Titus Ang: Ascension Letter

Hi, I’m Titus Ang and I felt and urge to share what I’m doing with everyone.
I’m an indigo starseed living in Singapore. I’m currently studying for my diploma and this week is my test week. I already made my mind up at the beginning of the semester not to bother studying for any of my test at all. I decided this because I knew that ascension was coming for all of us and it is more fruitful for me to be meditating/anchoring love/spreading the word then wasting my time studying in school in a course I really couldn’t care less about.
There is no way I can think of to phrase this without sounding like I’m bragging so I’ll just say it as it is. I’m usually regarded in all my classes over the years as one of the smartest if not the smartest in the class. My PGA currently is 3.8 which is pretty high considering that I’m from Singapore, the country with like the 2 highest pre-university education (not completely sure it that is accurate though). I’m not trying to show off or anything I’m just trying to put things into perspective to explain better.
Because of this, through out the semester, a lot of my friends noticed that I wasn’t behaving “normally” so they asked me about why I seemed to have given up on my academics. Unknowingly I created a platform to share with my friends about whats gonna’ happen. Thankfully because of that a friend of mine awakened to this and he himself spread the word like wildfire to his friends and family.
Last week half way through my “study” break, I had an Epiphany on what I could do during my test this week. What I planned to do during my test is instead of just leaving my papers blank and walking out of the examination hall, I would write a letter to the markers/lecturers/tutors about ascension in the exams scripts. This was a notion that my previously unawakened self couldn’t even think about because of what I would be putting on the line by doing this. I would be giving up my scholarship, I would set my academic career back by 6 months at least, I would lose a lot of respect in school among my peers and teachers, etc. The thing is, I don’t feel a spec of fear at all. I know that all those things that I’ll lose are physical things that wont matter in the coming months and I know doing this is going to spread at least some light around.
My mom, who was awakened way longer than me strongly discouraged me from doing it and my friend didn’t even take me seriously when I told him the idea. However, I knew that this was something I had to do. I guess the 2 major reasons why I felt i needed to take such a drastic action is
1. It was high time that I started standing up against the system. The education system is another means for the cabal to control us. It’s abundantly especially where I’m from. It was time I stop feeding into their tactics and say no more to them.
2. It was a REALLY good way to spread the word about ascension in my country. Do understand that here, the idea of this 2012 scenario is practically unheard of. Even discussions on the banking and monetary system is rare at best so trying to talk to others about this is very difficult. Since I was submitting a script that people were forced to read through, why not fill it with important information about ascension.
I have a paper every day of the week and I’ve taken 2 tests so far, both of which I wrote said letters. My friend who was sitting beside me facepalmed every time he looked at my script. He really didn’t expect a studious person like me to do something like this. But so far I have felt nothing but peace and joy. The surprising thing is that when i do something not normal like this, I would always feel fear and doubt my actions but when I did this. I did not feel it at all this time. Something about doing lights agenda that just washes all the fear and doubt away. Especially with all the new energies we are experiencing.
I thought I would share this with everyone. No one has to do what I did but perhaps there are some actions that you wanted to take to do some light work but were afraid. If a 19 year old nerdy teenager like me can do it, I’m sure we all can 🙂
God Bless!


  1. I’m proud of you. I’m the awakened Mum you mentioned. Go for it son. I helped you in the awakening process and am sorry my 3-D fears got in the way.
    And you’re right, the education system needs a major face lift. Gia has suffered much as a result.
    Love you so much.


    • So Loving and supportive you are, dear Mother of Titus. 🙂 Other mothers in this day and age could learn from your example, you have raised a wonderfully awakened son. 🙂 🙂

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


    • Great job to both of you! I am proud of you and hope that I can share more of the ascension with my oldest son when he visits in a few weeks. My two other children who are 26 and 21, have heard it from me for months and haven’t quite absorbed it yet. (They think I am crazy) But I am sure a fun, crazy mom of three children, who hopes that her children will be as wise as your son is.

      Thank you for sharing this!


  2. i m the friend you are talking about.. -_- 😉
    i m supporting u with what u are doing titus. i always will facepalm when u do that during the tests but i am all the way supporting you bro!!! gaia needs a new channel for enlightment. though i cant do that during tests because of unexplainable situations, i m gonna support this till change for the good happens!!! god bless all!


