in the shadows. …

“What if somehow this is all a cosmic joke?” (2)

He said that the Company of Heaven appreciates and loves jokes. But “our idea of a joke … would never be a joke to hurt so many. “ (3)

The second was in An Hour with an Angel on Sept. 3, 2012, when he stated categorically: “There is no ‘what if?’” He continued:

“The ‘what if?’ is a fear that you are going to be let down. You say, ‘Yes, Lord, that is true, because I have been let down, many, many, many times. You have given us predictions and they have not come to pass. You have given us dates, and they have not come to pass. Am I on a fool’s errand?’” …

“We are not putting the brakes on. We are not about to say to you, ‘Well, there has been a change in the Divine Plan.’

“We have waited for eons. There has been alignment on more levels, in more realms, than you can imagine for this to unfold. It is not simply about whether you, individually, are ready. You were ready the moment you said to the Mother/Father, ‘I will go, I will help, and my purpose is to ascend.’ And you will do so.” (4)

Nonetheless, AAM himself did describe planetary Ascension as happening in a sudden shift on or before Dec. 21, 2012, landing us in the Fifth Dimension. I’ll discuss the date and dimension below, but first I’d like to look at his description of the “sudden” moment of Ascension:

“There is a moment when the door opens. So it has been and is a gradual awakening. You have seen the changes mentally, physically, emotionally; interconnectedness; the shift in the collective. But there is that moment when it clicks. … Actually, it is a period of about 20 to 24, 26 hours. …

“It is a change in the entire collective vibration within which Earth, Gaia and everything upon it comes together. It comes together in a different vibration. So it is not like going through a portal. …

“But there is … what we think of as a moment, which for you feels more like a day or so. There is a moment when it is harmonized all together.” (5)

Another way of seeing the crucial moment in which we ascend is to say that it is the moment when duality – or what Archangel Michael calls “either/or” – disappears from our minds.

“So that sense of either/or, of what you traditionally have thought of as yes or no, of duality, of polarity, is gone. It is the alignment. The entire journey in this third-dimensional existence is reaching this place of alignment, of placing yourself beyond the either/or. And when you are doing that in this ascension process, it is like a Roman candle: off you go.” (6)

I asked him if Ascension was a process where we get up physically and move to another location and he replied:

“No, you don’t. Think of it as blinking. Have you ever blinked and the room seems brighter all of a sudden? This happens all the time in your meditation.  It is like a blink. …

“In that moment, what we are calling a moment, there is a choice. … And it can happen instantaneously, because so many of you have laid the foundation — do you want to be in the heart of one of love? Do you wish to be in the higher frequency?

“In the very last second, all they need to say is yes, and allow themselves to be flooded by what you can think of as a tidal wave of energy that will sweep the planet.” (7)

Even if we don’t get up physically and move to another location, the sense of our experience will be as if we flew upwards. In the reading I had with him, he called it “that movement of what you think of as going up the sacred spiral. That is the best analogy I can give you.”

In a later interview on An Hour with an Angel. He returned to this same image describing it as “the sense will be that you are flying upward.”

“It is a physical sensation of movement. And a remembering, or a sensation of remembering, that you have wings, or the ability to fly. So that is the feeling of ascending up the sacred spiral.” (8)

So in actuality the change or shift doesn’t mean that we actually go through a portal or physically move in any way, but instead that the Earth and everything upon it comes together in a different collective vibration. But at the same time we do have the sensation of flying upwards. We feel as if we were flying even if we don’t actually fly. The distinction between actually flying and feeling as if we were is subtle.

(To be concluded in Part 4)


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  1. Dear Wes Annac,
    I am thankful to you for this message.and actually most of the messages from our Masters and Light workers….
    Now a days what is my feeling that when you start meditation suddenly you will get the Vibrations of forth or fifth Dimension that means some mass changes have taken place in the Planetary and Galactic Consciousness….
    The effect is tremendous….


    • I know what you mean, dear friend. The meditative energies seem to instantaneously anchor themselves upon us… a sign of the times indeed!! 🙂

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


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