  3. I am British, living in Spain, and during several visits to your country have personally experienced the subtle and not so subtle restrictions, as well as the shadowy undercurrents that pervade your politics and (if you will pardon me) the very materialistic culture that exists.

    I also know of the excessive value that is placed upon young people´s academic achievements, the pressure that is placed upon you, and the suicides that have resulted.

    This was a brave move and one that deserves immense respect. I congratulate you, and that very wonderful mother of yours, and so enjoyed reading of the inner rewards you have already gained. Yet there are many, many more to come!

    There is no doubt in my mind that you are fulfilling your purpose for being here at this time, and that the support you have been given by those around you – as well as by those above who whispered in your ear – will increase daily to your delight and ours!

    Thank you for being the beacon of light you are, and a big thank you to your mother for shining her light on you. You both have heaven´s blessings and pride!


  4. To all you mums & parents out there whose kids were born in the 80s, our kids are all indigo and/or crystal beings or whatever terms we want to give them. It doesn’t really matter. The kids are coming with a different energy field and I strongly believe that even if they appear unawakened, they’re coded and wired for these times. They signed up for this, remember. Don’t be too concerned about their mode of response for now. Their DNA has got this all figured out.
    What we can do, as I do daily and in my meditations is to see their energy field in a cocoon of light and to know that they are here to ascend.
    The other interesting thing about these wonder kids is they are pretty much karma-free.
    We their parents signed up to be their parents and guardians. Guard their energy field and keep our homes in a high vibratory state by taking raising our own vibration levels.


    • I have a 15-year old who just awakened. It was very painful for me to see her struggle to come to terms with this process, especially since I’ve been on this “path” for about 20 years.I raised her in a very non-mainstream manner, yet at the same time allowed her to participate as fully as she liked to in the 3D world; she was very happy to immerse herself in it. I had made peace with the possibility that she wasn’t interested in waking up, and had actually “let go”. But her Soul had other ideas 🙂 I’m writing this because I believe that many teens like her are waking up in huge numbers, especially since after the Return of the Goddess energies. It may become an epidemic soon!

      Thank you very much for sharing your story, Titus. And thank you, Mum of Titus, for creating the space for the awakening.


  5. Haha nice I had a situation very very similar and I am 19 aswell. The education system is very dull and definently does not need to be taught the way it is for the new world. Good on flunking a whole test, I just did it for a philosophy essay pretty much but to a lectureor who would deny that any of what is going on is real


  6. Thank you so much for helping me post this Wes!! Deeply appreciate it

    Thanks to my mum and my close friend also.


  7. You are indeed a beautiful Lightworker! My final exams are next week,and studying for them brings stress and takes away my meditation time. Even if I awakened, my friends seem to go through a period when everything negative is lifting to the surface. Recently they’ve been angry,frustrated,jealous, more egotistical and superficial, not at all like they used to be in the past! Is this a normal process of eliminating negative energy or it shouldn’t happen at all? Does anyone know? Thank you.


    • Hi Claudia, I am no expert, just sharing what I understand. Since the Eclipses and Venus Transit, the Goddess Energy has returned to Earth after a very long absence. These are very potent times indeed, with the energies being super-amplified. Coupled with the few months left before the Ascension Gateway, mass awakening will happen with a literal bang. Negative energies are being purged, making way for more and more Light to be anchored on Earth as she prepares to enter 5D. Many people will go through this same “cleansing” as well, where negative energies will surface for healing, transmuting and eventual release. Your friends are going through this phase. You can help them (if they are open to it) by explaining what is transpiring. After all, Light is information, and as Lightworkers our role is to spread the Light. Please do try to continue with your meditation as it will help you to connect with your Higher Guidance. All the best to you. Blessings.


      • Hi, what you say about the ‘cleansing’ makes perfect sense…It’s like they had those energies inside them for a long time,and a Higher Force is helping them in a extraordinary way… The energy is indeed super-amplified! There’s something different in the air, in the colors outside, in the way that events are happening…And I’m absolutely sure it’s not a Placebo effect. I will keep meditating, because it feels vital to me, and I am so thankful to the others Lightworkers that guided me and are guiding others towards Awakening. All the best to you too, and many thanks for your reply!


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